Impulse Cat Adoption Saves Adopter’s Life

Amy Jung went to the Door County Humane Society in WI earlier this month so she and her son could hang with the cats.  On an impulse, she ended up deciding to take 2 cats, Pudding and his buddy Wimsy, home.

That night, Ms. Jung went to bed and suffered a diabetic seizure.  Twenty-one pound Pudding got on her chest, swatting and biting at her face until she was roused from her seizure state.  Ms. Jung called to her son for help but he was asleep and did not respond.  Pudding then ran to her son’s room and jumped on his bed, waking him.  Life saved.

Ms. Jung also reports that Pudding alerts her when her blood sugar is low. Ms. Jung’s doctor has advised her to keep Pudding with her at all times and she is registering the kitty as a therapy animal.

Yay responsible impulse adoptions and yay Pudding!

13 thoughts on “Impulse Cat Adoption Saves Adopter’s Life

  1. Wow is right!And I thought it was a gift only given to dogs, that’s just incredible to hear.When I was pregnant with my first child, my cat Dustin woke me and my husband up in the dead of night.At first I was annoyed then I realized he woke us up because our apartment building was on fire and smoke was creeping into our studio apartment.Cats rule!: )

    1. And by the same token, how many adopters have been refused the pets they wanted because of arbitrary rules about taking home pets immediately? If Pudding’s shelter had had such a rule in place, the adopter might not be with us today. Thankfully they didn’t! People can have good impulses and they can be acted upon responsibly.

  2. This is a great story I just have to comment, the cat should be considered a service animal not a therapy animal. Therapy is a designation for animals that visit sick people. Service animals perform a service for their person which is what this cat did.

  3. The answer to this mystery is that God put Pudding and Amy together…I have always said animal rescue has as much or more to do with people as it does the animals..this is for all those folks who criticize animal advocates and say they should be spending their time and money helping humans…

  4. Wow!! What an incredible story.

    I remember reading a story about a year ago about a man who had a heart attack and passed out. His dog somehow escaped the house and ran across the street to get a neighbor and barked at him. The neighbor probably came over with the dog to give him back to the neighbor and noticed that he was on the floor and called 911. I always thought that story was incredible, but this is probably even moreso.

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