UPDATED: MAS Impounds Stray Mama Dog Without Pups

Sad mama dog at MAS. Click to enlarge.

This mama dog was impounded by MAS yesterday.  She appears to have a live litter on the ground somewhere, most likely in the area where she was picked up, which is unknown.  That MAS would impound this dog without her pups is unfathomable to me.  Where are the pups?  This dog may have an owner or she may be a stray but she definitely appears to have a litter of pups who need her.

The pound is closed today and tomorrow.  Unless a search can be conducted in the area where mama was picked up today, I fear there is no hope for the pups’ survival.  I believe mama dog is suffering physically and emotionally at the pound right now due to the abrupt separation from her family.  Is there anyone who can access MAS when the place is closed that can help?  Mama dog’s ID # is 239268.  Her listing on PetHarbor can be seen here.

Added:  I’m adding a photo of the portion of this dog’s kennel card which shows that her intake type is listed as “Stray/OTC”.

(click to enlarge)

Update: Claire left a comment indicating this dog was a stray brought to the shelter by Good Sams who saw her get left at a park by people who drove away. The Good Sams reportedly saw no pups. There is still a litter in need somewhere and this mama dog is still physically and emotionally suffering. I hope she is receiving the around the clock care she needs. I will be happy to buy her a soft bed to lay on if MAS will give it to her. Just let me know.

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  1. These animal control people are idiots!!!!!!! She needs to get back to her pups. They just needed to follow her so they could find them. If she was released now she would go directly to them. Break in and take her out! I just feel like screaming that people can be so unspeakably cruel!!!!!!!!

  2. Shirley-when MAS is wrong, they’re wrong, but this story is different from what is reported. I was at the shelter yesterday when a young couple brought this dog in. They were in a city park on Friday and someone pushed this mama dog out of the car. They apparently were able to get her in their car. They brought her to their house and bathed her because they said she was filthy. When they brought her in yesterday, she was beautifully clean and so sweet. The reason the card says “Stray/OTC” is that if someone turns in a stray dog that they have had for less than a week (I think it’s week) then it’s called “Stray/OTC” for over the counter. If an ACO picks up a dog, the card always says “Stray/Field” meaning a field officer got the dog. The woman in this young couple was distraught over the dog being dumped in the park. We are hoping someone can rescue her, as without a license plate on the car, we cannot think of a way to find the pups.

    1. Thank you for the update Claire. I had no way of knowing this information before you posted it. A concerned visitor to the pound yesterday snapped this photo and asked about the dog. The visitor was told the dog was picked up as a stray. I was sent these photos with that information and posted out of concern.

      Regardless, there is still a litter in need somewhere. With this new information you provided, it sounds as if the litter may be in the hands of some heartless people and may not be found alive.

      Further, the mama dog is still physically and emotionally suffering and it is MAS’ obligation to help her. One way to help her would be by offering her a motherless pup at the pound. IDK if this one has a mama with him:


      If there are no nursing pups to offer this dog, she needs around the clock care to prevent mastitis and help alleviate her emotional suffering. The vet would know all of this and hopefully this is being done. Can you add any additional info?

      1. Shirley,
        I don’t have any more info right now, but I am happy to email with the surrogate/pup suggestion. It’s a great idea-it would provide comfort to more than one good dog.

      2. It is dangerous to abruptly separate a bitch with this much milk from her pups. She needs to be fasted if she is not going to be nursing. Her temp needs to be taken at regular intervals, her nipples checked every few hours, etc – again, all stuff the vet knows. Was there a vet in yesterday and is there one there today and tomorrow to care for her? Can she be given something besides a metal platform with holes in it to lay on? I will pay for a soft bed for her if MAS will give it to her.

  3. This just breaks my heart! Momma needs help asap. I know there must be pups at MAS. There always seem to be pups there. Hoping a couple can help her out.

    Thank you Claire for filling in the blanks here. I know her intake photo was taken in the lobby. Hoping Mr. Rogers sends someone over asap to help momma.

  4. Apparently this dog was dropped off at the shelter and the 12 day old puppy at MAS is too sick to nurse. Thank you, Claire, for clarifying the OTC as opposed to “field” – wish we could find another orphaned puppy to help the cause….

    1. So is someone tube feeding the 12 day old pup? Do you have any additional info?

      Also, does anyone know if mama is getting the care she needs? Again, I will buy her a soft bed if MAS will give it to her.

  5. Shirley, you know as well as everybody else here that the dog will not receive the needed care. We are talking about MAS here. You can be happy if that dog even will stay alive after the holding time is up.

  6. It never ceases to amaze me how all the trolls and haters who monitor this blog can fly into action if they choose to do so. Unfortunately, they only seem to mobilize when they think there is a chance to take a potshot or deliver a sucker punch. If only that emergency action could be put to use to help animals…

    I ask again – Does anyone know if this dog is receiving the care she needs? If I bought her a soft bed to lay on, would MAS allow her to have it? A N Y O N E ????

    If you are one of the MAS trolls lurking here and monitoring, here is a message directly to you: There is an opportunity here for MAS to do the right thing and to look good doing it. Just because she hasn’t been cared for properly up until now doesn’t mean you can not change that. Get her into your vet ward for continual care or, if your vets are not on duty, transfer her to a vet clinic so she can get the care she needs. Get her up off the floor. Walk her, pet her, talk to her. She needs the emotional support just as much as she needs the physical support. Tell her story to the media, asking for anyone with info to come forward. Let the public know she is looking for a foster home capable of meeting her needs. Even if you care nothing about her, you can still use her to advance your own self-interests.

  7. I sent this link and a plea to spring her to Hearts of Gold Pit Bull Rescue in Memphis!! I hope they can help!! Poor girl!!

  8. There are some who do nothing but write on these Blogs; where are such when help is needed to rescue a dog? I have many times over done rescue alone; am in the process for a week now trying to cajole a pregnant Queensland mix dumped & drive daily 60 miles round trip to feed her, water her, talk to her, but she is still leary. She gives a warning growl & will not enter my SUV, I believe she was dumped from one & tossed because she was pregnant. This is NOT her fault but the cruel jerk who could dump her when they should of had her spayed in the 1st place. I am NOT going to give up on her & her pups should emerge into the world anytime now. I am getting closer cause she has licked my fingers with wet dog food on them & this is after a few days of being fed by me; she is not vicious, just a bit mistrusting, but should she not be with what happened to her. I, however, get a gut feeling that her abandonment has something to do with the folks who live withing the fenceline she hoovers near as she is friends with their purebred Queensland Blue Heeler & whenever she tries to enter the open gate to play with this dog named Bandit, the humans spray her with water, have a vicious female dog at the dog’s master’s command chase the pregnant dog across the blacktop road. They gave me some farce of a story, then I could not locate this abandoned dog one day, but still left the food anyway in a different spot, so I drove the neighborhood looking for her & stopped by a nearby house to her fence spot to ask if she had been seen & was told this neighbor that has been harassing this dog has other dogs in the back & is the problem in their relation with an elderly quiet man who lives next to them; in other words they cannot respect anyone, even dogs. I conveyed this to someone & they said that it is strange that this pregnant dog lingers near this locale and is so overly friendly with this pedigree heeler & she told me her opinion is that this problem resident tossed this dog out when it got pregnant but it won’t leave. Perhaps this may be the case, but this pregnant lady does not belong there any longer for her own safety & that of her soon-to-be-born litter. I will not give up on her, but sure could use more hints to her rescue cause every dog I have ever rescued wanted to go to a safe place with me. I feel wholeheartedly, cause I actually was on my way to somewhere else & thought I could use this road for a shortcut, but the road ended in a deadend, not far from this dog’s locale. On the 2nd pass turning around to head out of the road, the pregnant dog lifted her head as if she knew the car, perhaps, if the resident did not toss her out, then someone with a SUV did. She definitely knows my car now & no matter what she is doing, even napping, she is aware I am there to help her; now only if she would learn to trust that I am not going to give her a ride to another dump station. If Someone is looking down to help me rescue her, I promise that she will live a happy life with other canines that are loved, plus this old woman who loves them all for I have proved over & over that there is no such thing as a bad dog. As for her pups, once weaned I will have already made contact with a reputable rescue to adopt them out to proper loving homes & I will have her begina vaccination regime & be followed by her being spayed.

    I pray that someone who knows the truth about so-called Pitbulls (not knowing is refers without proper info to all Bullie Breeds)as being loyal, loving, really family oriented dogs, will adopt this gal & that no one tries to have her euthanized. She does not deserve that at all. they are wonderful dogs with a comical nature, so please help her return from her trauma and give her love, understanding, & a forever home that includes being socialized in your presence and inside your home… When a so-called Pit becomes a problem is at the hands of someone who is cruel and only secures such a dog to be mean and made so by constant abuse…Unfortunately if it is too late for her puppies, DO NOT LET IT BE TOO LATE FOR HER…

  9. Excuse me but my train of thought wandered as I tried to convey how I met this still pregnant dog a week ago after turning down a road that was not the shortcut I was looking for; read my comment above… As I wanted to convey, that wrong road was a right road & I believe FATE trying to save this gal & putting us together. it was meant to be; she is meant to belong with me & for me to make certain her pups get to a rescue to be placed in good homes… Make certain, those reading this, that this poor dog who was dumped and is full of milk with missing pups also is given a Second Chance at a better life with a loving person(s)… Breed has nothing to do with a dog’s demeanor, it is how they were raised & treated, but every dog deserves a chance for a better life & to learn to trust again.

  10. Heard back from Heart of Gold rescue…no room but will pass the word on…I wish I was in US…I would take her…I just keep cross posting and hope someone steps up!

    1. TY Sarah. Cross posting is so helpful. I appreciate it. The more eyeballs she gets on her, the better the chances that one (or two!) of those eyeballs will be the one that can help her.

  11. I am confused. Is this precious little mama at MAS, or is Tricia McIntyre going to save her??? Oh dear God, please get her the physical and emotional help she needs!!! Sharing her!

    1. Lajuana,

      She’s at MAS. Trisha is working to save a similar dog in her area.

      But this poor girl needs to be broken out of MAS as soon as possible.

  12. This absolutely makes my day! Good job to whoever made that happen! Have a long and happy life, Mama Pibble.

  13. I thought you might be interested in an update on this sweet girl. She went from MAS to Olive Branch and raised some orphan pups, and she is now awaiting foster care and hw treatment. There is a chip in set up for her. Would it be alright for me to post the link here, in case someone would like to donate? Please let me know.

    1. Any way to bump this up so others can see the good news! Mia is beautiful and those puppies – well, just precious. Thanks for going the extra mile for these dogs.

  14. The chip in for this mama, now named Mia, as well as more details on her story, is on this site:


    There’s also a photo there of the puppies she saved, so please be sure to scroll down.

    If anyone has questions, please post and I will get more info as needed. ALL of this is only possible because of networking and your initial posting of the photo, so thank you so much!

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