Buster Has Outlived His Usefulness to MAS

Some of you may remember the handsome Pibble type dog pictured with MAS interim director James Rogers in this article in the Memphis Daily News. I suspect the dog was chosen for the photos to try and put a positive image in the minds of the public.  Like, “See, we haven’t killed EVERY dog that looks like a Pitbull!”.  I wrote to the reporter at the time of publication and asked about the dog.    I was told his name was Buster and no other information was known about him although the paper had received a lot of inquiries after printing his photos.  I thought it was such a shame that Mr. Rogers had wasted the opportunity to promote this beautiful dog for adoption.  As far as I know, neither MAS nor the “Friends” have done anything to promote Buster in the time since the article appeared.  And today, he has apparently started coughing.  So MAS is going to kill Buster if he’s not bailed out by 5pm.

As much as I hate to put out yet another last minute plea for a pet at MAS, the alternative is that MAS got to use Buster for self-promotion and then gets to throw him in the dumpster.  Buster is not trash and he has a right to live so I’m putting this out there.  If you are in the Memphis area and interested in adopting or fostering Buster (ID#238243) within the next few hours, please contact the pound directly at (901) 636-1416 or leave a comment here.  I will help.

Video courtesy Meows and BowWows

25 thoughts on “Buster Has Outlived His Usefulness to MAS

    1. I agree. But MAS puts many cats and dogs in the trash who don’t even have a cough. They’re just killed for taking up space at the pound. Yep, sickening is the word.

  1. I wish there was something I could do!!! There is no way I could get there in time to save him. This poor beautiful pit is going to die for no reason. Guess so much for MAS not killing EVERY pitbull cause now they are killing the dog they should have been trying to save with the article!

    1. If you or ANYONE wants to help Buster and the only thing stopping you is physically getting to MAS by closing time, please let me know. We can and will beg for his life to be spared until a foster/adopter can arrive.

  2. Clearly Rogers is a phony. He should practice what he preaches and show Buster some compassion.

      1. At the last public meeting of the Shelter Adversary Board, Rogers said something like the workers didn’t know the definition of the word compassion so couldn’t practice it but he was going to teach them the definition so they could be compassionate. I hope he teaches me the definition of the words FILTHY RICH.

  3. Can we work on getting a rescue to pull him, put him in temporary boarding and then work on fostering and or adoption? I’d be happy to chip-in or maybe even short-term foster.

    1. TY for that Tammy. I don’t think any rescue would pull him without definite foster. That’s how rescues get in over their heads. Even though we are all frantic and hoping for a good outcome for Buster, it’s important to not lose sight of the fact that MAS is the group that has the duty and moral obligation to take care of him. Just because they are failing doesn’t mean we want to put any rescuers in a bad sitch.

  4. Where are all those “partners” Mr. Rogers was working with? Oh……..wait……he didn’t ask the Rescue groups. What a shame! Guess things just haven’t changed at MAS. First drag them in by the choke poles, then feed them the least amount of food you can get by with, and then kill them haul them and dump them in the landfill. Life at MAS in a nutshell.

  5. This is so sad. Just look at Buster’s big eyes in that video. And Rogers looks like he barely wants to touch Buster in those pics. They are so fake. Anyway, wish I could help but cant. I hope Buster’s outcome is a good one though.

  6. They know he’s “very friendly!!”, but they’ve never done anything to market him.

    How many “Buster”s have to end up in the landfill before MAS changes?

  7. I emailed local Memphis media contacts. I just heard from Fox 13’s Christina Dickerhoof, Assignment Editor.

    She said: “I just got off the phone with MAS, and they say a rescue group called Hearts of Gold has just now adopted Buster!”

    Fox 13 News is GREAT! Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue is FABULOUS!

    1. Good rescue, yes, but always overwhelmed because there are so many bullies in need and many other rescues don’t want them or set limits on how many they will take. So if anyone was planning to help with Buster’s expenses, I’m sure Hearts of Gold would deeply appreciate it. He’s really a beautiful dog. Very glad to hear he won’t be killed by MAS.

    2. I am SO relieved! Thank you ‘Hearts of Gold’. Each beautiful healthy dog I learn is about to die weighs heavily on me until I know they are safe.

      Buster’s eyes should be enough for anyone to see his fear, worry AND intelligence. His stress of being there is responsible for the cough, which is easily treatable. But thankfully, he’s getting out of Mr. Roger’s neighborhood.

    3. Just logged in to find this message and was so glad to already see there’s a happy ending to it! At least this is one MAS animal that didn’t die there. Thank you Hearts of Gold!

  8. Thank you for the link directly to hearts of gold site – I will definitely make a donation. MAS is a disgrace and they need to be held accountable!!! It’s sickening!

  9. This was an excellent opportunity for MAS to network this dog but no they had to screw it up! Does anyone at MAS know how to help get animals adopted/rescued? Obviously not!

  10. Once again,people using animals for their own benefit and then throwing them out like garbage!!Makes me sick!!!

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