MAS – Status Report

A quick check on some of the essential services, progress and transparency indicators at the Memphis pound:

  • January 2012 statistics:  Not posted
  • Number of pets on PetHarbor: 15 dogs – a few each from August – November 2011 and 3 cats – one each from August, September and November 2011.  Of these 18 pets, number currently at MAS:  unknown
  • Number of pets on Petfinder:  43 – of these pets, number currently at MAS:  unknown
  • Number of days since sheriff’s deputies raided MAS and Mayor Wharton promised to take the pound “from worst to first”:  849
Webcam image from MAS on September 1, 2011 showing the only pet in the isolation area being sprayed with a hose.

5 thoughts on “MAS – Status Report

  1. I used to work at the Humane Society of NY on 59th Street.It was the best job I ever had, and I have had plenty. The one thing they do there is treat animals with the love & respect they deserve.I worked in every area of the HSNY including taking care of cats and dogs that were in isolation but we NEVER sprayed them down with a hose, that’s just horrendous. We had to wear a “suit” from top to bottom so as not to contaminate other areas of the building.Usually the cats & dogs that were in isolation had ringworm, nothing too bad although an outbreak of ringworm could be quite distressing.

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