Memphis: A Culture of Apathy on Video

These clips from reader Casey are taken from the February 7 security camera footage.  They identify a serious safety issue for the dogs in the room – a loose metal panel at the bottom of the cage which appears to have sharp edges and the ability to trap dogs.  Sadly, the videos further identify what had been evident on the webcams for so long (before the city shut them down) – nobody at MAS cares.  There is no training class or refresher course which can instill empathy into a person.

The dog in the lower right corner appears to have his head stuck through the metal panel.  Three workers come in to look at the dog and then leave.  When one of the workers returns with a chokepole and sticks it on the dog’s face while opening the cage door, the dog manages to free himself, having already been chokepoled that day.  It’s impossible to tell if his neck was injured from the incident but the worker doesn’t seem to care, stringing the dog up on the chokepole and removing him from the room.

The following clips are all of the same dog. In the first, he is seen sticking his head out the unsecured metal panel and barking pitifully for several minutes.

A worker comes into the room but doesn’t bother to check if the dog is injured nor make any effort to make the cage safe.

Another worker sees the dog’s head sticking out and also does nothing. Is the dog stuck? The worker doesn’t check.

And another…

Finally, someone pays attention to the dog. Tragically, it’s not to check to see if his neck his injured or even to give him some pets. It’s to string him up in a metal noose and whip him out of the cage, presumably on his way to the kill room.

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  1. Wow. That is so sad that they just took their sweet time getting the chokepole and then they couldnt just take a leash and put it on the poor dog, they had to make sure to keep shutting the door on him first AND THEN hurt his neck some more. I think that dog was trying to escape, personally. I know I would be trying to.

  2. Is the so-called Mayor being told to watch these videos that show the abuse and neglect? Have the police released a statement that they are aware and are doing something to stop the abuse ans neglect?

  3. Choke Pole Guy in the first and the last video is the same guy that tortured a pregnant momma cat repeatedly. She was rescued and named Charlotte and had beautiful babies.

    This POS has been seen on camera many many times and is ALWAYS intentionally as cruel as he can be. That the mayor and his cohorts allow this person to continue to work there speaks volumes about who he is and who they are. You are known by the company you keep. In this case it’s by the subhumans you hire.

    The culture of abuse must stop.

  4. What is wrong with these so call humans no compassion. Lets see how they liked to chocked holed. What is wrong with the mayor? I only pray that a way is found to take care of these animals.

  5. Any normal human being could see that those metal flaps are a serious risk and need to be secured immediately, but I will bet you that they are exactly the same today as they were Feb. 7th – unsecured and dangerous. And I feel safe in my bet because of the incredible apathy we can witness here…

    If you walked into a room and saw a dog with his head stuck through a hole like that, would you check to make sure he was ok? Would you say to yourself, “Damn, these flaps could really hurt a dog – I’m going to do something to prevent that.” Or would you look directly at the dog, then turn around and walk away?

    If you work for MAS, you walk away.

  6. We need a no kill shelter there so badly, it’s the only way I can imagine to change things. If all MAS is for is pet slaughter then gaining warm feelings and empathy for the animals there is a sure way to lose your mind. The constant killing just creates a culture of contempt and cruelty so the killers can distance themselves from the victims. It’s a horrible cycle, I don’t excuse the workers in the least, they could try to change things in favor of kindness but honestly I don’t see anything good coming unless the whole goal changes, saving and not slaughter.

    1. Vida, you’re so right.

      The attitude at MAS is that all animals are “inventory” and completely disposable. When you run what is essentially a slaughterhouse for animals, you tend to not value the animals at all.

      If MAS started MARKETING and I mean REALLY MARKETING their animals while simultaneously getting people in there who give a rat’s ass about the welfare of their charges, they would see a serious turnaround in their statistics.

      Mr. Rogers needs to meet with the local rescue groups asap. They can really help him with support and ideas on how to make adoption a priority and how to get animals out alive (foster, transport, breed rescue, etc.). He also needs to seriously diversify the volunteer situation – FoMAS cannot be the only group permitted to assist at the shelter.

      1. I really agree with this, mikken. Rogers isn’t getting enough input from the people who have the most to offer: rescue groups. Not only would they have a ton of great ideas and peoplepower, they would bring a completely different point of view — not just “improvement,” but a total shift in orientation. Gradualism isn’t going to cut it when employees enjoy mistreating pets. And if Rogers spends all or most of his time around cruel and callous people, his ability to change things will be sapped.

  7. Whatever is going on with those flaps, it appears all of the kennels have them. Bottom left corner of the vids, a black dog is also poking his furry face out.

  8. I am not sure how many more of these vidoes I can watch as they are heartbreaking!. These dogs were wagging their tails and seemed friendly. I was not expecting that-how can these dogs not be adoptable! Friendly dogs being killed what a shame MAS!

    MAS/FOMAS post all the dogs on Petharbor and your Facebook page!

  9. Mr Rogers said in the recent meeting, when asked about firing the employees video taped abusing the animals, that he wanted to simply retrained them. He said he “couldn’t fire ALL his employees, because then he would have no one there to help the animals.” I’ve slept on this statement for a few days now. He obviously doesn’t realize that this economy has placed MANY, MANY people out of work who ADORE animals and no matter what the pay, would love to have any job, much more a job where they are helping animals every day. His statement is completely inaccurate. He wouldn’t be left with no one to care for the animals. I am POSITIVE, there would be an overwhelming response of applications for employment… And training someone for the first time is always easier than trying to retrain. No retraining can help these employees gain compassion for theses dogs, but that’s another topic on another yes biscuit blog entry.

    1. Completely agree, Heather, you make some valid points. They dont even have to LOVE animals, but at least be compassionate enough to not abuse them and do the right thing by them. Since that bar is set so low, it should be pretty easy to find someone, especially since I get the impression that Memphis is fairly high when it comes to unemployment? IDK, maybe not.

  10. Obviously, the local government officials aren’t doing what needs to be done. I’ve looked up the contact information of the TN Atty Gen. I think it’s time to go over Wharton’s head here. I heard that there was a letter campaign some time ago for the TN Atty Gen. Does anyone know why nothing ever came of that? I think it’s time we have another….

    1. Office of the Attorney General and Reporter
      P.O. Box 20207
      Nashville, TN 37202-0207
      Telephone: (615) 741-3491
      Fax: (615) 741-2009

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