PETA Transfers Pets to Other Facilities Which Also Kill Animals

In 2011, PETA killed 96% of the dogs and cats its facility took in.  Very few dogs and cats make it out of the PETA pet killing facility alive.  Among the few who did last year, PETA claimed it had transferred 41 pets to other VA facilities.  FOIA requests were filed with the municipal facilities to try and determine what happened to these animals after PETA dropped them off.  (Note:  The VA Beach SPCA is a private facility which adopts and kills animals so is not subject to FOIA requests.)

In reviewing the records, I found that in most cases, the numbers did not seem to match up between what PETA stated and what the receiving facility stated.  In addition, every facility PETA sent animals to is a killing facility.   As such, the issue of displacement killing (killing animals already in the pound when new transfers arrive) must be considered.  While these facilities do not keep track of how many dogs and cats were killed due to displacement, it is a real possibility.

In the table below, the first two columns are from the annual PETA filing with the state of VA.  (Column 1 is the facility PETA says pets were sent to and Column 2 is the number of animals PETA says it sent.)  The last two columns are information from the receiving facility.  (Column 3 indicates what the receiving facility said in response to the records request and Column 4 is the receiving facility’s kill rate for dogs & cats.)

Suffolk AC 2 dogs transferred Records do not exist 57%
Norfolk Animal Care Center 3 dogs transferred 3 RTO, 1 killed, 1 adopted 46%
Portsmouth HS 3 dogs transferred 2 RTO 28%
Chesapeake AC 1 dog transferred Record not located 54%
Isle of Wight Co AC 1 dog transferred Records not provided 29%
VA Beach SPCA 25 dogs, 6 cats transferred Records not provided but director Unknown
says all 31 were adopted

Note:  Chesapeake AC and Isle of Wight AC both indicated they would need more information than what PETA provides on its annual filing in order to locate the records of the 1 dog each facility reportedly received from PETA last year.

While there are still some unanswered questions regarding the pets PETA says it transferred last year, it is clear that at least 1 was killed and other pets may have been killed due to being displaced at the receiving facilities.  For more on the tragedy of PETA’s 2011 kills, click here.

14 thoughts on “PETA Transfers Pets to Other Facilities Which Also Kill Animals

  1. So PETA gets to cause other dogs and cats to be killed outside their own facility? No surprise. They’re evil.

  2. Aren’t they the cagey ones! They send them away to be killed rather than keep the numbers up on their own tally. Shame on them. Why don’t the other shelters say no to their transfers?

    1. Judging by statements I’ve seen made by PeTA representatives, I think they’ve a genuine preference for high-kill facilities. I wish I’d kept the link; one I read, the statement was made that such places had higher foot traffic, and so a pet sent to them had a greater chance at placement. But even if they are killed, it’s not like PeTA will care, is it?

      Douglas Anthony Cooper at Huffpo Canada has been on a roll with blog posts about PeTA; the latest goes into their stance on killing –

      1. “I think they’ve a genuine preference for high-kill facilities”

        Well considering that they kill 95% of domestic animals that come through their door themselves and statements they made about not caring whether domestic animals are alive because they shouldnt have been domesticated in the first place [paraph.], I’d say that’s a pretty good assumption.

      2. The third article about PETA in Douglas Anthony Cooper’s series,

        “The Humane Alternative to PETA’s Pet Slaughter”,
        from April 12, 2012

        “Nathan Winograd believes that PETA’s founder, Ingrid Newkirk, is mentally ill. That to him is the only credible explanation for her monstrous compulsion to kill healthy shelter animals. In contrast, I have argued that she is fully rational: Her viciousness has its own internal logic; moreover, it is counterproductive to psychologize evil.”

  3. Records aren’t there, aren’t located, aren’t provided . . . the directors of these shelters don’t have to do much to erase a particular individual’s ever having existed. Just withhold information. How horrible.

    1. Agreed. It was tedious trying to get these records. Only Norfolk Animal Care Center was on the ball and up front with its records. Everybody else I had to chase around the mulberry bush.

      I can’t decide which is worse: That they might be lying about nobody there knowing what happened to the only dog they received from a national animal organization last year or that they might not be.

  4. AHHHHH! I see it, all I saw was VB-that’s what I get for chiming in! Anyhoo-now you know VBACC’s numbers too! :)

  5. It must be too difficult for these shelters to keep accurate records. Someone had to approve the animals being transferred in and space had to be available for them. Perhaps the PETA records are incorrect. I worry when shelters cannot keep track of their animals!

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