8 thoughts on “We Have a Lodger

  1. How cute!! :)
    I live in AZ where jackrabbits/wild rabbits run rampant. One came into our backyard when it was much smaller and it never left. I don’t think it ever will; it has tons of grass, water I guess, shelter, etc. Any time we get close enough, it just runs behind our shed, so we couldn’t get it to the frontyard if we tried. I just kind of consider it our pet now lol

  2. For the past three years we have had a robin’s nest next to our side door. The fledglings practice flying in our backyard and I have had to keep the dogs out of the yard until the flying is perfected. The poor dogs can’t understand why they can’t go in their yard.

  3. We used to put up seasonal wreaths on the front door all year round. Until the birds started nesting in them…the cats would sit inside the house, staring THROUGH the door to the little peeps they could hear.

    We put signs up directing everyone to the side door until the kids had flown.

  4. She and her children and her husband will eat all your mosquitoes. Most def pays rent! They will also poop all over you porch, so charge a cleaning deposit.

  5. Cool!

    The previous owners put up 10 or so bird houses in the back yard, 2 house Eastern Bluebirds every year, the rest swallows who happily help themselves to our massive mosquito population. Plus they look cool flying around.

  6. Nest and angry bird look looks exactly like the olive sided flycatcher that took up seasonal residence in our window shutter four years ago, and now comes back every year (or the youngsters do – birds return to the place(s) where they fledge). Eats tons of mosquitos, so HH above is correct. I scrape up the poops and add to the compost. Win-win. Plus, they have the most hysterical sounding calls during mating and nesting season! Enjoy.

  7. Swallows are just the cutest birds ever. I wish we could get some to nest here. They investigate my bluebird boxes but they never stay.

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