Treats on the Internets

Calling all cars!  Dog running around, behaving typically!

Matthew Pepper, infamous for his you-are-not-seeing-what-you-are-seeing explanations for images of abuse on MAS webcams, tells New Mexico TV news:  “You cannot be oblivious to the suffering of an animal around you.”  (Thank you Clarice.)

A Harris Co ACO found a disabled TX woman lacked proper paperwork on her dogs and threatened her with hefty fines if she didn’t surrender some.  The owner says the ACO promised family members would have at least 3 days to pick up the dogs at the pound.  Harris Co killed all three dogs, including one puppy, upon impound.  (Thank you Clarice, again.)

A KY radio station website article indicates that officials in Henderson Co are moving forward with plans to build an impound-only facility for animals.  This would represent a change from the current partnership with the local humane society:

Under the proposed new way to manage Animal Control, strays dogs would be held by law for 5 days, and then euthanized. […]  There is NO minimum hold for cats.

(Thank you Carla for the link.)

Local news here in SC reports that Diamond Pet Foods has suspended delivery of all foods made at its plant in Gaston.  Therese at Petsit USA has more.

Virbac, manufacturers of Iverhart heartworm medicine has recalled one lot of tablets for not containing sufficient drugs to prevent heartworm.  Again.

Wife of GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is having a birthday party.  Hopefully BBQ DOG will not be on the menu.

4 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. Matt Pepper. Oh, the irony. I hope someone is checking on the animals that were confiscated to make sure they aren’t being neglected/abused while at the shelter. You know, just based on history…

  2. Mitt Romney strikes me as the type who would/has strapped his dog & carrier to the top of his car & drive 12 hours, 60 mph, stop long enough to hose the diarrhea off, and continue on his journey without a care in the world about the well-being of his dog. His record for losing employee jobs also says a lot about his black heart. He reminds me of someone who would be running for the position of dog catcher.

  3. @Matt Pepper- Ha!
    @The 3 dogs- OMG I would be livid!
    @Mitt Romney- As if I couldnt dislike him even more!

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