Name That Animal

I think I forgot to play this last week so this week, you get two animals and – stay with me here, each of the two photos has two animals (mama and baby) in it!  Totally crazy, I know.

The only rule is:  no researching.  Just post your best guesses in the comments.  Be creative.  Answers will be posted in the comments later today.

19 thoughts on “Name That Animal

      1. i would like one sand cat but am willing to take a pair. I will build a sandbox in the basement to prepare for him.

      2. I guess I better cancel that delivery of 300 pounds of sand. But at least I can put my lawnmower away!

      3. And you can start inviting over people you want to see gored. Although the scimitar horned oryxes have their horns pointing in such a way that it makes for a rather tedious goring.

  1. Top, sand cats. Bottom, well, hmm. I saw an article about them being bred for canned hunts only a little while ago, so it’s almost cheating! Oryx.

  2. The top one is clearly of the fuzzy snugglepotomus.
    The other is the Oryx I believe — and I think the ones in the canned hunt story from 60 minutes a few months back

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