13 thoughts on “Raise Your Paw If You Want to Get Out of MAS Alive

  1. 4 weeks old?
    Holy Schmoly, can they get any more apathetic. And you’ll probably hear – “at least they’re taking pictures and putting them on Pet Harbor”.

    1. These people take stupid to a new height – and I’m so frustrated that the animals are paying such a huge price for this.

  2. In that puppy’s pleading paw I see a symbolic plea as well for saving any bit of humanity left in those workers and leaders at MAS/Memphis.

    Save them and save yourselves.

    1. “Save them and save yourselves”. Mary Francis, I love that. I would like to have it on a bumper sticker or a shirt or something.

  3. That one paw says more than an entire dog photo probably could. It’s begging for his life.

  4. Clicked on the PetHarbor site, the animal is GONE. Most likely they think they are punishing this website…they are only punishing a baby who is in all rlikelihood, dead for the crime of being too young. Any volunteers at the shelter want to prove me wrong?

  5. Me too I hope for good news…I was raised a Catholic and outgrew the church at a young age…but the ritual and power of the rosary remains..a rosary for this one.

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