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  1. I am going to the shelter today with Donna Velez (Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue) to do Lyon’s paperwork and while I am there I am going to try to get the info off of this girl’s expired tag to give to Teresa Martin (Lost and Found Pets of the MidSouth) so she can work her magic (via the power of Google) and see if she can’t possibly figure out who this dog belongs to. It is worth a shot, she has done it before.

    I agree, this dog looks just like an elderly Boxer to me, at least in this photo. There is a Boxer rescue that is a Pet Placement Partner:


    I am sending this girl’s info to them. If others could do the same, maybe with enough interest in saving this girl they could help out.

    If anyone knows of a Boxer Rescue in ANY surrounding state who is willing to help this girl, we can probably get a transporter. At least we can try our hardest.

  2. I couldn’t see the testicles on my phone as the photo was too small but this gal is a sweet male named “Brooser”. He is wearing a pink collar so maybe that is why he was assumed to be female or maybe it was a date entry error. They had already corrected his info on his kennel to reflect that he is a male boxer.

    His owners do not want him bad enough to pay the fee to get him out of MAS. I know because I called them myself. They also said that they think he has heartworms and that he is “so old we didn’t really want to have to pay the money for that because he probably won’t live much longer anyway.”

    He looks very brokenhearted (I would be also if my owners turned me loose to keep from getting me heart worm treatment) so it would be wonderful if we could find a rescue or foster for him. Please contact any boxer rescue that you can locate in and around Tennessee to see if we can find a taker. If we can find a taker, we will start working on arranging transport.

      1. Thank you for sharing Brooser. He really is a sweet dog. Wishing the best for this boy.

  3. Shirley, I was at the shelter today and this senior girl’s family is coming to pick her up. :)

  4. I was going to also share the good news – I was told her parents were coming to get her- was so happy!

  5. How much does it cost to get a lost pet out of MAS? It did not say how much on the website only “The public may redeem impounded pets upon payment of required fees.”. That statement is not very friendly and it is buried in a paragraph. Information for reclaiming lost pets should be in large lettering and have its own paragraph. You would think a city shelter would want its residents to find their lost pets!

    1. I think the daily board fee is $15. I don’t know if MAS collects additional fees for citations or if people pay those to the courts or what.

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