Memphis: A Culture of Cruelty on Video

Thank you to reader Casey for sending me these excerpts of what appears to be abuse from the security camera footage at MAS.  Reminder:  No one has been charged in connection with any of the abuse seen on the security camera footage from February 7, 2012.

Clip #1: Although the worker acts like there is a lion behind the cage door, it’s actually just a pet, whom he abuses with the chokepole.

Clip #2: A Pitbull type dog and a Shepherd mix are chokepoled in and out of cages at MAS.

Clip #3: A dog who appears to be friendly gets yanked out of his cage on a chokepole, his front legs not even touching the ground.

11 thoughts on “Memphis: A Culture of Cruelty on Video

  1. Unbelieveable. I am sick to my stomach. I was amazed at how far they cinched the catch pole release up so that these dogs are being choked to the limit. Did you see the dog on the right in the last clip who pushed his food bowl out in protest of these morons?

  2. The first clip made me physically ill. This particular MAS employee seems to regularly enjoy the use of excessive force on even friendly dogs, but heaven forbid a dog be scared and make life a little difficult for him – he takes his frustration out on the dog and swings him HARD by the neck.

    That is abuse. Documented on video.

    People who have so little self control should not be working around animals, period.

    1. Mikken- I also got physically ill watching the video. I guess they don’t have leashes at MAS…. Ohhhh, what I would like to do with that choke pole!

  3. Ten years ago I started working in a luxury boarding kennel as a kennel tech. I was taught to use a slip leash. It’s a simple, effective tool.
    We did not raise our voices to the animals, unless playtime in the yard was over and we were calling them in. We certainly never used abusive language to them, and I wonder how much worse these videos would be if there were sound.

  4. If these workers are not willing/wanting to touch the animals or are afraid of them they absolutely should not be employed at the shelter and need to be moved into a different department of the city. Perhaps waste management as that is how they are treating these poor critters.

  5. I can hear ole Willie saying “bring your a** on out of this d**n cage” as he drags the dogs to the kill room!!!! I wish these videos had audio.

  6. I was so disheartened by the first 2 that I couldnt even watch the third. Seriously, have these people never owned a pet before? I had a big black lab when I was 2 that my parents got from the pound and it kept knocking me over until one day it did it while I was on the concrete and my parents said “enough” and took him back (I was fine). I didnt have another until I was 13 but my friends did and I still loved dogs! So what in the world are these people’s problems? I dont get it. Anyway, they probably think they can continue on with the abuse because they arent in the kill-room, which is where the other people who were arrested were abusing.

  7. These soul less pieces of human excrement are pathetic, not to mention LAZY! They’re doing what’s easiest for THEM with total disregard for these poor defenseless fur babies. I want so desperately to put a choke pole, around the necks of each and everyone of them, then pull as tightly and as hard as I can. Maybe they’ll get lucky and their necks will break the first time.

  8. This is just disgusting. These freaking monsters! It is so obvious they don’t give a crap about these dogs at all. The first one was even worse than the others (all were terribly abusive)! I feel ill watching these. I hate these people. They could easily break the neck of a dog but they wouldn’t care anyway!

    These videos are all just snippet of one day! It is truly heartbreaking.

  9. The chokepoles seem to be surgically attached to every person who handles animals at MAS. I don’t understand this at all. Grow a pair for fuck sake and simply talk to the animal and gain trust. It takes a matter of seconds for a friendly animal. No reason whatsoever for the ever present chokepole!!

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