Thank You

Sometimes people steal from me.  I’d like to think it happens because they don’t understand how the internet works but I know that can’t always be the case.  I generally just ignore it because – well, it’s the internet.  But in doing so, I don’t want anyone to think I don’t very much appreciate it if you see a stolen piece of mine and call out the thieves.  I really do.  It tells me you remember my work enough to recognize it, even when it’s posted on another site without credit.  It tells me you, like me, are plagued by a sense of justice – and I think that’s a good thing, however tragic.  And it tells me that despite whatever the haters say, I am right in believing readers here are SuperFantasticAwesomeWishTime.

It’s easy to recognize people for their generous donations, rescue work, and other forms of advocacy for shelter pets.  I feel comfortable doing that because it’s about the animals.  It’s harder for me to recognize people just for sticking up for me when they see I’ve been wronged on the internet.  It feels selfish and egocentric.  But the truth is, this blog and its readers mean the world to me.  This is my form of advocacy and I protect it as fiercely as rescuers protect their work.  And if I saw a rescue group taking credit for saving a pet I knew a different rescue group had actually saved, hell yeah I’d jack them up.  I do my advocacy work for free, as do most shelter pet advocates – whatever their chosen venue, because I want to do it.  I want to make a difference on some level, at some point.  I’m continually striving toward that goal.

And so, thank you.  Thank you for being part of my tiny corner of the internet.  Thank you for protecting it from intruders.  Thank you for all the good things that you do – big, small, known and unknown.  I appreciate you.

4 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Well, the good thing about this is that because that post is from a bit before I discovered your blog, I hadn’t read it yet. So this brought it to my attention. I think I’ll put it on FixNC’s Facebook wall because a few people around here maybe ought to read it ;-)

  2. Thank YOU for all the work that you do. I wouldnt know about most of the animal-related problems in society today if it werent for you. Its good that you are proud of the work you do, for sure! xoxo

  3. It’s YOU & what YOU are doing that is making a difference in animal’s lives & bring together like minded folks to work together to make a difference & bring a change to “shelters” everywhere. YOU are the Pied Piper of Animal Advocates. Thank YOU, Shirley.

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