Dear MAS, You Guys Scare Me, ha ha. Love, The Spanish Inquisition

Warning:  bad language, not suitable for kiddies or those offended by swear words.

Yesterday, a caring visitor to MAS saw a mama dog full of milk with no puppies. The visitor was concerned and expressed same to someone at MAS but was blown off. Still concerned, the person contacted me and sent me photos of the mama dog. I did not blow off these concerns. There were unanswered questions which required prompt answers if lives were to be saved. Where were the pups? Was mama receiving the necessary care to relieve her physical and emotional pain? Since the visitor had been blown off by MAS and since I can’t get anyone at MAS to answer me, I used the only tool left to try and help the dog: I posted what was known of her story on the blog. And I asked the questions: Where are the pups? Is there anyone who can help mama?

A commenter supplied some additional info which led us to believe there was no possibility of finding the pups. That answered one question. But the mama dog is still in need, just the same. And I am not giving up on her, even if it’s true that there is no hope of finding the litter.

[Release the Kraken!]

Suddenly there is a flurry of activity. I am accused of all manner of dishonesty. [Note to the accusers: As if I give a flying fuck what killing apologists say about me.] There is a witch hunt to locate the caring person who provided me the photos and information on the dog. All in the Killing Apologist Family are included. There are accusatory e-mails sent to the person they’ve decided is the source. I wouldn’t be surprised if this person ends up being the subject of retaliatory action.

Meanwhile, there is a mama dog, full of milk, sitting in a cage at MAS with nothing but a metal platform to lie on. She is not receiving the around the clock care she needs and no pleas have been made to the public for a foster home for her. There is a litter somewhere, possibly in the hands of someone who lacks compassion. Sadly, the litter is probably better off where they are than at MAS. Because what those in positions of leadership at MAS are concerned about is being catty and e-mailing The Family about who would have the audacity to speak for a voiceless pet in need at our pound? We must find that person and banish him!

I knew these kinds of people in grade school.  I thought they were stupid and immature then.  But they were just kids so, legitimate excuse.  If you are an adult and you behave like this in the face of a crisis with a pet at your pound, you are an asshat.  There is no excuse.  You need to go back to Compassion Class.  Again.

Let’s be clear:  When those in leadership positions in Memphis lie and I call them on it, silence.  They don’t care if they get caught lying because, you know – it’s not like they’re going to lose their jobs HAHAHAHAHAHA!  But when they think they can catch me up on some detail, they swarm like flies on a bin full of dead pets at MAS.  The fact that no one gave a shit about this dog until she appeared on the blog  tells me all I need to know about the so-called compassion of those involved.  The fact that people got off their asses to play Who’s the Mole? on Easter Sunday instead of actually addressing the issue of the dog in need?  Ditto.

By the way MAS trolls, my offer to buy this dog a soft bed still stands.  Just because we’re not BFFs doesn’t mean you can’t accept my offer of help for a dog under your roof.  Let me know.  I can ask someone local to deliver it so it won’t have any YesBiscuit cooties on it or anything.

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  1. This was posted by the person who runs the FB page, Save a Pet in Memphis. Can and will James Rogers help with this doggie mama? (I have not kept up with the horror of this shelter, so I do not know who he is.)

    “I met with James Rogers at MAS yesterday and I really like the man. He is very intelligent, open to ideas for improvement and he enthusiastically wants to work with the community on improving the shelter and saving more pets. He seems more “fair and balanced” and less oppositional than any one else who has ever been over the shelter. I am used to a defensive response from those in charge of the shelter, not an actual listening ear and willingness to work with us. It was a very refreshing change. If you have ideas for improvement, give him a call to set up an appointment. He really does want constructive input from the community and suggestions for improving the shelter. I feel like he truly wants to make a difference….you will, too, if you meet him in person.”

    1. Mr. Rogers may or may not be sincere in dealing with things brought to his attention. That’s good PR. At the least he gives good “lip” service. Lets see if he can walk the walk and not only talk the talk!

  2. UGH! My feeling is, if they were doing the right thing in the first place they wouldn’t be so defensive and lashing out at the ones who actually want to see a change. Egos should be checked at the door!!

    The dogs are not being helped when the communication is derailed by sniping and insults! Action and cooperation is the only way forward. YesBiscuit has been a brave champion and I applaud her efforts.

    To the ones who waste time and do nothing but invest in negative behavior go somewhere else and let the rest of us get on with trying to help.

    1. Absolutely right, Sarah!

      Address the concerns when they arise. Stop blowing off people who give a rat’s ass about an animal. Maybe their concerns are completely unfounded – if so, explain why so they understand that. Maybe their concerns are valid – if so, handle them properly and in a timely fashion.

      This is how grownups deal with issues like this. And this is how a shelter moves forward. The deny and punish method has been in place far too long and is what got Memphis horrific animal abusers working there in the first place.

  3. I went to Mayor Wharton’s FB page and posted my disgust on every story he has on the page. I hope others do the same. In the meantime, I hope those babies are found.

      1. so far about 20 States have confirmed rallies on May12,2012. I found out about it on Face Book.

        it’s called “NTL PROTEST AGAINST KILL POUNDS IN AMERICA”..Public Event for New York Animal Rights Alliance America · By Kay Riviello..

        North Carolina’s rally location will be held at 288 Legion Drive, Whiteville, NC 28472

        This is a shelter that needs some serious reform.

        Here’s the list of States confirmed to participating so far.

        ROUGH DRAFT:
        Corpus Christie TX, Confirmed
        Lehigh PA, Confirmed
        Devore CA
        Carson CA, Confirmed
        Des Moines IA, Confirmed
        NE IN, Confirmed
        Boston, MA, Confirmed
        North Chicago, IL Confirmed
        Puppy Mill St Louis MI, Confirmed
        Cincinnati OH, Confirmed
        Concord NH, Confirmed
        Washington DC -Confirmed

        Please contact me:
        Kay Riviello,
        New York Animal Rights Alliance America
        845 856 7366

        Face Book link…

      2. I hope to see you there, Dot, and if you need a ride I will be more than happy to pick you up! And for any one who wishes to attend, I am rep for the Whiteville Animal Shelter, Columbus County Rally. This is a nation wide rally for support of innocent beings incarcerated in these kill shelters. I can be reached at or 252-232-0148. Or Kay Reviello as Dot shared above. I sincerely hope we have a large turn out at each shelter rally!

      3. I was hoping the offer for a ride was still available. I have my “Red” clothing all picked out. I came across some “RED” banner material. My neighbor has offered to help me make some signs.

        Shirley.. can you help us spread the word?

  4. It’s just the continued “we don’t really give a crap” attitude of MAS. We’ve seen this time and time again . . . attempting to help an innocent animal at MAS — to only be persecuted. Is that REALLY the right attitude? Really?

    Keep up the great work, Shirley! I’m proud to be a member of TEAM BISCUIT!

  5. You go Shirley! How insecure are those old biddies that they want to hunt down and root out those who want only to help the dogs who desperately need help and have no voices of their own? I can only guess who is at the bottom of this witch hunt but it wouldn’t take much of a guess.

    My advice to those biddies is to pack up and get out. Things will change for the better and it will be accomplished with or without them. There is a war for improving the lives of the animals at MAS and they will surely loose.

    Right is might!

    1. That’s my question, too. Obviously there aren’t going to be any staff changes at MAS. If that was going to happen, Mr. Rogers has been in the position long to figure out which employees (and which volunteers!) have no business working there. This mama dog needs help. Is it possible for her to get that in the hostile environment that MAS allows?

  6. If there is anything I can do… I’d love to. That poor,poor Momma. I’ll deliver a bed. I’ll help search for puppies. But it seems getting help accepted is impossible. I never did hear back about the photography offer.

  7. Is there some reason that we think the puppies are out there waiting to be found?

    My shelter gets several new mothers a month dumped very soon after being bred, with the puppies no doubt up for sale someplace.

    Just wondering if there was something different about this situation. Otherwise, looking for these puppies seems to be a waste of time.

    1. At first, the only information we had was that the mama was a stray and it was obvious she had a litter of weeks old puppies on the ground somewhere. Now, we have been told by Claire that Good Sams brought her in after seeing her being left at a park by people who drove away. Therefore, there is no longer any belief that finding her litter is a realistic possibility.

  8. I admire yesBiscuit, for her truth on MAS.. just wish she could visit Malden, MO. where the tax payers… pay to gas animals from all over dunklin county… I started a petition…. it’s evil revenue $15,00 per head. Dunklin County Against the Gas Chamber …. thanks! Sue R Bostic Founder

  9. Why can’t Animal cruelty charges be brought against MAS ? There is enough evidence.

      1. Is that true even at the state level, Shirley? I know there are thousands of shelters across the U.S. that the same charges could be filed against. But it would sure be nice to start somewhere.

      2. What is needed is one of these scenarios:

        Someone in power (at any level) with the political will to demand reform, force the shelter workers to do their jobs and pursue charges where evidence of wrongdoing is sufficient.

        Someone (or group) willing to engage those in power (who are unwilling to do right) in a political battle to force them – through diplomacy or by getting them voted out if necessary – to do the right thing.

        Without either, I don’t know how charges could be pursued.

      3. While this may seem like I’m putting it off on somebody else, I cannot believe there aren’t animal advocacy people or groups in the Memphis area that won’t pursue that. I think having ‘feet on the ground’ would be much more effective than trying to do it from a distance. Perhaps there is a lawyer/animal rights person who might want to do some Pro Bono that work could file charges against MAS on behalf of the animals. It would take some organization, but I’ll bet the funds could be raised for it. Maybe that’s a too simplistic way thinking.

      4. Debbie – simply filing charges does not guarantee that these people will be prosecuted. Even when animal abusers are indicted (like the 3 that were indicted a month or so ago) the city/county attorney most often chooses not to prosecute these cases. (Yes, they so, in fact, have that choice.) I, personally, put animal abuse on the very top of the list when it comes to moral wrongdoing – right along with child and elder abusers – but Memphis is more interested in prosecuting their murderers/robbers/rapists than animal abusers. (For those of you who aren’t aware – Memphis is one of the THE MOST dangerous cities in the nation as far as violent crime goes according to the FBI.) The reason for the city’s lack of interest in the prosecution of animal abusers: the animal abusers aren’t killing the city’s appeal for tourists – the murderers, rapists and robbers are. Please DO NOT hear me making excuses for the Memphis government. I am certainly not downplaying the atrocity that is MAS. I just wanted to try to explain why I think no action has been or will ever be taken in regard to MAS – $$$$$.

    1. James I fully agree with everything you said. I have lived in Nashville my whole life and know the reputation of Memphis very well. But one thing that Memphis leaders, as well as others in every city and state in this country, fail to realize is that animal abusers possess a character trait that will cause them to move on to people. If this is prosecuted at a basic level, they may very well accomplish their greater goal.

      There was a story in the news not long ago about a 10-month baby that was killed by a man who had been convicted of animal abuse and let off with no more than a slap on the wrist. Had he been prosecuted and put in prison for that atrocity, that little baby would be alive today. It is a natural progression… studies prove that. I just don’t understand the lack of willingness (or ability?) for politicians, lawmakers, and judges to grasp that concept.

  10. I just have a question. I agree MAS is a sh*thole, like probably 80% of the sh*tholes across this country that have the temerity to call themselves “shelters”. But, what kind of “round the clock care” do you imagine this dog needs, assuming she doesn’t have other injuries? There’s nothing they can give her to dry up her milk, and they just need to check her periodically to make sure she doesn’t get an infection.

    I think you are doing a good thing here, but it seems to me that you seem to hyper-focus sometimes on the oddest cases.

    1. I’m just a layman, not a vet but if she was in my care I would say she needs to be fasted but kept hydrated by making sure she’s drinking water. This requires more than just tossing her in general population and hoping someone notices a note you scribbled in on a cage card or whatever. (Not that there is any such note on her card and in fact I’ve been told she is being fed extra which is the opposite of what she needs.) She should have her temp taken every 4 hours and her nipples checked for warmth, pus or other indicators of mastitis. Her emotional needs are very real and not something to be dismissed out of hand. She will be suffering emotionally, moreso than the average impound, which will increase her susceptibility to disease. Regular walks and contact with friendly humans will help ease her pain, reduce her stress level and increase her ability to fight disease. Comfort items such as soft bedding will also help.

      1. I’m no vet, either, but why can’t they dry up her milk? They do so for human moms when they choose not to nurse.

  11. I don’t know why I open E-mails about MAS, I have been reading and reading this sick shit for almost two years now. I get so upset my entire days is shot to he**.

    Nothing can be or will be done to help the poor animals that are sent to this “PIT OF HELL ” So
    I won’t be reading anymore.

    I would think that after years of abuse and needless killing, it would come to a head, but i guess not.

  12. Well, please at least someone get a her a bed… someone, anyone…local or Amazon can deliver one pretty quick. Thanks!

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