In Which a Kind Citizen Asks the “Friends” to Help Pets at MAS

Posting from the Facebook page belonging to the "Friends" of MAS. (Click to enlarge.)

Yeah, Person from Another County Who Cared Enough about the Pets at MAS to Contact a Group at the Pound to Get Them Help, it would be great if YOU could drive over here and give them the veterinary attention they need. What are you by the way – an airline pilot? Barista? Oncologist? Oh who cares, just come down and help the animals out yourself.


Maybe the “Friends” could ask one of the MAS veterinarians who pull down $80 grand a year to do their job.

19 thoughts on “In Which a Kind Citizen Asks the “Friends” to Help Pets at MAS

  1. Oh my Lord, I’ve heard/seen it all now. I have seen Nancy on the Tipton County animal shelter page and she does do every thing she can to help Tipton dogs with limited resources. I don’t know why this response shocks me, but it does.

  2. Whenever I see “Friends” of MAS, I think of the quote, “with friends like that, who needs enemies?”

    1. As of 3:47 PM Central Daylight Savings Time the post is still on their page.

      This is a poorly organized volunteer group. One person runs the show and what she says apparently goes. This is not an organization that many people want to join or belong to! The head of the shelter, Mr. Rogers, needs to clean up and get rid of her and her cronies. She is not helping the animals and in fact is not making the current staff look any better. Friends are not friends to anyone other than themselves.

      Today they have a training session! Whooppee Doooo! It would help if they would speak up about how the dogs are
      brought into the shelter by their necks choked in a pole. How many are hurt badly by this? That is what I think of when I look at the photos of the strays. The abuse they have suffered

      brought by pole into the shelter, hanging on the end of them. How many dogs that are listed as strays are injured? That’s what I think about when I see their photos.

    1. Marilyn – you said it best! Time for someone else to head up the volunteers. Once that happens – there will be more volunteers than you can count on 25 peoples’ hands – and will have a fb page where questions are asked and answered appropriately concerning MAS – where people won’t get banned for having their own opinion…, time to wake up from this dream.

      1. I was thinking the same thing myself about “Friends”…who the hell are they (she) friends with there? Certainly not the animals! The person who manages the FB page for “Friends” needs to get a clue about the welfare of animals and climb down from that self-appointed throne. They only post just a few animals on their page and I can count on 2 fingers how any times they have asked for assistance in getting a litter of newborns out of the shelter before they were killed. Anyone with criticism or concern is asked to come down to the shelter and help – maybe they should take their own advice.

  3. I received an e-mail today about a momma dog and her pups needing rescue at MAS. There was no number and supposedly they were listed as German Shepherd mixes but the mom looked like a Spaniel and weighs 35 lbs. She is nursing and they are in a whelping box. Supposedly came in on 3/8 but I could not find them anywhere on Petharbor. I was going to ask the Friends of MAS but after this posting, perhaps not! Is there anyone local that could help them? I guess the Friends are unable to take moms with pups if they have been at the shelter that long!

    1. I would both ask the “Friends” for assistance and contact the shelter directly. If you have a photo, I would contact them by e-mail with a copy of the pic so they can track down the family. There are surely only a very small number of bitches nursing litters at MAS right now. Shouldn’t be too hard to track down.

      1. I was going to transport them for
        A rescue in Nashville, but apparently they are being picked up Fri morning to go to Wisconsin.

  4. One should assume the purpose of the Friends of MAS page is to be a “friend” to the animals at the shelter by providing a form of communication bringing light to situations and animals that are in need of help. I cannot believe the response given to this request and it is pathetic that instead of responding in a positive way by possibly telling this concerned person that they will bring this to the attention of a vet they respond by telling the lady to come down and help out herself. Many people cannot do this and even if this person could there isn’t anything she personally could do because she is not a vet! What a snippy response to a valid concern. I am not surprised.

  5. What will it take to have certain people with FOMAS replaced with people who are not so burned out? I understand how working under the stressful environment of their killing animals & never ending necessity of sick animals causes battlefield fatigue, so maybe it’s time for replacements. FOMAS leaders may not want to give up their position, but it’s obvious that it’s time for new leadership.

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