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    1. I only reviewed a couple of discs so far. I put the viewing on hold, pending receipt of the missing half of the footage. I expect to receive those disks tomorrow or Monday. I will spot check them to verify they actually contain the missing videos and integrate them with the existing discs to make a complete 2 days. Then I’ll be mailing half the discs to Casey as she has again offered to help watch and I will continue watching here.

  1. On Tuesday a cat rescue had a fire in their building. Luckily the sprinkler system came on and put it out, but the water damaged the building and they had to remove about 120 cats. They lost most of their equipment and supplies and are in desperate need of everything. If you have anything you can donate, or would like to foster or adopt a cat please contact them:

    Phone: 518-822-8643 Email: katrin@animalkind.info

    They do a lot of TNR and are a great service to the community. They were also hit hard by Irene and it would be a real shame if they had to close their doors because of this. They are hip deep in trying to relocate the cats and clean out the shelter and find supplies so don’t expect any prompt answers from them but they could use any help they can get.



    They also have ferals so if you have a barn in the area that could use a little organic rodent killer they can help!

    1. Thanks for sharing this fantastic post. I have followed the Niagara SPCA from afar, and knew enough to be skeptical about the Erie County SPCA, but little detail was available through media reports. Tutzauer lays it all out beautifully.

  2. Just a reminder – Please check in frequently with senior friends and family, especially if they are a bit reclusive, Last Friday we assisted in a rescue of 12 dogs and 5 cats. They were the sole survivors of a situation where the owner had a large number of pets. The owner died in his bed and wasn’t found for nearly three weeks, Most of the animals starved to death. It is truly sad it took so long for anyone to realize anything was wrong. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to call and have someone go out and check.

    1. Even if they aren’t elderly, check in with anyone who lives alone! I know a 40-something woman who had a aneurysm and died, and no one discovered her for 3 days. She only had two dogs and they were saved in time, but one of the dogs spent the whole three days in her crate.

      1. I frequently wonder if my dogs would allow any EMS to enter my home, even IF I were able to phone them. If I went down, how many meals would I make before the smell got so bad the mailman would smell me? These are valid concerns.

  3. On a completely frivolous note, The New Yorker had a cute cover for its April 30th issue . . . city dog holds a tag sale of “gently used” toys, pre-chewed shoes, etc. on the front steps of a brownstone. It’s visible at this page and, when you click on the image, you can see a larger version:


    1. Also, sadly, if Star had been a pit bull or a pit mix, she might not have survived being brought to the Everett shelter.


      Everett recently ended its relationship with a nonprofit area rescue, so theoretically at least, strays must all now be taken to the Everett shelter.

  4. There is a big pet food recall going on right now. Canidae, Diamond, Taste Of the Wild, Wellness, Natural Balance etc. Yep, another Friday night recall

  5. Well, your posting about the Atlanta Humane Society spread like wildfire in Wisconsin because Wisconsin Humane Society does the same thing. The link got posted on MADACC’s Facebook site (MADACC is the animal control agency for Milwaukee County) and then was taken down. I’ll bet the executive director at WHS called the director at MADACC and requested it be removed. Unfortunately, the director at MADACC complied with her request. What was she afraid of?

    Both of these agencies should be called pet stores, not humane societies. They want young dogs because they get adopted quickly and they make a lot of money on them, but when it comes down to helping dogs in the community, helping people in the community, the fall short. In some cases, they miss the train completely. If one of the highly desirable pups gets returned as an adult, do they take the dog back and put it back up for adoption? Would be an interesting fact finding mission.

    If the donors who support these pet stores found out that local animals were dying, the “undesirables,” in order to take in puppies, I wonder how that would go over.

  6. We are empty nesters. The bird who built a nest outside our front door hatched 3 babies. They left the nest sometime during the night. 1 didn’t make it and was dead on the porch this morning but the other 2 are nowhere to be found – hopefully off doing baby bird things.

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