Shelter Pet of the Day

Kelly, an adoptable dog at ARNO in Louisiana.

Kelly was submitted by reader Callie who sent me a link to a post about her:

Kelly needs a person who will love her unconditionally without the need to take her to a dog park where she might become overstimulated and get into a fight with another dog. Kelly needs a person who isn’t even that fond of dog walks, but instead is happy to live with Kelly inside and then play with her until she is exhausted in a fenced back yard. Kelly needs a person who is willing to be firm but loving, patient but a leader, and someone who will understand her scars and not expect more from her than what she is, a dog who needs only a human to love her.

Can you be that person? Can you offer Kelly a chance at a wonderful life in a home and a backyard without feeling the need to take her places where she might be too overwhelmed to go? Kelly has so much love to give to someone, she loves all people and wants badly to please and now, after taking her into my small space, a home as far as she is concerned, I am determined to find somewhere and someone for Kelly to call her own.

If you would like to meet Kelly, please email or stop by our shelter at 271 Plauche Street in Harahan to meet Kelly between 3-7 any day of the week.

ARNO is the group whose members so generously helped us with Mario when we needed an immediate safe place for a feral dog to go.

271 Plauche St.
New Orleans, LA 70123

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