TX Animal Control Unit Violating State Laws

The city of Krum, Texas has a population of 4200 and the police department runs AC.  The Denton Record-Chronicle recently ran an article outlining a host of legal and ethical violations at AC.

Krum employs one ACO and he is apparently not certified which is a violation of state law.  AC only takes in about 6 pets per month (mostly dogs) yet the city does not provide shelter from the elements for the pets it impounds, housing them instead in outdoor kennels.  Some animals are transferred to – and subsequently killed at – the nearby Denton pound.  The article doesn’t state whether Krum offers pets for adoption and the website directs visitors to “contact City Hall” regarding pet adoptions.

In January, the pipes froze at the Krum kennel location and so the officer noted he was unable to provide water to the dog in the city’s care.  In what type of environment is it acceptable to make a note that you are failing to provide life sustaining water to an animal entrusted to your care?  I dread to think.  The so-called shelter is not state certified.

In October, the ACO ticketed a local feral cat colony caretaker and TNR volunteer for having more cats in her home than the city ordinance allows.  This is how they treat someone volunteering to do their job for them by vaccinating, neutering and caring for community pets?

Texas law requires Krum to have an animal advisory board but the city has apparently never complied with this law.  State mandated record keeping is also not being performed by the city’s AC unit.

Despite Krum AC, which again – is run by the police department, being in violation of state laws for years, the city council doesn’t appear to be losing any sleep over the matter:

Krum council member Michael Wilkes said he has been aware of the problem for a while, but he was not concerned that the council hadn’t discussed it yet.

Council members Bert Witherspoon, Christine Rodriguez, Joe Beall, Paul Meine and Mayor Terri Wilson did not return calls for comment.

“These things take time,” Wilkes said. “It’s my understanding that it will be on the agenda for the first meeting in March.”

I’d love to see a copy of that meeting’s minutes which I imagine will read something along the lines of, “Laws, schmaws.”  Any readers in the area that can shed any additional light on this situation?

7 thoughts on “TX Animal Control Unit Violating State Laws

  1. How much time does a city of 4,200 need to correct its animal control? I doubt they have many pressing issues!

    This city is close to the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. I thought it would be in a rural area. I am suprised someone has not gotten involved with this issue.

    Does the Texas Attorney General have any control over this?

    1. It is in a rural area, just because it’s near DFW doesn’t mean it’s not rural. Even if it wasn’t in a rural area, not many cities give a crap about what’s happening in the next town over. I don’t like this at all, but it’s ridiculous to think proximity to a large town means anything. The population density is over 1000sqmi/person, the people don’t live close enough to each other to care what’s happening to their neighbors.

    2. “How much time does a city of 4,200 need to correct its animal control? I doubt they have many pressing issues!”

      I was wondering the same thing.

  2. This is pretty bad. They clearly need to clean up their act. But maybe you should look in on Killeen, TX, if your blood pressure really needs a kick in the pants. I think you’ll find them really offensive.

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