Three Dogs Dragged Off ACO Trucks at MAS

This clip, obtained via FOIA request, shows 2 adult dogs and 1 puppy being dragged off the ACO truck at the Memphis pound.  They are recognizable as dogs we’ve seen abused on other camera views.  (I have put together the 3 different clips of the one adult dog and the puppy and will post those tomorrow.)

Warning:  This video shows dogs being hauled from the truck down to the concrete via chokepole, lifted by the chokepole and one dog appears to be dragged directly into a wall, smashing his head.

If you would like to join our letter writing campaign, please contact city leaders in Memphis to speak for the pets at MAS.  Please keep your comments respectful. We can condemn what’s going on at the pound while maintaining civility and a sense of professionalism.

17 thoughts on “Three Dogs Dragged Off ACO Trucks at MAS

  1. And this is just the abuse that these dogs have gone through in one day at MAS. I’m having to fight with myself right now to keep from taking a trip down to Memphis. It would not be good….

    1. I don’t know you Carla, but let me know when you are going, cuz i’ll either be in front, in back or beside you, I just wonder what happened to those poor babies once they were inside of gate, why don’t these big , stupid vicious MONSTERS take their frustrations out on some other a.. instead of a poor furbaby,

  2. Apparently sending letters and e-mails to your city government is falling on deaf ears and the city Government cares so little for what it’s taxpayers think they feel they can do what they want when they want. Just to keep those people employed there tells me Memphis is not a family friendly or animal friendly place to live. How can it be family friendly if they can do this to living beings. Don’t people go to church down there where they can let people in their congregation know what is happening to these beautiful animals? The people of Memphis Must speak out and say no more. All I hear is the people of Memphis say they can’t change their government I would say you can but you must speak loud and clear and let your city Government know that they work for you and are not a part of a special club where they can do what they want when they want. The only way you get Results is ACT not just crying oh how can they do this and complain about it .

  3. It is obvious that this ACO has received NO TRAINING in proper animal handling and that her actions are criminally abusive.

    She is likely doing permanent damage to dogs’ tracheas, not to mention knee, elbow, and shoulder damage from being forced from heights like that and then dragged violently across concrete. How many animals has she injured in her time of employment?

    These are the people who are supposed to help protect animals from cruelty and abuse.

    1. The ACOs have been trained on numerous occasions and all have signed the policies and procedures manual stating that they understand. Our Mayor calls them “well trained and compassionate”. The truth lies in these videos. This are indeed MONSTERS that need to be fired ASAP!!! The time for talk about training has past! These people are ANIMAL ABUSERS! Period! And they’re IN OUR SHELTER!!!

  4. A few corrections on the contact: Chelton Beamon is no longer interim director. James Rogers is, and his email address is

    Also the mailing address is new:

    2350 Appling City Cove, Memphis, TN 38133 ·

  5. Obviously, City Government doesn’t have the same priority and moral values we do or they would do something about issues like this. The only alternative I can think of is reminding them how many thousands of us voters will be remembering what they do and don’t do come time for election and/or reelection. I’ll bet you our numbers will matter then.

  6. The person suspending the puppy on the choke pole.. is that the same person that dragged the puppy onto the scale in a previous clip?

    1. I just clicked and it worked for me. It’s the same page which is linked at the right hand side of the blog where it says “Memphis Animal Services – Take Action”.

  7. I just cannot understand why someone would feel the need to do this. I cannot begin to understand why something as simple as a slip leash and a little kindness is not used at MAS. I work at an animal shelter and I have never used nor seen anyone using a choke pull. This is not because we do not have them. We do have a few choke pulls but they just sit there gathering dust and we have had aggressive animals but haven’t used them. In my mind a choke pull should only be used in extreme cases. It should NOT be a everyday tool.

  8. All of the tears, anguish, and letters fall on deaf ears. The ONLY thing that will help these animals is to go there and adopt one, or all, give it a wonderful home, and encourage others to do the same. The second choice is to break into these places, and release the animals to freedom.

  9. what is being done with this animal shelter which it is not time and time again their is footage of this place and nothing is done it has to stop all the evidence is clearly on video doesnt this state care is their any animal lovers there?I will sign if something gets going

  10. perhaps leaking this video to the press would create some passionate public reaction…and get that control officer out of there!

  11. poor babies…the officer looks like she/he just really doesn’t want to touch the dogs nor does she have any mercy to show them…wrong person for the job…They are traumatized enough being where they are… May the God that created these little ones, change her heart to one that is full of compassion and mercy…

  12. Good Lord. Those poor dogs!! Its always the same woman too (I think?) like “oh I dont have that much time on my hands to actually treat the dog with some kindness. I have a job to do!”. And if she can bend down to give the dog a intake neckband thingie without being bitten, then she could definitely put on a leash to take the dog in with without worrying about the dog biting her (or in my mind she can). I would think the chokepole would lead to them being more scared, hence more biting, anyway.

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