MAS – Status Report

A quick check on some of the essential services, progress and transparency indicators at the Memphis pound:

  • Current Statistics:  Not posted on city’s website for MAS.  In fact, all stats previously available on the website have been removed.
  • Number of pets on PetHarbor: 202 dogs – 195 strays and 7 adoptables; 11 cats – 10 strays and 1 adoptable.  See below for photos (click to enlarge).
  • Number of days since sheriff’s deputies raided MAS and Mayor Wharton promised to take the pound “from worst to first”:  887

Jesus Tap Dancing Christ – someone please unfold and adopt this dog. I can only imagine the joint pain he must be suffering.

MAS listing on

Click to see the above pet on PetHarbor.

Chain around neck:

MAS listing on

Click to see the above pet on PetHarbor.

Is this your dog?

MAS listing on

Click to see the above pet on PetHarbor.

It is cruel to put cats on grates like this:

MAS listing on

Click to see the above pet on PetHarbor.

MAS listing on

Click to see the above pet on PetHarbor.

Any second graders available to teach MAS workers how to hold a cat?

MAS listing on

Click to see the above pet on PetHarbor.

28 thoughts on “MAS – Status Report

  1. Please please please tell me they are open today and how to go about getting them to allow me to at least walk that poor german shepherd!!!! Pieces of crap. That is beyond cruel… and according to the documentation, he’s been there for 3 or 4 days… I PRAY not in that tiny cage. I seriously have the urge to pimp slap somebody. If leaving this dog in this tiny space for 4 days isn’t abuse, then leaving a child in a closet for 4 days isn’t either. BOTH are EQUALLY abusive and wrong. Interim Director- REMOVE THAT DOG FROM THAT SMALL KENNEL!!!!

    1. MAS is closed on Sundays and Mondays. The dogs do not get walked, unless a volunteer chooses to do it. AFAIK, no vols are allowed in the building on Sundays and Mondays. On the security camera footage from February 7, I saw 10 dogs get walked for the entire day.

      1. I’m a volunteer at the Human Society. I’m not sure if I could mentally handle volunteering at MAS. I will still fight for these dogs though. I’m just absolutely heart broken that I can’t get to this baby to let him out. I want to shove these employees in a box that small for several days. There are no words. I’m just so beyond pissed.

      2. There should be workers there to feed and clean today, even though the place is closed to the public. If we could somehow reach one of them, or reach a supervisor who could reach one of them, we could ask they move this dog to an appropriate cage, take him out for a walk to lubricate his joints and have the vet check him.

      3. When I called the MAS number the only option it gave was to call the police to report animal abuse. I already know that wouldn’t get us any where. Do you have any other numbers to try?

    2. I suspect that the dog-in-the-box is a truck photo, so he was only there temporarily…but still, that cage is MUCH TOO SMALL for him, even for transport.

      Why MAS would choose to use that photo, unless they are trying to show how readily this poor dog folds for storage, is beyond me. But then, many things MAS does are beyond me.

      1. I sure hope you are right that this was temporary just for transport. I can not fathom this dog being left in this small space for so long.

      2. I too hope it was just temporary but even if that’s the case, we know that the ACOs don’t transport immediately to the pound upon pickup. The animals are left on the truck for hours before being hauled off and into the pound.

  2. I just emailed them all asking for them to please check on this dog and free photography services Saturday afternoons or Sunday while they clean cages.

    What’s the likelihood that I’ll get a response?

    1. What a generous offer! Decent photos are very much needed for the pets at MAS and I hope they take you up on it. I know others have offered too but MAS apparently hasn’t been interested in working with the public to save lives. I hope you get a response to both.

    2. I wonder if there could be a specific project to get MAS to allow volunteers to photograph all the animals at once, then once every few days to update. Local volunteer photogs could maybe band together and send a simple joint proposal for the procedures to the shelter, with cc: to city officials AND — probably most important — a press release to all news organizations. Examples of before/after photos would make the case.

      Photogs could offer to not only photograph the animals, but also train the employees to take pictures, much as they were trained to, you know, use a leash.

      That way, if the shelter says yes, there’d be a nice story for local media. And if the shelter says no, that’s a story, too.

  3. I was thinking about the cats on grates thing…and then went back to PetHarbor and looked at the photos again.

    Those cages with the grates are transport cages on the trucks. I’m not sure why some have grates and some don’t (top level vs. bottom?), but…that would mean that the tiny puppy picture from the other day was IN THE TRUCK.

    *Many expletives have been deleted here.*

    Are you honestly telling me that some MAS ACO decided that it was perfectly ok to put a tiny puppy (or two – weren’t there two?) in a CAGE ON A TRUCK and then drive around like that? I can’t…I can’t even…

  4. OMG- That poor German shepherd! Someone get him out of there! I can feel his pain from here.

    Also, what is the point of the metal grate things they usually have the animals on? Id much rather lay on the smooth silver part of the cage than the hard metal grate part. Is it non-removable/part of the cage?

  5. The city of Memphis, being the site of Dr. King’s assassination, observes the anniversary of his killing as a holiday. In addition, the city observes Good Friday as a holiday. Unfortunately, in conjunction with these observances, the city is shutting down MAS on those days. So this week, in addition to the pound being closed on Sunday & Monday, it will also be closed on Wednesday & Friday.

  6. I posted this to two of the SOS (save our shepherds) FB pages with an offer to pay the GDDs pull fee if they could get him out. No response as of yet. Anyone else?! I have a special place in my heart for GSDs and would love to bring him home to my place, but we are not currently equipped to take on another dog.

  7. I sent an email to “Friends” of MAS and asked them to place get the shepherd out of that tiny little cage and let him stretch his legs before he has to walk to the kill room. They responded and said that the photo was taken while he was in the ACO truck and wanted to know if I was able to help him. I live in Florida and already have 3 dogs. All I can do is share him. I hope on the shephed rescue groups will step in and get him out of there.

    1. Has he been walked since being folded into that tiny cage? No, probably not. But I’m sure if you ask about that they’ll tell you it would be good if YOU came there and walked him yourself.

      1. i know right!? fomas always acts like how dare you ask us to do something when youre obviously not willing to do anything, only these people would already be doing it if they were there but theyre not so they contact fomas for help thinking thats what fomas is there for – fomas has such an attitude problem, think of what great pr it would be for them and for mas if fomas responded in a helpful manner to these kinds of requests, i mean even if they arent able to help this dog at least they could try, and i would tell them so except im blocked from their page for telling them – nicely! – some other stuff one time…

      2. I can honestly say I was startled at how swiftly the Tipton Co vols moved when I e-mailed that I would take Surrey in response to an e-mail plea for her. They knew I was out of state and found her a local foster who could get her out that night. All they needed was that one e-mail from me saying YES and they were on the case like white on rice. I can’t imagine if they would have told me to go to the shelter and help her myself. She’d be dead now.

  8. The GS is no longer in the Pet Harbor database! Anyone know what happened to him? I fear the worst… :(

    1. IDK but there were many people sharing that dog so maybe there was a good outcome. I hope. If anyone is able to write or call the pound, just give them the ID # and ask about the dog.

      1. I’ve asked FoMAS. I will post the reply when/if I get it. If no response, I will call MAS. I hope/pray he’s outta there (alive). I was going to network him some more and the link was gone!

      2. the response:

        Friends of Memphis Animal Services: Nicci, he is in healthy hold cage 7. He is listed as weighing 96.4 pounds, so he is a pretty big boy. He is very cage friendly. His due out date will be the 5th. As far as I can tell from his card a heartworm test has not been done. He looks way prettier than he does on his Pet Harbor picture. :-)

        I’ve asked for a better picture of him…

      3. I posted the GSD to my friend who has a GSD rescue bulletin board. I spoke to her tonight and she said that one of the GSD rescue groups has made contact and will hopefully be getting him out of there. She will tell me more when she hears about him.

        Michele, Midwest Schipperke Rescue, who started my doggie life with GSD’s, best dogs ever!

      4. Michele, that’s great! This is the last response that I got from FoMAS:

        Nicci, there are at least two rescues who have committed to taking him……will keep you posted if anything falls through….

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