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Newborn pup, ID#A238808, on grate at Memphis pound as pictured on

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Is this your pet? Dog ID#A238886 at Memphis pound, as pictured on

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Senior Lab, ID#A238739, in need of a soft bed at Memphis pound, as pictured on

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Would you like to add this dog to your family? Dog ID#A238743 at Memphis pound as pictured on

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Does anyone at MAS care if these pets are reunited with their owners or if they are in pain or if they survive? It’s hard to tell from these photos.

Have you ever seen a child make a bed for stuffed animal?  Even a second grader would know that old dogs and newborn pups shouldn’t be left on the hard floor or even worse – on a grate.

I am not criticizing the quality of the photos as to artistic merit or marketability of the animals pictured.  Those are skills which can be learned and hopefully will be very soon by those taking photos at MAS.  I’m saying these photos reflect the following:

  • Lack of concern for whether these animals are recognizable to owners searching for them
  • Lack of concern for whether anyone would consider adopting a pet whose face can’t be seen
  • Lack of compassion for an old dog who likely suffers from joint pain even on a good day
  • Lack of common sense animal husbandry for a newborn pup left on a grate


28 thoughts on “MAS Dogs on PetHarbor

  1. I particularly like the photo of the back of the dog’s head. That’s really putting some effort into making these dogs attractive to potential adopters. I thought that MAS had a bunch of those dog beds. They can’t at least put those in with the old dogs so they don’t have to sleep on a cold slab. How about some blankets for the puppies for crying out loud. I guess we should be happy that they are posted on PetHarbor, no matter how half-hearted and half-assed the effort is.

    1. Caring citizens have donated many Kuranda beds in past to MAS but they refuse to use them at the new building, citing sanitation concerns (which are groundless IMO).

      The reason for posting pets on PetHarbor is so owners can find lost pets and advocates can network them. If the photos make it impossible to do that, it’s useless. Many of the animals have no photos – again, useless. No one is going to identify a lost pet or fall in love with one they can’t see.

      1. The Kuranda beds wouldn’t even fit into the freaking miniscule cages the dogs are put in. But then, the utter morons who designed the stupid shelter with too little space also decided that metal grates would serve just fine for beds. Jackasses.

  2. Shared all on my facebook and google + . Hope they all find a home. Also hope if someone goes to adopt them they will be treated like they should be treated as a adopter.

    1. That seems to be pretty much the big question people have been asking for years … The answer has so far been a resounding NO.

      1. Actually, the answer is a resounding ‘YES’ – it would be too hard for MAS to raise their standards a little. Or at all.

  3. I’m not surprised… looks like the dogs they posted are useless to them… either too old or too young to be sneaked out the back door and used for fighting.

  4. I bet these employees make enough effort to take reasonably decent pictures of themselves and their friends and families.

    But they approach photography of the pets with the same contempt that they show with animal handling, cleaning, and food and water.

    It’s because they intend to kill the animals. Everything they do flows from that.

  5. Pssh. You mean you dont know what your dog looks like from the back of their head? Unfathomable!

  6. I do not know if MAS is USDA licensed but I believe the photo of the pup would be in violation due to the fact that the paws could go down the grate and get caught!

  7. OK, I’m usually the voice of dissent on these blogs but even I have to admit, THESE PHOTOS SUCK! How in the hell are you supposed to look at these pics and figure out a) if your pet is there or b) should I adopt this one? It was a sorry effort when these were made and an even sorrier effort if they got by someone else prior to being posted. When you take photos like these, it just really gives the impression that you could give a crap less about what you’re doing.

  8. Well..newborn pup from above is no longer listed on Pet Harbor…I dread to think what this means.

    1. Happy story about the pup. An animal angel picked up the mama dog and her two pups to foster along with 5 orphaned pups and the mama dog took to them and is nursing all of them now. I wanted to share because this lady has fostered others from the shelter and is truly an angel for helping them out. Without the post and re-post she might not have known about them. Thanks for being vigil yesbiscuit!

      1. Cheers to the adoptor/foster! I like a good ending to these sad stories. I know there are many good folks out there, and I love to hear about them.

  9. Is there a link to a site that publishes info for people in Memphis who need help to keep their pets?

    Do food banks, churches, pet supply stores, etc. also collect pet food so people don’t have to share what little they may have?

    Are there dog trainers who are able to donate time to help pet owners and volunteers rehabilitate dogs?

    Info about getting more landlords to have pet-friendly policies, and agreements renters can sign, Companion Animal Renters Program (CARP),

    1. The MAS site would be the best place for this info but no, they just have a bunch of shit about how they can hide their public meetings from the public w/the blessing of the good ol’ boys…

  10. Wouldn’t the photo of the puppy be sufficient evidence of animal torture as defined by state statute? It is clearly shown in the final stages of life–if not dead. It is too young at 11 days to sustain its own body temperature to 101, still unable to urinate or defecate on its own, and must be bottle fed or nurse its dam every 2 hours. NONE of its requirements for life are provided by a metal grate and a metal cage.

    1. The police seem to feel that unless there is evidence of a pet being shot, stabbed or starved, it’s not worth investigating. Leaving a puppy to suffer seems to be A-OK.

  11. I am so very sick of crying over the BS at MAS. Why in the world does that senior dog not at least have a cot?? I don’t get it. Because supplies are limited? NO, because they refuse to properly care for these animals. I’m so pissed off. He will probably be dragged by his legs or a choke pole to his death because his legs won’t move fast enough for the ACO. He will more than likely be in a dump truck by Tuesday. Please don’t stop fighting for justice for these dogs. I am so very thankful you are dedicated with this blog and for all of the other volunteers, rescues, etc. I’m still wondering if we could do a letter writing campaign to the attorney general.

  12. I’m the person who wants to take them ALL in. I have the soft spot for the older lab & all those less likely to be adopted. They’re always the best behaved/loyal/grateful/companion dogs among them all.

    I have fewer dogs now than I’ve had in the past 11 years, yet is still too many to adopt another.

    Whoever is taking the photos at MAS seems to not care very much how the dogs are seen. That’s not lousy photography, it’s lousy attitude.

    1. And that’s what it is, really. They don’t even realize that they’re taking photos showing animals who are uncomfortable, terrified, sick, or (in the puppy’s case) in danger of dying.

      They cannot see it. They have such an inability to “read” animals and so little common sense, it’s frightening.

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