PETA Problems: They Killed Tiger Before We Got a Chance to Kill Him Ourselves

Snipped from a current PETA e-mail asking for money:

PETA cares so much about the research lab cat in this e-mail, they gave him a name – Tiger. They mention how he probably liked to get scratched behind the ears and went into happy mode at mealtimes.  And they condemn the research facility who killed him and claim that “more than half of the cats” were killed at the facility in recent years.  Oh and money – send money.

Setting aside the issue of research animals for the moment, I want to draw attention to PETA’s annual report to the state of VA for 2011.  PETA took in 1214 cats last year – 8 were transferred to other facilities, 5 were adopted, 2 were redeemed by owners and 1198 were killed.  PETA killed 99% of the cats in its care in 2011.  That’s “more than half”, in case your irony meter just exploded.

The money grubbing e-mail from PETA ends like this:

PETA is proud that we were able to save other cats from this agony at U-M. But we need to end the entire system of abuse there and at other universities and medical schools nationwide. Make a donation today to support our work to end the suffering of animals in laboratories!

Let’s be clear.  PETA does not “save other cats”.  PETA kills nearly every single cat they get their bloody hands on.  The cats PETA kills probably enjoyed getting ear scritches and got happy when a bowl of food was put out for them, just like Tiger.  But unlike Tiger, the cats who end up at PETA’s facility do not have a 50% chance of making it out alive.  In fact, they have almost no chance since PETA kills 99% of the cats they receive.

If you want your money to be spent on actually saving cats’ lives, donate wisely.

47 thoughts on “PETA Problems: They Killed Tiger Before We Got a Chance to Kill Him Ourselves

    1. Couldnt agree more.

      And killing 1198 cats in one year just makes me sick. And thats just the cats, not dogs and other animals. People really need to be more aware of this. Im hoping that a majority of those animals were labratory animals. Not saying killing lab animals is right, but Id rather be dead than abused in a lab.

      1. Sadly, most were probably pets surrendered to them for rehoming. They are very convincing, apparently when they claim they can find a great home for the animal you are forced to give up. Even a vet’s office was duped by them, into releasing a cat and a litter of kittens they had been looking after, vaccinating, treating and socializing. PeTA employees killed them in the van, before they even left the parking lot and dumped them (illegally) in a private dumpster.

        Animal rights activists don’t care about animals. When they actually get their hands on animals, they treat them with callous disregard. To them, animals are objects to be eliminated from our lives.

        These are people who know little about animals, really, and don’t care to learn. They have never bred an animal. Never raised an animal. Very few of them have even *owned* an animal. Their ideology is that owning animals is immoral.

        So why do we accept them as ‘animal experts’, and let them tell us how we should treat our animals? Animals we love and care for to the best of our ability?

        The best you can say for these people where the animals themselves are concerned is that they are indifferent to them. They care only about their agenda, which is the elimination of animals from human lives. All animals.

  1. Seems to me that a cat which ‘likes ear scratches’ and gets happy when he is fed is probably not an abuse victim. Even in a lab.

    I absolutely concur with Mikken.

    1. Actually, these hell holes called labs want friendly animals because they won’t put up a fight when they are put through the horrific things these labs do to them. Animal testing is bs and is not needed anymore. There are alternatives. The reason these labs still do it is because it is cheaper. The hell that poor innocent cat must have been put through. Shame on those heartless humans. One day they will have to stand before GOD and have to answer for the atrocities they committed against the innocent.
      And NO I am not a PETA member. They are hypocrites.

      1. Intubation training is something they give to vets. You know, those people who help heal your sick animals and pets. Hell hole indeed… try again.

      2. The husbandry in labs is more highly regulated than any other animal enterprise. Animal testing has been greatly reduced for many products, but we do need to continue animal research to further medical progress – not only for us, but also *for our animals* – or don’t you believe in treating the animals in your care?

        I would certainly agree that as it becomes possible to phase out animal testing that that should be done, but we are not there yet. Researchers are glad to phase out animal testing where possible because it is the most expensive form of research, and funding isn’t all that easy to come by.

        The claims that it can *all* be phased out immediately is pure ARA fantasy. Support for this fantasy is also support for phasing out animal slavery in the form of pet keeping, so you might want to rethink your position. Unless of course you are a full fledged member of the vegan/AR movement.

      3. Sorry, but it’s the other way around. Animal testing is not cheap, which is why it’s only used when there are no other viable methods. Feeding, housing and cleaning animals to maintain a sterile environment is expensive. I cannot even fathom how much it must cost to acquire and maintain an animal such as a chimpanzee and other primates. As for your whole God thing, while I’m no Bible expert, I do not believe there are any passages on animal testing. God wasn’t against people eating meat either, and I can’t imagine your average laboratory animal suffers any more than your average meat animal. To say God is against animal testing is 100% made up on your part.

  2. PETA, ASPCA, they are all about the money, not about the cats. They know how to spin but the truth is, they are just as bad as the worst shelters in this country. Wow, they gave Tiger a name! Big frigging deal! I’ve read too many things lately about these organizations. If they kill more than half the animals they take in, that speaks volumes!

  3. Thank you Shirley so much for this post. I have cross posted, and hope the public and those rescuers that post in support of this organization will wake up with knowledge.

    We took in a GWP from a man that was dying of cancer. About two years later, our organization was given a donation from his will….not expected, but so appreciated. His lawyer had given us a copy of the will with recipients. There were local shelters, hospitals, and some wonderful charities he had given his estate to. Then there it was….he left several thousand dollars to this organization. If we can educate the public, as this sweet elderly gentleman thought he was doing a good thing, to what they really are I do so hope funds can be averted to local shelters and rescue orgs that really DO help the animals.

  4. I would like some clarification….I do help with donations to several animal organizations. I do know it is imperative to have a political voice for the animals and this takes money. I also believe that farm animals and other “meat” animals be given a humane life before and during slaughter. I believe these organizations, PETA, ASPCA need funds to go in and rescue during disasters, hoarding, puppy mills, etc..all this being said…I know they cannot save every companion animal.
    Please spell out what “they” are doing with the money that is wrong. I am very sincere in my quest for info. I am donating several hundred and sometime thousands trying to help…my money is not that plentiful so I want to make sure I am not padding someone’s pocket who does not have the best interest of the animals at heart. At present, most of my donations go to a shelter but some goes to organizations such as these….

    1. Judy: PETA does not do rescue in disasters or other activities. their money is spent in public relations,lobbying and other political activities. ASPCA is very involved inn disasters and other things. HSUS is also not a good place to donate, little of the money they get actually goes towards helping animals directly as in shelters. Local “Humane” shelters are “allowed” to use the name but get no money from HSUS. The best use of your money is to find local shelters, rescues and other local ways to help animals. That is where the biggest bang for your buck is.

    2. .5% goes to the animals…..the rest go into the pockets of those who claim to be so concerned for the animals, folks we are funding their paycheck and retirements. Is that really how you wanted your money to be spent? I ONLY donate to those who actually use it for the animals. I will give my local non profit rescues and shelters my hard earned money, I can see what they do with the money, then I also volunteer with rescue groups. As far as disaster areas go, the local groups do all the work, the “HSUS and ASPCA” just cry give us money, but rarely do they actually go out and do any hard work! As for puppy mill rescues, do they actually do any work? They get lots of publicity, but again, the local shelters and rescues do all the scut work. Plus, some of the “rescues” that they sponser are all fake, and there are documented “rescues” which are proven in court to be a bogus rescue and people are given the right to reclaim the animals that were supposedly rescued….those that weren’t killed by the “rescue organization”!

    3. Judy, I applaud you for supporting animal welfare groups with donations. At the same time I would like to encourage you to re-consider who you donate to. The most effective way is to donate to your local animal shelter or rescue group. Why? Very simple, you can “see” where your money goes. You can walk in to your local shelter or rescue group and ask “what did you do with the donations you received this year?”. In many cases you even can directly participate in programs build from your donations.
      Most likely your local animal control service and local law enforcement are already taking care of hoarding cases, puppy mills, etc…..
      With Disaster relief, well, let’s just say that the big organisations with the 4 capital letters all miserably failed in New Orleans after Katrina. Small rescue groups and individuals on the other hand did the major work. Just some food for thought.

    4. The HSUS gives 1% of it’s budget to shelter grants. The ASPCA just wrote a bill in NY (Google “Quick Kill Bill NY”) to authorize shelters to murder strays at intake for “psychological pain.” Both CEO’s make half a million dollars each. Please give to your local rescue group as these are the citizens who do the honest, heavy lifting in rescuing animals killed by shelters (which we pay for with tax dollars).

      1. If you want to donate to a group that has a hand in politics, I would go with American Humane Association (who, among other things, is responsible for the “no animals were harmed” logo you see in movies). The problem with animal agriculture is that even if farmers hate puppy mills, they’ll stick up for them because they think “my job is next!!” One of my professors told us that “PETA and HSUS are trying to divide us up…they’re practicing divide and conquer, trying to turn farmers against each other.” His powerpoint literally listed “the bad guys – HSUS and PETA” and “the good guys – animal agricultural alliance.” If you check their website, you’ll see that AAA is against ALL animal rights. Period. But farmers have rallied behind them because they feel threatened by animal rights activists. I think AHA does a much better job of trying to compromise than either PETA or HSUS does. (At the very least, no one’s told me they’re “the bad guys.”) And a better reputation means farmers aren’t as offended when they see a bill fronted by the AHA. They may still be ticked off…but they should be at least SLIGHTLY more likely to listen to reason. Also, side note – I like HSUS. Hate PETA, of course, but I think HSUS does some good things. Just…they shoot themselves in the foot by condemning animal agriculture – ex. the word “factory farm” is BIG no-no. AHA’s big campaigns right now are against pound seizure and the use of gas chambers in shelters. Pretty non-threatening to the agricultural industry, and not really controversial (especially the stop gassing campaign). :)

    5. Judy-
      PeTA is good at getting publicity regarding something that someone is doing wrong for livestock/farm animals but they are not good for domestic animals. They believe that animals shouldnt be ‘owned’ by humans, so it is better to kill them than to be owned by humans. 95%+ of the animals that arrive in their care end up getting killed by them. Not many people know that.
      ASPCA/HSUS do not give more than 99% of their money to the local humane shelters and organizations across the country. It goes in their pockets instead.
      As said, your best bet is to donate to local shelters and rescue groups. There are links on the righthand side of the page if you want to learn more.

      1. Jessica – so far so good, but livestock *are* domestic animals, and PeTA (and HSUS in particular) grossly misrepresent the way *all* animals are treated, in an effort to get public support for their position that animals shouldn’t be owned or in any way used by humans.

        Their ‘proof’ that breeders and farmers abuse animals is created by them through creative editing of video, shot over hundreds of hours. Those hundreds of hours of video are edited down to a few minutes of horrible images, usually misrepresenting some issue of animal care. In a pinch, when they can’t find anything that looks like abuse, they are willing to create it.

        Well kept animals don’t support their contention that animal ownership = animal abuse. They desperately NEED animal abuse, real or imagined to gain the support of a public which doesn’t want, has no intention, of giving up either their pets or their omniverous diet.

        Think about it. Farmers and breeders devote their lives 24/7 to animal care. Their livelihoods depend on the animals’ good health and wellbeing. There are much easier ways to make a living, usually a better living than they can gain from animals. Why would they abuse or neglect them?

        And consider too, that *your* continued pleasure in keeping pets, and your healthy diets depend on your support, not for the animal rights agenda, which is bent on depriving you of these things, but on those breeders and farmers you have been taught to see as neglectful abusers.

        This erroneous belief supports the AR agenda, not the continued welfare of *any* animals.

      2. When I say ‘domestic’, Im referring to dogs, cats, etc of course. And Im a vegetarian so I believe that no one should be able to kill any animal for consumption, and that they should only be able to keep them if they wanted to keep them for pets, so Im sure to most omnivorous readers on here, my answer is more biased so I cant really get into a discussion about this with you.

  5. I am trying to figure out who would surrender their animals to PETA. Are these animals research animals or are they actual owner surrenders?

    Is this PETA story actually true? I have doubts about any of these stories used by PETA, ASPCA, etc. for fundraising.

    Does PETA actually kill their animals in VA or on the road? How much would it cost PETA to transport the cats from MI to VA just to kill them? A definite waste of money!

  6. @Judy Sandlin: Nathan Winograd, an amazing no kill advocate, has written excellent articles regarding the big three (PETA, ASPCA and the HSA) which I found very helpful and informative. I also used to donate to PETA, but now I donate directly to local rescue organizations, No kill Advocacy Center and individual cases. If you are interested, just google Nathan Winograd and you will find his website with lots of info! Hope this helps.

  7. Judy- PETA certainly does nothing, and also I think the ASPCA does little, of what you describe, showing up for disasters, hoarding, puppy mills, etc. And if they did, there is no reason whatsoever, given the money they rake in, that they can’t “save every companion animal”. Of course they can. Small, private rescues on a shoestring do it all the time. Breed rescues do it all the time. I watched some years ago as essentially two women, with a lot of additional volunteer help, rescue over 70 rough collies from a hoarder. It doesn’t even take a formal organization since they were working with local law enforcement.

    A big “problem”, among others, is that both organizations spend a lot of their donations running campaigns to….get more donations. They are fund-raising mills. The people who run them tend to have very high salaries.

    Sometimes, like the example in the post above, they shade over towards fraud in their descriptions of what they do. I got suckered into donating money to the Humane Society of the United States because they put a plea on their home page for donations to help them “shelter the Vick dogs”, the pit bulls seized from NFL quarterback Michael Vick. Turns out that not only does the HSUS not have any shelters at all, but they (and the ASPCA) were actively fighting in the courts to have all the dogs killed out of hand. Fortunately they lost.

    So, you have PETA, which wants to end the keeping of domestic animals by humans and believes in giving almost every one they can get their hands on a “good death”, regardless of the fact that they are healthy, normal adoptable dogs and cats. They believe that humans “enslave” animals like pets. The woman who runs PETA is a nutjob who apparently likes killing animals.

    And you have HSUS and ASPCA, who fight to have rescued dogs killed and support legislation that makes it harder for rescues to get dogs and cats from high-kill shelters.

    One idea that I have for you is to set up your own fund and keep it in reserve for when a big rescue is happening. If you follow this blog or some others that I’m sure other commenters can recommend, you will certainly hear about such things. Then you can target your money directly to the people who are on the ground saving the animals and who need to be able to buy crates, pens, blankets, food, medicine, grooming, vet care, etc. Sometimes dogs must be held for a long period of time as evidence in a cruelty prosecution. They are in a legal limbo and can’t be adopted to new homes. The rescues somehow have to find the resources to care for dozens of dogs at places like county fairgrounds, sometimes for close to a year or more. After awhile, attention wanders, the next thing happens, volunteers move on, but the dogs still need to be cared for. Someone like yourself who stays involved and helping to the end would be invaluable.

    1. The only difference between HSUS and PeTA is that HSUS has a more dignified facade. Their goals are identical.

      “We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding. . One generation and out. We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.” Wayne Pacelle, CEO of Humane Society of the US, formerly of Friends of Animals and Fund for Animals, Animal People, May, 1993

      Well, that would cover most of our pets and all our livestock, wouldn’t it?

      When asked if he envisioned a future without pets, “If I had my personal view, perhaps that might take hold. In fact, I don’t want to see another dog or cat born.” Wayne Pacelle quoted in Bloodties: Nature, Culture and the Hunt by Ted Kerasote, 1993, p. 266.

      There go your pets …

      “My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture.” JP Goodwin, employed at the Humane Society of the US, formerly at Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade, as quoted on AR-Views, an animal rights Internet discussion group in 1996.

      That would explain all the recent raids on small stock owners … Notice that they aren’t going after CAFO or industrial livestock producers – yet. They are beginning with the low hanging fruit; small and medium size farmers who can’t afford to fight and who are the ones who are maintaing genetic diversity in livestock.

      Animal *rights* organizations are no friend to animals or animal lovers. When they talk about animal rights, they don’t mean the right to a decent environment and kind treatment. They mean the right not to be owned or used by humans, and to that end, they are willing to see them all dead. They are utterly callous where animals are concerned; they have no interest in their well being at all. They accuse others of abuse who care about and for their animals, and the public looks no farther than those accusations.

      HSUS has now managed to get a body of law enacted which allows them to take animals on the thinnest of pretexts, and dispose of them at will. These laws do not protect animals, they merely allow their removal to a network of kill shelters and rescues which kill and disperse them without due process for the owner and before the owner ever sees a courtroom.

      And since they have begun to target rescuers, you will see ever more animals rescued to death, consigned to kill shelters where kill rates will escalate as there are fewer places to send the animals.

      Animal *welfare* organizations – those who support your right to own animals, absent abuse, do NOT

      1. involve themselves in these raids and seizures. They do offer information about legislation which will remove more animals from caring owners, and are well worth supporting. Two of those are NAIA: and SAOVA

        Animal abuse is not the norm among animal owners, breeders, and farmers. It is very much the anomaly. Consider the way you care for your animals when you hear about ‘rampant abuse’ from the animal rights activists. Most animal owners are like YOU, and give their animals the best possible care they can.

  8. Thank you for all the info…what about ARC….is it an organization, I would want to support…so sad animals are so defenseless and there are groups who prey on those sincerely wanting to help…I will read and re read these suggestions….and I have read some of Winograd info…thanks…money is too tight and with several rescued pets of my own..I want my donations to meet the biggest need and to be used judiciously…

  9. This is a very one-sided article, and it also does not address all the relevant facts. Most of the animals that PETA takes in are sick, aggressive, or otherwise “unadoptable” because neighboring “no-kill” shelters REFUSE them or leave them to die on the streets. PETA refers adoptable animals to local shelters. The fact is that euthanasia is a tragic necessity due to irresponsible breeding, pet stores, puppy mills, etc. PETA has been very open about their euthanasia policy–this isn’t some big secret–it is a matter of public record. 6 to 8 million animals end up in shelters across the US every year and half of them are euthanized. There is simply not enough homes (or cages) to keep these animals safe and well-cared for. Shelters all across the US euthanize animals, so PETA is not an exceptional case. I think we should acknowledge the strides PETA has made in terms of prevention. They have sterilized over 80,000 animals in the last 10 years, sparing millions of animals from a death sentence on the streets or at a shelter. Lastly, animals languishing in “no-kills” who are left in cages for years suffer the same isolation, boredom, and loneliness that animals in labs do. Sometimes there is a fate worse than death and animals deserve a release from their suffering, even if it makes us feel uncomfortable. Don’t blame PETA–blame those who are truly responsible–breeders and irresponsible guardians. They are simply doing society’s dirty work. Can any of you offer a realistic alternative?

      1. Someone has been drinking the Kool-Aid!

        PETA is not exceptional? “Unadoptable”? Puppies and kittens? Hell, they’ll kill your chicken and your bunny, too…all with millions of dollars in their pockets. Evil.

    1. Bull. The *public* record says that PeTA kills over 95% of the animals released to it, which it claims it will find homes for.

      In the NC trial, a vet’s office released a cat and a litter of kittens to them, which had been vetted, vaccinated, socialized, were in good health. The PeTA employees assured them that they could easily find homes for them, but killed them in their van in the parking lot. This came out in the court case, which was mentioned in another comment on this page. The vet’s employees were devasted to hear it.

      Yes, the court case is real. It has been reported in various venues, though has begun to fall off some pages as it ages.

      Your information on no-kills comes directly from HSUS and PeTA, and the other AR organizations, and is wrong. The AR organizations actively oppose no-kills, because it saves animals. No-kills make every effort to place ALL adoptable pets, and kill only those which are sick, injured or have temperment issues which make them unplaceable. Read Winograd. You should be willing to accept his word; he is rabidly AR in all but his sheltering position. He feeds his dogs a vegan diet and recently published a vegan cookbook.

      AR activism is no friend to animals. Their goal is an animal free life for all.

      1. I have a really hard time believing that all 2,000 animals PETA receives are sick and dying. Why are these people bringing their pets to PETA, and not to the vet to be put down? On Nathan Winograd’s website, he stated PETA has refused to release vet records on the animals they killed to prove they really were beyond help. They’ve also sent him threatening letters for spreading “false information,” but never have gone through when them and sued. If he is lying, why doesn’t PETA sue? And I can’t believe PETA when they say they only receive sick and dying animals. I’ve seen the pictures of the puppies and kittens they killed. Aside from now being dead, those animals looked healthy. Does PETA want me to believe the veteranarians they received them from were lying too?

  10. yes. unfortunately one-sided. there may be plenty of fodder to argue against peta and the hsus. in fact, i really don’t like to be defending any organization that takes up with the likes of dog killer michael vick- and while, i do encourage everyone to donate to and get involved with local animal rescue because these are the people ‘getting their hands dirty’ they are not the people who are set up to fight the institutionalized cruelty of factory farms, puppy mills and research laboratories.

    and just for the record…if you are getting your information from or just know that these are well-funded washington lobbyists (not non-profits) for the profiteers of animal misery. they don’t care about animal welfare, they are just out to bring down any organization that lobbies effectively on behalf of animals.

    just look up rick berman his whole method is to divide and conquer.

    1. Because you don’t like industrial agriculture (and few do) doesn’t mean what HW publishes about the AR organizations is in some way faulty. Their archives contain mostly public documents, many of them government filings.

      Nothing HSUS does benefits animals in any way. Their legislation is all aimed at *limiting* available homes for animals, (how does that help animals?) and enacting laws which enable them to seize perfectly healthy, well kept animals from those who love them as much as you love yours.

      If you follow up some of their seizures, you find that when it came to the point, eiher the prosecutor couldn’t make a case or the owners were fully acquitted. You might be interested in reading this press release regarding one of their horse seizures:

      The difference between this case and thousands of others would seem to be that the owner could afford legal representation, and had access to her assets. Many of the laws enacted by HSUS allow freezing of the owners’ assets, so they have no hope of mounting any kind of defense.

      This woman got fewer than half of her horses back – it would be interesting to know what became of the rest of them. How many were put down for entirely specious reasons? How many gelded and sold? Who profited?

      These cases amount to theft under color of law, in no way benefit the animals and have destroyed many people entirely, their lives, their reputations, *all* their assets. Even if they ‘win’. The case cited above is an exception, in that this woman got *some* of her animals back; in most cases none of the animals are returned, even if the case never gets to court or the owners are acquitted.

      Abuse by farmers and breeders is not the norm, it’s the anomaly. The AR activists have succeeded very well in making the public believe otherwise, but what they believe doesn’t change reality. People believed for centuries that the earth was flat. That didn’t change the behaviour of the solar system.

      “Our goal is to make [the public think of] breeding [dogs and cats] like drunk driving and smoking.” Kim Sturla, former director of the Peninsula Humane Society and Western Director of Fund for Animals, stated during Kill the Crisis, not the Animals campaign and workshops, 1991

      This goal has been fully realized in the US, regarding dog breeders and small farmers and horse breeders.

      Accusations are easy. Most are made out of malice or ignorance.

      How can this possibly benefit animals?

  11. I live in NC and PETA was coming here taking animals from people in dire straights who could no longer care for them. The following is fact as one of my dear friends was involved and it has scarred her for life. She was losing her home, had rescues which were all healthy, fully vetted, neutered and spayed. Peta convinced her to let them have 5 of hers and they were killed in the back of their van before it left the county and their bodies thrown in a dumpster. PETA was caught at this but often the money of these big organizations speaks louder then the common man and they walked with only a slap on the wrist from the court system. This is how she became a very dear friend as I took both her and her remaining cats in until she could get back on her feet and get a place of their own. Support your local rescue groups to be sure your money is spent on the animal and not some ad campaign, fat salary, etc.

  12. you absolutely rigth about it, heads of Pete should be go to jail for their lies. Same is also true with a “zahar bali haim – tel aviv” (animals sorrow) at Israel, they get lots of donations, and kill over 90% of the animals go to their “shelter”. Shame for both this organizations.

  13. It’s another leftist “we’re superior to you” organisation, that does the opposite of what it says. Why are people surprised?

  14. I know that this comment is going to make some people angry, however, we have no certainty where the money goes that we sponsor for these animal group. It is the same as the Children’s Fund that you see advertised all the time. Here are kids with the backgrounds of nothing but wood or tin houses and tons of rocks. My question is this: This organization NEVER talks about these kids parents and any idiot knows that anyone can write a letter back to you and tell you that it is the kids that you are supposedly sponsoring. But what really, really pisses me off it that it is the same kids on every commercial no matter how different they make it seem. Not only that, but with the condition that our country is in, we do not have any resources available to support anybody, much less some other country. No matter how or how much we do, our government is constantly ready to hand out our military, our food, our medicine, space exploration, etc. And who does the real suffering? We do! We have got to put an end to this and do it NOW!!!! If you notice, no one wants to help us. You would have thought that with all that we did for Iraq that they would have given us some oil for a lesser price, if not free. But what do we get, not one damn thing. We as Americans, are completely and utter morons and too friggin lazy to confront those involved. SHAME ON YOU!!

    1. You are certainly right about deceptive fund raising, and that people really should do their homework before sending money.

      And this will make more people mad. If you want to know who is the MASTER of deceptive fundraising, just check out HSUS. It’s true that they don’t get their hands dirty killing animals (or caring for them), but their legislation, enthusiastically supported by many animal lovers, kills many healthy, happy animals which had good homes before HSUS arranged for them to be moved to underfunded public kill shelters with kill rates well over 50%. Or, of course, animals which are killed to make room for their ‘rescues’.

      Deceptive fund raising is a problem in many areas, but in most cases it simply deprives people of money they could better use elsewhere. In the case of HSUS, it leads to the needless death of many animals which either had good homes or could find good homes. HSUS ‘pet protection’ laws serve no other purpose than to limit the homes available to pets, and to create tools for removing animals from environments better than the shelters they send them to.

      AR organizations actively OPPOSE no-kill sheltering, in the interest of eliminating pet ownership altogether. PeTA isn’t the only problem.

      “We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding. . One generation and out. We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.” Wayne Pacelle, CEO of Humane Society of the US, formerly of Friends of Animals and Fund for Animals, Animal People, May, 1993

      Most of our pets are domestic animals. Of course, they are working hard to outlaw ‘exotics’ too – hamsters, parakeets, tropical fish are all ‘exotics’, though he wants you to think of big cats and snakes.

      When asked if he envisioned a future without pets, “If I had my personal view, perhaps that might take hold. In fact, I don’t want to see another dog or cat born.” Wayne Pacelle quoted in Bloodties: Nature, Culture and the Hunt by Ted Kerasote, 1993, p. 266.

      If they aren’t born, we aren’t going to keep them, are we?

      HSUS is toxic to animals and animal lovers. Give locally, and give preference to no-kills. They work hard to place *all* adoptable animals.

    2. Uhh…even our poorest citizens are richer than most rich citizens in third world countries. They are not able to help us, so they dont. We help because we want to, not because we are expected something in return. What this has to do with animals I dont know but it seems like a pretty dumb comparison.

      1. The issue was deceptive fund raising – which is certainly not a rare one. My point was that probably the MOST deceptive fund raising occurs among the AR activist organizations.

        I don’t think it was a dumb comparison, though perhaps less clear than we would like it to be – to which I responded in hope of clarifying Linda F. Dozier’s point, which was that deception in NPO fundraising exists and is sadly not that uncommon.

        I fully concur with her concern, and agree that research should be done beyond the fund raiser’s appeal before *any* such appeal is responded to with money. This should certainly be a critical issue among animal lovers when deciding how to support their love for animals.

        The AR organizations do NOT support animal welfare, and giving locally, to hands on animal care, is the best way to support animal welfare.

      2. Yes, I understood that, and I get deceptive fund raising. Thats why Im here, because I understand about the HSUS/PeTA/etc who deceptivly fund-raise all the time. But then it turned into some big thing about how those countries should help us and other points unrelated, so I just chimed in with my .02. But whatever, no use getting into a thing about it because thats all I really have to say so, Ill stop.

  15. I am so, so, glad I found you. I believe in nothing but rescue animals. I am on my second and have friends that have rescues as well. I am beyond shocked to here this info. But…as I sit here and type thinking about the millions of dollars spent on advertising campaigns, news letters, blah, blah. It’s pretty clear where the money isn’t going! I am a dog person and both of my rescue boy’s have been the most loving loyal and well behaved animals I have ever owned. Sure, it’s a lot of work in the beginning. Usually a few months. But once your friend has settled in and realized that he’s home and he’s loved and he’s not getting thrown away again… you’ve got a side kick for life! He’s not going anywhere you aren’t! Thanks for informing us! I’ll be keeping in touch now that I’ve found you!

  16. WOW! I love animals, but I have never believed in PETA. People throwing red paint on fur coats are crazy! PETA-(I would rather go naked then wear fur) Well, don’t wear fur, go naked!! This is America everyone has a right to choose what they want they want to wear without someone throwing paint on them! Hollywood is too concerned with show/image. Animals are not as important as children……Maybe they should be concerned with Human Beings.

  17. Donate your money to local no-kill shelters so adopted pets can be spayed/neutered.

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