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  1. there is a nation wide rally for shelter animals on May 12, 2012. I sincerely hope to see a show of support for shelter animals on this date!

  2. I took in a cat with litter box issues. The vet found normal bloodwork, no crystals in urine, normal pH. The primary diagnosis is a severe urinary tract infection, so Baytril was started. After 9 days of Baytril, the cat developed this odd behavior of twitching her tail and crouching down and stamping her feet like she was in discomfort. She’s also hiding and protecting her abdomen. Anyone ever heard/seen anything like this? She’s back at the vet this morning.

      1. X-ray will possibly happen today. She’s at the vet’s office all day for observation. My fear is that if it is stones, they won’t show on the x-ray. Then we’ll have to go to another vet for an ultrasound, which likely will not happen, given the fact that she’s a free rescue cat, and we’re paying for it out of our pocket. In the meantime, she’s in such discomfort and the vets seem baffled. Possible euthanasia today.

      2. X-ray would definitely be my next step. She definitely looks uncomfortable, poor dear.

    1. I have seen behavior like that twice, but both in males: in an old cat with what my vet then referred to as ‘bladder gravel’ that was painful to pass, and in a cat whose urethra was blocked by a stone.

      Maybe a chip-in …?

    2. One of my cats started having urinary problems – 2 infections within 30 days – so I got this litter: http://healthmeter.blogspot.com/. It turns color when the PH of the urine is off. It is supposed to be able to detects liver problems, kidney problems, urinary problems, and bladder stones. If I were you I would try the litter before letting her go. if it turns a color (red is most often when it is bladder issues, but the company says that you can’t use color to determine the problem) then you know there is something going on there.

  3. Hospets is seeking a longer term foster home for (2) 10 year old Doxies, in the Central Ohio area. Well behaved, housebroken, get along with other animals. Owner is dying of bone cancer and her husband is not able to care for the dogs until November.

    We will also be seeking a home for a 14 year old cockatiel, owner is getting to the point where she is physically nnot able to care for the bird. Seeking a quiet home, Smoky the bird has never lived in a loud, active environment

    1. I L-O-V-E that video!!! Officer never missed a beat while being used as a tree! It would be nice to see MORE videos like that! (And to be able to thank those officers that ARE wonderful with animals like that!)

  4. I would like to share this thread about this Cattle Dog mix in Chester, SC – she is shown in the pic HUGGING onto the person, like she is saying ‘Don’t leave me!’. This is not her owner, just someone helping with photos, but this young dog was found as a stray and is obviously VERY people-oriented and lonely! Thought maybe someone might want her…https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chester-Shelter-Helpers-Saving-the-Animals-of-Chester-SC/116780378433697#!/photo.php?fbid=212957238816010&set=a.195497440561990.35830.116780378433697&type=1&theater

  5. I found this site: http://bestfriendbox.com/ and thought it was a fun idea. It’s a subscription service where they send you a box of pet goodies a month – kinda like “fruit of the month club” except for cats and dogs. I thought it was a sweet idea and signed up my local rescue for the cat box. I figure who doesn’t like a bit of unexpected mail! :-)

  6. “Macon Animal Control and Central Georgia C.A.R.E.S. honored Animal Control Officer Van VanDeWalker for his outstanding work last fall as the Macon Animal Control interim director.
    During his period as interim director, VanDeWalker was approached by Shane Smith with the idea for a “Pardon Week,” seven days in which the “kill shelter” would go without a single euthanasia. Smith, the organizer of the Paws for Hope and Faith concert in Atlanta last February, has been actively involved in rescue efforts for Macon animals for several years.
    VanDeWalker agreed to Smith’s idea, and during one week in November the Macon Animal Control shelter became the first shelter in the nation to host an official Pardon Week. The event, thanks to the promotions through social media like Facebook and Twitter and the widespread cooperation between animal rescue groups, was a great success.
    “Shane promised he would get every dog out of here, and he kept his promise,” VanDeWalker said.”



  7. “Very interesting hypothesis.”
    My Boho Soul posted (on Facebook): Psychopaths lack empathy, and animal rescuers have some of the most empathy around. Psychopaths tend to infiltrate places where they can exert power over others…child molesters like to become priests and scout leaders – position of power and their targets already trusting them because of their position. It makes sense that psychopaths, many of whom enjoy killing animals, would seek shelter leadership positions. There they not only get to kill animals, but they also exert their crazy power trips on some of the most caring and sweet people there are – animal lovers. Perhaps this is why our animal shelters are murdering shelter animals at such high rate. People are afraid to stand up to them because they will be bullied, blacklisted and defamed.


  8. Our new group, Triangle Pets Alive!, has everything ready to go for our 501(c)3 application except for one thing: the $850 filing fee to the IRS. So we have set up a Chip-in to try to raise it: http://rescueadventure.chipin.com/mypages/view/id/599b24c2092c07f0

    Permission to give one dollar!

    You can check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TrianglePetsAlive
    And I’m still working on building our web page: http://www.trianglepetsalive.org/

    Basically our goal is to someday be just like Austin Pets Alive except for the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. Please help!

  9. I know of this animal snctuary strictlyby word of mouth – and from what I hear the two legged animals do a wonderful job with the fur legged ones! Lately I have heard thy ar struggling BADLY. If anyone can help out – please spread the word – they ARE 501(c)3 so it woud be tax deductible, if that matters….PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ON TWITTER & FACEBOOK…..

    Sunrise Animal Sanctuary in Marysville Ohio is in DESPERATE need of hay BADLY! They also need – Chinchilia food, rabbit food, rat food, goat and sheep feed, cat food, cat little, cat litter boxes, newspapers, rakes, shovels, ladders, old farm truck or ride on mower, or volunteer handy man on occasion. 100 percent tax deductible non profit organization for more info please visit website wish list or donation box


    614-975-7686 – ask for Jessica

  10. Shirley – trying to get caught up with the blogs & wanted to know if you are still wanting video of kids talking about how animals should be treated at shelters? I got 3 little ones – 6, 4 (almost 5), & 3 (almost 4)…..and can do a quick video of them if you still want it. Sorry no second grader, but my kids might floor you with their honesty!

    My 6 yr old was watching a MAS video with me one day (the one where th pup got drug into the concrete wall) and when it was over she calmly looked at me and said, “Mommy, why don’t you take me there so I can bust her head into that wall, maybe if she sees how it feels she won’t be doing it to all the animals .” Then walked away like nothing had happened, only to turn back around and complete it with “And afterwards I won’t get her any ice…no siree, she just gets stuffed in a cage! AFTER I pull her around by HER neck!” There was quite a bit more, but I’m sure you get the point.

    Needless to say I have to watch what I watch AND say around them now! (She also took a fundraising call for H$U$….but I’ll save that for another “open thread” day….it was GOOD. Girl can think on her feet…and obviously pays TOOO much attention to me! LOL

    Just let me know about the videos….I can do it today and send it in.

    1. I’d love to have it – TY!

      And if anyone else wants to record their kiddies answering the question “How should dogs and cats be treated at the animal shelter?”, I’d love to grow the collection!

  11. You might want to look into some organic apple cider vinegar- in her water or mixed w/h2o in a syringe. There are some pretty remarkable claims on this. I have used it for crystals and other stuff and had results. It has to be the vinegar with the “mother in it”.

  12. We have a beautiful loving a – symptomatic
    FeLv kitty we pulled off death row- named Sparkles- here is his picture. Oops
    Can’t copy-

    We have been successful with these kitties living a good long life by giving aloe Vera (which has (acemannon).
    We need to find him a forever loving home.

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