Updated: Shelter Pet of the Day

Photo by Jody Fisher.

This senior lady Pibble (ID #238955) at the Memphis pound was submitted by reader Jody who writes:

I saw her when I was at MAS. She is incredibly sweet. All that she wanted was to be petted. She would close her eyes as if she was in pure ecstasy, as I rubbed her face and body! She definitely has many scars.  I fed her treats right out of my hand and she was so gentle! This girl has had a rough life – please, if someone could find it in their heart to open up their home to this senior dog, you would help this dog live out her final years knowing what a warm bed and a loving heart would feel like. Every pet deserves this!

Photo by Jody Fisher.

Details for this dog can be found on PetHarbor.

Update:  Per MAS, the hold that Jody placed on this dog will be terminated at 12:30pm tomorrow.  Sorry for the short notice but this is how things work (or don’t) at MAS.  If anyone is considering rescue/foster/adoption for this dog, action is needed before 12:30pm Wednesday.

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  1. I apologize- I forgot to mention that is ELEVEN (11) years old. She should not be in a shelter!!!!

  2. Oh Jody, you’re killing me. I’d take her in a heartbeat if I could. I can help contribute to the adoption fee or transport costs. God Bless you and this sweet old girl.

  3. OMG. How could someone dump such a sweet old lady like that? I have a 12 year old female myself and it would kill me to have to give her up. There must be someone out there connected with a senior dog rescue.

  4. Jody – isn’t there a small room you can go to or is there enough room to ‘tuck’ into the kennel to get a photo of these dogs? The old saying..if you want a donation – show pathetic…if you want someone to adopt – show in their best light…focused: sweet, cute and pleading.

    1. Angela – I got an e-mail that MAS is releasing the “hold” I put on her, at 12:30 tomorrow…..not to create an even bigger “sense of urgency,”…..however, if you wanted to adopt or foster her, I would find a way to get her out of there and at least into a vet’s office for a few days….I am absolutely sick about this. I have some video of her but for some reason it would only come up sideways on this blog.

      1. Jody, I talked to my husband and he is good with it. My question is I have a small dog…do you if know if she is friendly to other dogs? also can you send me your contact info?

  5. Oh Angela,
    If your husband says no, offer to trade!!! Let him hang out on the cold concrete wondering why… what did I do wrong???

    I hope and pray he opens his heart and you guys get to offer him his furever home!!! :)


    1. Someone commented on the blog’s FB page recently that there should be a shelter for husbands who say no. I love this idea, LOL! Billy could be the director since he would be there 24/7/365 anyway.

      1. What a great idea! :) Angela, I am so happy!! Please give your hubby a big hug from other dog lovers!

        And, please keep us posted with pics of Pibble and her new family!!!!

        I am new to all this, so still learning how to manuever….


  6. LOL you guys are funny. But he knows my passion for dogs so he is very supportive. So, I’m going to keep him at home. LOL

  7. Angela–are you definitely taking her? I will see what I can do here in Clarksville if you can’t take her. Am checking now…

  8. Will they release her to a private adopter, or only to a 501c(3)? I coud find a place for her, but might need help with transport….

    1. Or at least someone to hold onto her until Friday–Thurs nite at the earliest….

      1. Lorraine-
        If you can find someone to hold his baby until next week, I live in Memphis and will be driving to Knoxville on Monday and can help with transport towards Clarksville if you find someone who can take her.
        Please email me at jess1brooks@live.com or call at 901-552-8574 if you need help with transport!

    1. Do you live near Memphis? I just emailed Shirley to see if she can give you my email address.

      1. I will give Shirley my contact info and she can give it to you. I can’t see to type from the tears that won’t stop flowing (with happiness). Thank you!

  9. I knwo–my heart went right out to her, too. I haven’t heard back from Angela yet, but between the two of us I’m hoping we can figure out how to get her pulled and kept safe until we work out what would be best for Madame Pibble. I’ll definitely email you when I get your contact info.

    1. Angela & Jody,
      I’m not sure if my other email to Shirley got through–I don’t want us to exchange email addresses online, but I’m sure as soon as she sees our requests she will help us connect. No matter what, one of you will have to pull her tomorrow, because I live in Clarksville and won’t be able to get off from work until Friday. Once she’s safe we can work out the details. Jody: will they let a private person pull her, or does one have to “adopt” her to get her out of there?

  10. Ok I will continue to check back on the blog for updates. I am game for whatever. I just need a heads up because I work downtown. Also, Lorraine are you planning to get her? Or am I keeping her? Just want to be clear on what’s going to happen.

    1. Angela- I work downtown, too. What I am thinking is I can ask them to let me pull her or maybe a rescue group can pull her…but as soon as I know that she definitely will have a permanent place to go – I can figure out the next few days – shouldn’t be a problem. So hopefully we can get a gameplan.

    2. Does anyone know for sure what the procedure is for getting a dog out of MAS? Jody, if you can get her out tomorrow, either Angela or I can take her in. The qion is whether or not the person who pulls the dog has to “adopt” her. I know that’s how many “shelters” work—if you’re not pulling for a 501c(3) then you have to be the adopter. So we’ll need to know that, because they may require that the adoption fee, etc., be paid upfront, which I can pay, or contribute towards.

  11. Ok. First step is getting her out. I will continue to check back here for updates and the official game plan. Im so excited that we are giving her another chance.

  12. You can see in the first picture the blur of the tip of her tail wagging, which just endeared her to me even more. My four shelter dogs and I are in Pgh, PA, and we’ve been really hoping and praying she gets a great home. Please keep posting about her!

  13. I sent “MAS” an e-mail asking for an extension – in the meantime I am working on coordinating her release. Hopefully Shirley can get us all together behind the scenese…Thank you all!

  14. Maybe the best bet is for me to pay the fee over the phone, etc – if they (MAS) don’t want to do that I can ask one of the rescue groups to do that and then maybe we can get her Thursday- they are open til 7:00…

    1. I’ve just come back online to see all this crazy lifesaving activity! You animal advocates are so wacky. Have sent an e-mail cc’ing all 3 of you.

      1. Jody has arranged with Meows and Bow-wows to pull her tomorrow–as a 501(c) 3, that cuts thru a lot fof the red tape. She’ll go straight to their vet for an exam (MAS says she’s HW+, but we’ll have her tested again). She’ll stay at the vet clinic until Fri or Sat,
        while Jody, Angela, Sue and I work out details of who will take her home. Either way, she’ll be safe and well cared-for.

        Jody may have more updates later tonite.

  15. Bless your hearts – I am so happy that this sweet dog will finally have something good in her life. You are truly angels!
    If you need help financially, I can do a bit to help.

  16. Since the video footage requested was not made available.. could you get the footage of a date we know this girl was there? Just would love to know how she was treated.

  17. I have been on cloud 9 and finally came down to say thank you all for your compassion( yes, there I go using the “c” word)! Meows and Bow Wows will pull Maddy (short for Madame) tomorrow. we will be there and take pictures. Maddy will go to the vet and then figure out heart worm treatment. M&BW’s will handle her adoption- Memphis is so lucky to have such a wonderful local rescue group !!!!! Thank you Shirley for helping get the word out on this old lady( not me, Maddy! Haha)

  18. Thank goodness!! Im so glad to know she was pulled, esp. since my 10 year old dog was put down yesterday, so it gives me hope in that “you lose one, you save one” kind of way. Thank you everyone who got her.

  19. This dog is special sweet. I picked her up just after 5pm and had to go back to work. I put a blanket on the floor next to my desk and for the next couple hours I never had to worry about her wandering around the office. tap tap tap tap tap is all I heard because her tail never stopped. She never left my side.

    Vet update: She is doing a lot of coughing. X-ray showed fluid in lungs but her heart is not enlarged. Pink spot under her chin may be some form of infection or yeast. No mange was found. Her teeth are in horrible shape and the vet confirmed she is 10+ years old. She had a medicated bath for her skin. She will go back early next week and be rechecked. We will talk about her heartworms and dental issues.

    I am afraid I am going to have to set up a chip in for her because of all her extra vetting: heartworms, x-rays, bloodwork, and dental issues.

    Special thanks to Jody and Shirley and everyone that advocated for this girl. Maddy is a gentle soul and she makes this world a better place just by being here. She reminds me of Chef. He was the Katrina rescue that changed my life and introduced me to rescue. Maddy is just as special.

    1. Ona, Thank you so much for getting involved and pulling Maddy, and esp for the update. I’ve been worried all night since Jody told me about the cough. So what does the vet feel the fluid is due to? As I told Jody, I’ll be happy to help with $$ for the vetting–this poor gal deserves to live out her life feeling loved and cared-for.

      I knew just from the first photo I saw that she was a special soul–there’s a lot of wisdom in those eyes. If only she could speak–we can only imagine the things she could tell us!

      Thanks again to everyone who partnered to help her, and esp to Jody and Angela, who got the ball rolling!

    2. Such good news – whatever happens, Maddy will be loved and cared for for her time here on earth. I hope it’s a long time yet, too. Sounds as if she wasn’t cared for at all by her previous owners.
      Can you give us a link so we can send a check directly to you? I don’t do paypal and would like to help with as much as I can.
      Bless you for taking such good care of this precious soul.

  20. Thank you for the news on this dear girl. I thought of her a lot over the week-end. Also thanks for the snail mail address – I will send a donation today.

    1. I just heard from Ona with M&BW’s: “She is just a sweet old girl! I put a blanket on the floor, she goes and lays on it. Over the weekend she laid on her back, basking in the sun and I rubbed her belly. I didn’t let her stay too long in the sun because she is taking antibiotic. She does not have many teeth and what she does have are worn down, I have been feeding her only canned food. She is staying at a friends home and is isolated from any other animals right now.”

      Medical update: Fluid in the lungs, possibly due to the heartworms or pneumonia. She is on antibiotics and has a recheck tomorrow at the vet. She’s already been treated for hook and whipworms, as well. She has some pink on her underside all the way to her chin which may be yeast or it may clear up with the antibiotic.

      I would suspect that once her acute problems are cleared up the vet will decide whether she’s a candidate for heartworm treatment.
      She looks like a tough old gal, so maybe she’ll be able to tolerate it.
      I love the way she holds her head up high in the photos–she still has her Pibble Pride, even if times have been tough for her!

      Time will tell. I passed along some photos (taken by Jody) to Shirley today; hopefully she’ll post them for us.

  21. Thanks for the update. Look forward to some photos. Does she have a home once the vetting is done? Bless her heart – after all she must have been through and to be such a love. There must be a special place for people who do such things to an animal . . .

  22. And there must be a special place for people who do such things FOR animals…all critters deserve the treatment dear Maddy is getting now…thanks to all for this.

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