Saving Buster

Donna from Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue sent someone to pull Buster from MAS last night but the person was refused, as they were not on a list of approved couriers for the rescue.  So Donna is going herself to bail Buster out this morning when the pound opens.  The local news will be there and I will update this post when they add the story online.

Thank you to everyone who networked Buster at the last minute in an effort to save him from the kill room at MAS.  Success.  How sweet it is.

I asked Donna if she has a ChipIn for Buster and she does not.  Donations can be made via Paypal though using as the recipient.  Donations of one dollar, or any amount you can afford are welcome and appreciated.

Added:  As Clarice noted in the comments, the story of Buster’s rescue on the local news can be seen here.  Look at that nice dog.  Shame on MAS for failing him.  A supervisor is interviewed in the clip saying it’s hard to get Pitbulls adopted in Memphis.  Well, apparently it’s not TOO hard.  If you try.

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  1. I can’t believe he was not allowed to leave. I have sent a donation.
    I have never heard of Hearts of Gold, but I certainly have now. Thank you. Looking forward to the update. I hope it goes well.

  2. Looks like when a donation is made on Paypal as a personal transaction and marked as a gift, there are no fees taken out and Hearts of Gold will get the entire amount of the donation.

    Donna & Shirley – thank you so much for saving this beautiful boy! I hope the local media today brings even more attention to the plight of the animals at MAS. Sad that Mr Rogers couldn’t be bothered to try to get this sweetie adopted – one more missed opportunity by MAS.

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you have GOT TO MARKET your animals! Actively, aggressively, get their faces and stories out there.

    Buster was featured in the photos in the article, but Mr. Rogers was never quoted as saying that he was available for adoption, that he was super sweet and squishy and he should be called Marshmallow for how sweet and white and squishy he is, don’t you just want to come on down and give him some lovin’?

    That dog could have been out of there the next day. But instead, they do nothing and end up with…well…this situation.

    Marketing. Do it. Get animals out alive and look good while you do it.

  4. It will be interesting to see if any of the illustrious leaders from MAS try to spin this story and use it as a media op. The truth is out there.

    1. There has already been an e-mail from MAS today regarding Buster that said something like “yay team!”. Yeah, yay for Team Life and SuxBeingYou for Team Death.

  5. Good grief, how much more complicated can a shelter make it to pull animals? I can somewhat understand that a Rescue needs to be pre-aproved but a courier too? That is BS.

    1. I know some people disagree with me on this point but I am absolutely 100% married to the idea that, when the pound is saying they are going to kill an animal, the pound should let that animal go to ANYONE willing to take him out the front door alive. It’s not best practices and I am not advocating for all animals to be adopted out in this manner but when it gets down to the wire and the animal will be killed if not adopted, it is better to let the animal go than to worry about protocols IMO. The chances that an actual animal abuser is going to complete an adoption application, provide identification and sign an agreement in order to get a shelter pet off death row seem extremely remote to me. Sure it COULD happen, but to my mind it most likely would not happen. And as long a pet is ALIVE, there is hope.

      1. Especially when you have 2 news reporter saying they will bring shame on the city if this dog dies!!! We had people scrambling over there. This is just sad!!!

      2. I agree. And besides, if dogfighters want MAS dogs apparently all they have had to do in the past is slip an employee a few bills and out the back door the dog goes …

    1. This is not the dog with the hole in the leg. That dog has been pulled by Meows & BowWows and named Weego. This dog is Buster, who was pictured in the paper with James Rogers then put on the kill list. He has been pulled by Hearts of Gold. They do look similar so it’s understandable that people are mixing them up.

  6. SO glad that this happened. THANK YOU HOGPR and EVERYONE who networked to make sure that Buster got out safely.

    Even though my husband and I work with another rescue group (Real Good Dog Rescue – Lisa Trenthem) we made a donation to HOGPR and hope that others do as well.

    It’s fabulous to see the rescue community come together to help dogs like Buster. It’s so sad to see the missed opportunities of MAS. Seems like MAS employees and leadership work HARDER to block good work than to promote doing the right thing.

    Thanks, yesbiscuit, for alerting all of us to this yesterday so the wheels could be put in motion to call alert to Buster’s potential fate and save him.

  7. Yay for everyone who pulled Buster and got him out of that hellhole alive! Shame on MAS! Though it really shouldnt surprise me at this point. Plz keep us updated, especially about the news station.

  8. I’m so glad someone (especially HGPR!) was able to pull him – what a sweet looking baby – especially since I don’t “meet the yard requirements” for pitties. Three sides of our yard are fenced in but the very back opens straight onto a lake. Apparently that rules me out for a completely fenced yard – because the dog might decide to leave by way of boat.

  9. I have some pictures of Buster leaving MAS on my Save A Pet in Memphis page. He is such a love and so deserving of this chance. Today was a great day! I have a great new picture of Lyon also and a couple of other pits who need to get out of there. Channel 24 is going to have Lyon, Bama and another bully on the feature tonight about Buster. They are going to try to do an extended feature if possible, fingers crossed. Chelton Beamon stayed outside with me for another 45 minutes after Channel 24 left letting me get some more pictures and chatting about the dogs. He happily brought Lyon out for pics and for the news cameras when I asked if it would be possible. I am so happy for Buster and for the TV opportunity for a few others. I hope it will secure them a forever home or rescue placement. Thanks Channel 24 for caring!!!

    1. Wow! Thats so great that the news channel will also focus on other dogs too, since ya know, its not like MAS is going to do heavy promotion on them. Or any.

  10. “Busting Out Buster” was the top news story at 6pm on Channel 24!! They will have more at 10pm. She said she was going to try to do a more extended feature with all the dogs tonight. Fingers crossed!!

  11. Happy dance for Buster! Hope more dogs leave out the front door because of this and the efforts of so many caring people.

    Other news organizations take note of the ratings and help save more lives!

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