MAS Workers Using Chokepoles Inappropriately

These 3 snippets appear to show 2 different workers using the chokepole to drag and lift dogs into cages.  The last two dogs are recognizable as the ones who were dragged off the ACO truck and onto the scale.  The clip of the first dog seems to show inappropriate use of the chokepole while the second two clips look like animal cruelty to me.

Warning:  Animal abuse

23 thoughts on “MAS Workers Using Chokepoles Inappropriately

  1. At least they have a fancy, expensive new building to perform acts if cruelty in. Sigh. Let’s hope Mr. Rogers sees these and takes the appropriate action.

  2. This is completely inappropriate and they should not be allowed around any animals. I don’t see any resistance from these dogs which shows me the people are lazy and don’t really care how the animals are treated..

  3. That was a long pause on the last one…see if the puppy is still able to breathe?

    How much tracheal damage are they doing every single f**cking moment of the day? Did these people EVER receive ANY training in proper animal handling? Talk about being violently incompetent at what you do…

    1. When I think about all the dogs MAS has needlessly killed for coughing, I shudder to think how many of them were not infected with a virus, but rather the victims of abusive chokepole use at the hands of staff.

      1. Seriously. Because you cannot wrap a steel wire around a dog’s neck and then apply indiscriminate pressure (dragging, lifting, etc.) without causing damage.

    2. Exactly what I thought – there HAD to be a reason the worker waits so long to close the door. Panic, maybe? We know it wasn’t compassion…

  4. …OMG.. and that woman has the nerve to stand there with the door still open watching that poor puppy.. why.. was she waiting to see if the dog was still breathing after being choked for so long then lifted 4 feet up into the air and tossed into the cage.. what is wrong with these people?

  5. Shirley, are you seeing anyone handling animals properly at all?

    I’m wondering how much of this abusive behavior is the culture of MAS and how pervasive it is.

    1. I’ve seen some handling that I would describe as “indifferent” – that’s the best I’ve seen so far. (Many dogs are naturally inclined to be compliant and go along with the handler, regardless of circumstances so for them, it’s easier.) But in fairness, I’ve only watched 2 discs of the 150.

  6. The workers at our ‘shelter’ USED to use catch poles on small dogs but thankfully that director was fired and the new director has put her foot down! Things are changing daily, we can only pray that happens because MAS is the horror show!

  7. That’s it, “violently incompetent.” Who are these violent incompetents they have hired? Where do they find these “people” to work with sentenant beings?

    Is there any reason for not just picking the dogs up by hand? They aren’t heavy dogs. I believe it’s because they have never had or worked with dogs, which disqualifies them to do that job.

    1. The consensus among shelter workers I’ve heard from seems to be that nearly every dog can be safely walked on a leash. Judicious and appropriate use of a control pole by a trained animal handler is necessary rarely.

  8. This is horrible; a horrible display of abuse of the power of that human over a little dog. That puppy was choked! There is no way the puppy couldn’t be choked by hauling him into the air like that on the end of the pole. She had to stand there to see if that little guy could breath after being so traumatized.

    By the way; I don’t think that door is completely shut either so don’t be surprised if during the course of the day that puppy falls out!

    Mr Roger, please clean your house out! These ACOs need intense training before they can do their job properly. Also please consider banning the use of choke poles. They just do not use them properly. If they did they wouldn’t need to use them except for very few cases.

  9. Someone local needs to make sure that these videos are exposed and that the new director is made aware of them. All the hand-wringing here is NOT going to help change things.

  10. And thank you, Shirley, for wading through what must be excruciatingly painful footage to find and post this abuse.

  11. These heartless beasts need to lose their jobs. There are too many unemployed people out there. Some of them must be compassionate animal lovers.

    If you can find volunteers to give of their time, energy, and love, surely you can pay people to do the same, no?

  12. That poor little black puppy must have suffered tracheal damage from that cruel person using the pole on him. Most puppies love everyone and only want to give kisses to people. Using a pole on a little guy like that is totally uncalled for and definitely cruel treatment. The workers at MAS act like they detest these innocent animals. Even when they use leashes or even hold them (in the case of small puppies), they treat them cruelly, as if they are not live, feeling creatures. When they hold the little puppies, it is either roughly by the scruff of their necks with no under support, or roughly around their mid sections, again with no support underneath.
    I wish one of the local reporters and local TV stations would air these clips every day, at every news broadcast and print the still shots every day with articles about the abuse there until the public outcry is so loud that something is done there to change things for the good of the innocent animals who are unfortunate enough to end up in that hell hole that is paid for by the taxpayers of Memphis. If I lived there, I would do everything in my power to make that happen.

  13. Who teaches these employees how to use a chokepole? There has to be some training from someone and it starts at the top! Why do they need to use a chokepole on a puppy anyway? One of my rescue dogs who is 5 years old has an esophagus problem-a motility issue and I have wondered how he obtained it. I rescued him when he was about 3 months old and he has had this problem since then. It is not common in his breed!

  14. “That’s not a dog at the end of my chokepole…that was a piece of garbage and I was jes pickin it up..there now..I put it where it’s supposed to go..”

  15. Memphis: What an corrupt city government made up of unethical people to allow animals to be abused, EVEN WHILE THEY WATCH on security cameras!

    This is a non-partisan issue, not about one political party or another. It’s about allowing vulnerable animals in your care to be abused. Yes, it IS abuse when staff are not using equipment properly and mishandle animals. This a complete lack of leadership. I hope cruelty charges are laid against the mayor like has been done in other cities.

  16. I dont think I can even watch these videos anymore. Its just getting to me too much. I dont see how they can continue to do this at all. They really must be monsters. Seems like everything got worse when they went to the new place, not better, or even the same.

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