12 Minutes of Hell

Whose job is it to inspect facilities calling themselves animal shelters in Uvalde Co, TX?  That person (or persons) needs to be fired.  Because while they were sleeping, animals were suffering at the Uvalde Animal Shelter.

An anonymous whistleblower posted 2 clips to YouTube – the first one is about 9 minutes long and shows severely neglected dogs at the Uvalde Animal Shelter.  They still wag their tails when the person with the camera comes around, which is heartbreaking to see.  The second clip is about 3 minutes in length and shows the cats.  There’s no wagging here – just cats suffering.  I almost shut it off half way through as it’s very difficult to watch.

Warning:  Videos contain disturbing images of suffering pets and multiple pet carcasses in various states of decay.

Dogs at Uvalde Animal Shelter, filmed by anonymous whistleblower:

Cats at Uvalde Animal Shelter, filmed by anonymous whistleblower:

As if this injustice wasn’t enough, Uvalde Co officials made an agreement with the so-called shelter which frees the organization from prosecution.  In exchange for surrendering the animals, the Uvalde Animal Shelter agreed to pay $12,500 in fines and to shut down for 3 months.  So I guess in 3 months, the people who perpetrated these crimes against animals can hang their shingle out again.  Or they could probably do it sooner because, you know – it’s not like anyone’s checking.

The only good news out of this tragic situation is that, of the 200+ animals seized, 186 are still alive and in the care of rescuers.

(Thank you Clarice for alerting me to this story.)

20 thoughts on “12 Minutes of Hell

  1. This is why we need whistleblowers.

    If my county officials made this kind of “deal” where the shelter was not held accountable for their actions, I would be looking to vote those jerks out as soon as humanly possible. Accountability is not negotiable.

  2. What REALLY upsets me is the ‘public’ saw this, knew about this place, and said NOTHING. Why? If I had visited this hell hole, I damn sure would have run straight to the police. How long has the public been visiting? Where are they now? While I commend this whistleblower for standing up, but why did it take so long? She has also watched this suffering and said nothing. Who knows how many lives could have been saved had the whistle been blown sooner…

  3. “Friends of Uvalde Animal Shelter Inc. agreed in a hearing yesterday to surrender all animals held at their Highway 83 North facility and provide $12,500 compensation for care of those animals.”


    FRIENDS? Boy that words gives me a nasty taste in my mouth when it is connected to an animal shelter!

  4. It’s a hellish life for dogs & cats.Although it may have taken the whistleblower a while to take action at least he/she did and that is what matters here.Hopefully the dogs & cats that lived in that disgusting hellish condition were saved just in time but realistically speaking most of them may be put to sleep because of health issues that were never taken care of.I don’t know how many animals were there and were saved but I pray that some of them make it to loving homes if that.As we all know animals don’t have a voice so I’m glad this whistleblower spoke for them.

  5. I wish I could say I am shocked by this video but I am not. The world is becoming such a throw away place. Don’t want something, then throw it away. We are raising a society of people who do not care for other living creatures, be it human or animal. I am disgusted to call myself an American sometimes when I know this is going on in what is suppose to be such a great country. The suffering makes me so sad, angry, and unforgiving.

  6. sickening…the people responsible for this need to be prosecuted, and permanently banned from opening a ‘shelter’ they will just do it again.

  7. are any of the saved animals being posted anywhere? I imagine they need networking to find all of them forever homes. Sorry, but after seeing the video of MAS.. I just can’t bring myself to watch this today…

  8. Can’t watch, but know it must be horrible! We need to keep this out there so people know what’s going on.
    Thanks for doing the hard stuff!

  9. What can be said for this place? It’s disgusting and I’m about ready to vomit. This place is a hoarder’s domain, definately not a shelter of any kind. If she starts up in 3 months it will look like that again in two. There is no way she should be allowed to operate at all at any time.

    Those poor dogs and cats. No creature should have to exist in these surroundings. I hope that the powers that be revisit their decision to let this place reopen.

  10. This is horrible! But also to blame are the horrible people who continued to drop off their animals. Everyone knew the conditions were bad. Hardly a day passed where animals weren’t dumped off overnight. You could see the “drop off” cage full ever morning. People should take care of their animals instead of dumping them! Then places like this wouldn’t exist.

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    Warning: Videos contain disturbing images of suffering pets and multiple pet carcasses in various states of decay.

    Dogs at Uvalde Animal Shelter, filmed by anonymous whistleblower:

  12. Sad thing for animals. Another sad thing-the No-Kill haters are grabbing this as another reason to oppose “No Kill”. Of course, this is not what No Kill is about, but the haters are using it anyway.

    1. Well since this place was killing – at least by neglect, if not something additional – I would definitely not characterize it as no kill.

  13. How can a civil society allow these things to continue? This type of thing proves to me once again, human beings are not above other animals in the animal kingdom, they only are able to force thier will upon other species.

    This is more like a prison death camp. Someone is responsible for this & should be held accountable.

    1. Yay!!

      I couldnt watch the videos but Im sure it was horrendous. It looks horrendous just from looking at the video screencap picture.

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