Sharing Pitbulls at the Memphis Pound

A reader in CA has pulled every dog with “Pitbull” in the listing off the PetHarbor entries by MAS.  The photos are compiled here.  Each dog’s ID number is the file name.  In an effort to help give these pets some exposure, new photo albums will be posted weekly here.  Since no one at MAS is advocating for these dogs, every little bit of exposure by caring animal lovers helps.

You will likely notice that some of these 70 dogs do not appear to be Pitbulls or Pitbull mixes.  It’s just how MAS has them listed.  Please share them with your pet loving friends.

15 thoughts on “Sharing Pitbulls at the Memphis Pound

  1. To be fair – ID#A239128 is listed as a Bull Terrier. Do you think they called any Bull Terrier rescue groups about her? No, I suppose not.

    MAS really, really, really needs to step up their marketing game if they are at all serious about improving their numbers (I’d say, “saving lives”, but let’s remember who we’re talking about here). That means better photos, more information, CONTACTING RESCUES, contacting media, using social media, etc. Get your animals seen, get them out alive. Yes, even the pit bulls.

      1. It takes a lot of time each day to set up phony e-mail and FB accounts, leave hate comments on blogs and social networking sites, ban everyone who speaks up for MAS pets’ right to live…

    1. I know Bull Terrier rescue groups pull dogs from the NYCACC shelter and the Miami Dade
      Animal Services Shelter.

    2. We can all contact rescue groups ourselves to help save these animals. If we all contact just one rescue a day with a photo of a pet in need and ask them to become a Pet Placement Partner with MAS, it could make a real difference. It is a simple form for them to complete and it can be found at the city of Memphis website. They can contact Tracy Dunlap at MAS for more details. Please help get the word out about the neccessity of approved Pet Placement Partners so that we can increase the number of fosters and forever homes through rescue networking in and outside of Tennessee.

  2. There are 21 dogs listed on Pet Harbor as Pit Bulls that have no photo. There is only a gender, age, and date of intake listed. Inexcusable!

  3. So sad to see so many who will likely not make it out alive from MAS – they are all beautiful animals and will likely make good companions. I really hope they can get the exposure they need to find homes with this new listing.

  4. LYON, the white pit bull who won our hearts and who has been heavily networked this week thanks to the power of Facebook, is being pulled by Donna Velez of Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue, the one who got Buster (another white pitty) out last Saturday. Lyon is going to a wonderful foster and we are all overjoyed. You can see a Lyon on my Save a Pet in Memphis page.

    We can save MANY others if we can get more out of state rescues set up to be Pet Placement Partners. Please help us network this. Local rescues and fosters are constantly full here and we need the option of reaching out to other rescues out of state and having more official PPPs will help make this happen. We will need more volunteer transporters as well.

    If we can get more folks on board with this we can save more lives. I am meeting with the Operations Manager at MAS today to discuss this and get a plan in place. He is very enthused and and that makes us all very enthused.

    Please “like” our new page and help spread the word about the importance of recruiting Pet Placement Partners for MAS along with volunteer transporters.

    Thank you!

  5. If we want to do any of the Mass (mess) dogs any kind of favor…we’d find a way to get some kind of decent photos. These all are out of focus – some looks like mug shots of Nick Nolte or like they’ve just been beaten. You can barely tell it’s a dog in some. They are not even trying to get decent photos to make people want to come by!

  6. Sadly, MAS has asked me to CEASE AND DESIST my recruitment efforts to get Pet Placement Partners for MAS. I honestly don’t even know what to say. The big picture will never change until the BIG PICTURE is changed. It is like holding a finger over a hole in a water hose instead of buying a new hose. So many people were so pumped up for this, we had several rescues apply the first 24 hour hours…but now we have to stop. I am heartbroken.

  7. Considering the way they sink lower and lower even while seemingly trying to improve their image one would think that they would welcome any and all help they could get.

    Shame on them for not taking good advantage for the sake of improving the lives of the dogs.

  8. It seems that there was a big misunderstanding. Received a very nice email from Mr. Rogers and he said to continue our efforts and he said he was glad to work with us on it. Now we can get back to working to save these animals and get them placed anywhere we can locate a rescue who can become an approved Pet Placement Partner. If we get established PPPs set up in all surrounding states along with a team of volunteer transporters, I think we can save quite a few more lives.

    1. REALLY hope this goes ahead and they’re not jerking your chain.

      You guys rock!

      Am also hoping the Pittie ban is repealed where I live (it’s gone to a gov’t committee). Then more rescued dogs could come here.

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