Injured Dog at MAS – Did Worker Cause the Injury?

In this clip, a worker at MAS slips a leash around a Yorkie’s neck.  He forces the little dog to jump without any support and while being choked via the leash, from a top tier cage.

Those of us who have ever cared for a dog with a knee injury (I nursed a Flatcoat through bilateral cruciate injuries) know how painful it can be for the dog and how helpless you can feel at times.  That’s one reason why common sense animal handling practices are so important.  For example, you never force a dog to jump from any height.  Especially not a scared dog, such as one in a shelter environment, since he’s likely already tense (making him ripe for injury).  And especially not a dog who would be jumping onto a slick floor (again, increasing the risk of injury).  And especially not a dog to whom you are offering no stabilizing support but whom you are choking via a leash around the neck.

There are 3 incidents in the clip below.  The second dog shown appears to have a knee injury and is unable to bear weight on one of his hind legs.  He is forced to jump onto the slick floor by a worker at MAS.  It’s possible he already had the injury prior to the jump – I couldn’t say for sure.  But either the worker forced a dog to jump on an injured leg or the worker caused the dog to injure himself by forcing him to jump unsupported.

The first dog in the clip is removed from the cage via chokepole.  There appears to be some taunting involved.

The last clip shows two pups.  The worker opens their cage door then appears to leave the room, leaving them unattended until he returns shortly thereafter.

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    1. Would like to know what was done to this heartless man ?? I hope he is not working there now !! If so why ?? My heart ackes for these defenseless animals. Someone should drop this guy on his head from a 2 story building. What happen to humanity & compassion??

  1. could this be the room the animals are now being held in just before they are murdered? Because he isn’t gone for very long.. Just wondering if this is the new “to Die” area?

  2. What is the name of that monster who is still working there after numerous documented (via video) instances of cruel mishandling of these precious animals? Were all these dogs being taken to the kill room? If so, WHY? A Yorkie is a highly adoptable dog. Puppies are highly adoptable. The other two looked like nice dogs. That POS worker has no compassion or soul — it is obvious from watching “it’s” treatment of animals. Sub-human.


  4. I don’t know any more than any of you regarding what these cameras show. This was one reason we had to request every single camera feed – b/c the city did not tell us what the cameras show. The discs are labeled by number only.

  5. What an asshole! What can we do to help close this place down and get the animals to a better place? Or to have this idiot fired? Someone needs to be help accountable.

  6. Just came across this petition–would be great if TN could pass something like this! Please sign this and cross-post!

    Save Lives with Florida Animal Rescue Act

    Target: State Senators; State Representatives
    Sponsored by: Advocate for Animals

    The Florida Animal Rescue Act will make it illegal for animal shelters to kill any animal that a certified non-profit rescue group is willing to take. Animal shelters will also be forced to transparency when it comes to all of the animals that go through their hands. They will be held accountable for reporting which animals get adopted, euthanized or moved to another shelter.

    Up to 63% of non-profit rescue groups in Florida have reported being denied the opportunity to rescue an animal from any given shelter.

    The Florida Animal Rescue Act was recently unanimously approved by the Florida Senate Community Affairs Division but now the bill will go to the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Subcommittee for review. It is now time to ask our State Senators and Representatives to endorse the bill. It is nonsensical to kill animals that NGOs are willing to save – and to use taxpayer dollars to do it.

  7. His name is Frank Lightfoot. He has been decried by volunteers and the public to be a monster, yet he remains employed. In the past, we have been told that it is “impossible” to get rid of him because he “goes on counseling and then cleans up his act long enough for it to expire.” IT’S BULLSHIT. Please, please, everyone who reads this, join the letter writing campaign and keep your comments respectful so as not to be written off. I have said for a long time that I remain there for the sake of the pets that I can help place for adoption. I have now written to the new director and told him that without some assurance that there will be terminations for cause, I cannot continue to volunteer.
    I can tell you that this is an area where no volunteers and nobody from the public is (supposed to be) allowed. I recently reported the actions of a tech who was dragging and yanking a dog to the “E.R.” (where the “E” stands for euthanasia). I was told that “this was just wrong and would be dealt with.” That tech is still there.

    1. This is a horrible situation, It is horrible for me to watch My daughter once worked in a shelter in NY and some techs are rough to say the least (NYCACC will not mention the location.She would go home and cry evryday as she had to lione them up for Eutanizing. (Perfectly healthy adoptable animals most are owner surrenders too. .When will the people stop breeding, get that pet spay and neutered and adopt a shelter pet. I t is a very sad, bad situation. to say the least, as a kennel worker she did report incidents. Some are there for the job (a paycheck) Where is the compassion? God made us all creatures big and small that includes the animals, (that is to the do do heads out there that deo not get it.

  8. I wonder what the dogs Jeanne is posting this morning had to endure to get to where they are today. I am told this room has a high probability of being the ER holding room by a former volunteer. I have also heard that Frank fights dogs and there have been complaints made but clearly no action taken.

  9. Why doesn’t PETA or HSUS speak up about the abuse at MAS. They wouldn’t have to go undercover and it would be good PR for them. People do listen to them and they might rake in another million. They can have the money and the PR as long as they get control of MAS away from the city and let it go to a no kill group.

    1. Both HSUS and PETA support shelter killing. They will never help reform a shelter. Strange but true. Don’t look for help from the ASPCA, either. They’re too busy working to defeat shelter reform legislation.

      1. I know that, but I can always hope that someone with clout will step up and stop the abuse at MAS.

        “When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.” Unknown

  10. Frank Lightfoot DOES fight dogs. He was bragging to a group of techs in the lobby of the old shelter about his dog who has “never lost a fight.” I immediately went to shelter supervisor Glenn Andrews and told him what I had heard. He said he would take care of it. Clearly, you can see how it was handled.

  11. I’m very saddened to see this mornings video. That man should have been gone long ago. In all probability the little Yorkie that was yanked out of an upper tier cage will now have a collapsed trachea. Little dogs are more easily injured this way and it is a life long injury. This little guy will cough, have trouble breathing when stressed or excited for the rest of his life.

    I also thought of the pups Friends posted this morning and what they had to go through to make it through the intake floor to the adoption area.

    MAS is a very sad place for the animals. They deserve much much better. Mr. Rogers, respectfully, please please clean up your house.

  12. I would remind everyone that these videos are all from the same day. One day at MAS. A single day.

    1. One single day (actually, looks like just a couple hours from the timestamps), and one single room so far. This is just the tip of the iceberg. This is also why I no longer volunteer there.


  14. Frank Lightfoot is a dog fighter, a boxer, track coach, and a deacon at Golden Gate Baptist Church in Memphis!!! Remember when all of those pitbulls were stolen from the old shelter a few years ago? His goon squad was responsible for the break in. The owners stole their dogs back and took them to Mississippi. He was in on the whole thing! HE NEEDS TO BE LOCKED UP!!!!

  15. Why is this a&%^%^$^ still working and not have charges against him for abuse??? If this were a day care with kids than he would be in big trouble and out of a job but they excuse this because the oh it is just a animal!!!!!!!!! He is a animal and i loved to joke this SOB and make him jump off a bridge into jagged rocks below ….FIRE HIM AND PRESS CHARGES ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Sorry i was so angry i had typo i was to write choke not joke………Grrrrr i hate people who hurt animals.

  17. Same employee, same cruel practices. Terminate him immediately! And use a catch pole to send him out!

    This is inexcusable.

    The citizens and animals of Memphis deserve better than this.

    As a Tennessean, I am appalled at what goes on in Memphis.

  18. I once witnessed a horse being abused at an auction in TN. (He was gelded in the trailer with an unsanitary knife and was given no anesthesia and left standing there in shock with blood running down his legs). I called the Humane Society and reported the incident. They told me that in TN, animals were considered “property” and that there was nothing they could do about it. Even if you find officials who want to help, the laws have to be changed to keep from tieing their hands. That horse auction has since been shut down, so maybe enough people complained and hopefully some of the laws.

  19. This is HORRIBLE!!! How can we fix this these dogs aren’t suppose jump. my 5 lb won;t even walk on a floor like that. we have to stop ABUSE in shelters!!

  20. “Blink Blink… Blink Blink Blink” OMFG!!!!! what is wrong with people! no heart? No soul? I saw them all and wanted to reach out to them all! Regardless if they are being “Killed” you should show a little love before they pass… what a sick act of unkindness…

  21. I don’t think my language would be very appropriate for what is really on my mind about this employee right now. All I have to SAY is SO not right! That is negligence!!

  22. Just another dull job for this guy, I would rather see him working at a shipping place, where you can throw around stuff….NOT AT A ANIMAL SHELTER WHERE THESE ARE LIVING CREATURE WHO JUST WANT A LITTLE LOVE. THAT YORKIE PROBABLY WAITING ALL DAY FOR A LITTLE ATTENTION. THAT IS ALL HE GOT. I HOPE THIS GUY IS FIRED!!!!

  23. Memphis: What an corrupt city government made up of unethical people to allow animals to be abused, EVEN WHILE THEY WATCH on security cameras!

    This is a non-partisan issue, not about one political party or another. It’s about allowing vulnerable animals in your care to be abused. Yes, it IS abuse when staff are not using equipment properly and mishandle animals. This a complete lack of leadership. I hope cruelty charges are laid against the mayor like has been done in other cities. The employee in this video has been written up enough times; he needs to be fired.

  24. There are so many caring, loving people that need jobs….and someone like this has a job & doesn’t deserve it!! Even if this is the “ER” the dogs still deserve to be treated with respect & given their dignity….it is sooo sad….

  25. Just sent an email to these people. How utterly horrible! I believe in Karma, and this sorry Mr. Lightfoot will spend a very, very long time in hell, in a special place where those who abuse animals, children, and old people spend eternity. I wish I lived closer. I would come and adopt a dog, and a yorkie no less!! I know people who’ve paid up to $1500 for a puppy! Yes, $1500. These popular breed dogs would be adopted in no time if the place went to the trouble to advertise them. We treat our death row prisoners who murder and torture people better than that! I am furious and disgusted with mankind more and more each day.

  26. .I have just checked the mayor’s fb page and he has deleted every single comment made regarding the animal shelter other than his own introducing Mr. Rogers.

    The sad truth is that no one in city government cares what goes on at the shelter. The people there need to be charged with abuse and cruelty toward animals by those in positions higher up than city. The state government needs to get involved. The mayor himself and Hooks and Hall need to be charged. Somewhere there just has to be a person or department that will clean up this mess called MAS.

  27. Notice how he bangs the lower cage with the pole before opening it? The only reason for that action is to scare the dog. And if you see the dog’s body language, he’s already scared enough…

    Pointless little moments of cruelty like that are indicative of years of habit. This man is a chronic animal abuser and needs to be removed immediately.

      1. I really, really hope that Mr. Rogers is up for cleaning house. Because it’s desperately overdue at MAS…

  28. when are you people going to get your act together. Where’s the compassion for these poor animals.

  29. This man clearly hates animals. He has no business working around living beings that can not defend themselves. When he isn’t boxing humans he is throwing dogs in a death ring. He clearly can not control his aggressive anger problems.

    Someone granted this beast a license to euthanize animals. Can you imagine how he treats them as he is doing it? No telling how many get falsely marked as being euthanized and then are carried out the back door to go to a dog ring.

    Violent beasts are running the shelter. When are they going to hire compassionate, evolved human beings to work at MAS? There are unemployed animal lovers all over this city. How about giving them a job? And how about hiring some undercover folks to trail Frank when he gets off work? The whole world knows he fights dogs, it shouldn’t take too long to bust him.

    Do the volunteers realize how much power they have? Why don’t they all say they are quitting if Frank or any other abuser is not fired? MAS could replace him a lot easier than they could replace an entire group of volunteers. The fact that they continue to work elbow to elbow with these people is absolutely disgusting and since they remain silent about it they are no better. Bravo to the ones who have come forward. That is what a REAL animal lover does.

    FoMAS, you are there every time the doors are open. Why are you putting up with this? Why don’t you notice animals are being abused and starved? Now that it is on video for all the world to see, what are you going to do to change things? Or are you going to just continue to put up with it for the occasional photo op in the paper?

    1. Wow !! I need to check this shelter out further!! I pray this man has been fired & anyone else there that abuse the defensive animals in their care !!

  30. That ass in the video needs to fired and put on the end of a catch pole and drug out of the building!!!!!! Good Lord why do people let things like this continue when they have evidence right in front of their noses????? They need to do some serious employee house cleaning in that “shelter”. They are an absolute and utter disgrace to humanity!!!!!!

  31. Oh my God!!! Those poor dogs! Seriously, what is wrong with this man? He picked up the 2 puppies at the end, so obviously it can be done, so why cant he do that all the time? And the lady ACO for that matter?

    Yorkies are prone to leg problems. I have one, and the vet has told me a few times. They had this thing where their leg (petella) pops out from where the leg meets the hip a lot and they are prone to arthritis. This yorkie looks relatively young (mines 10 so Im extra careful with her) but still- he should NOT be doing that!!

    And that scene where all the cage doors are open, in the middle of the video, with no dogs, says 1000 words.

  32. The crap that “works?” at this hell hole, don’t give a rats ass about these animals. They are ONLY there for the paycheck. You can see it in their body language, total indifference and callous disregard. They should ALL be fired and charges brought against EVERYONE, including the Mayor. Even if someone didn’t actually commit the cruelty, as long as they stood silently by, they condoned it. It’s always about two things in the world, money and power! What pathetic excuses for human beings.

  33. I sure hope that the ass-wad in this video has been fired. I pray that in his older days, living in a home that he gets more respect than he is giving here.

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