Shelter Pet of the Day

Dog #A241047 at the Memphis pound, as pictured on the PetHarbor website.

Looking at this dog’s face is causing my heart to crumble. This is what MAS has posted about him on PetHarbor:

This DOG – ID#A241047

I am a male, black Labrador Retriever.

The shelter staff think I am about 2 years old.

I have been at the shelter since May 19, 2012.

Can anyone help him?  We have a fund that readers have donated to which can help with vetting – just need a compassionate person to care for him.  He looks like he’s come up short so far in life on being told what a good boy he is and how much he is loved.

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  1. i sit here in my apartment in Canada with my lovely rescue puppy besides me and wish I had the money to go down to Memphis and save them all…..or even one or is such a shame. I feel a certain smugness that it is in the US but fear there may be places just as bad here…….keep up the good work of showing us these dogs. Have any been adopted through your efforts???

  2. Oh my goodness, this is heartbreaking! He’s only 2 years old? Poor guy. There must be someone in the Memphis area that can pull him and get him to a good home before MAS kills him. He’s already been there 5 days.

  3. If he is at MAS might last the night, but first thing in the AM you can find him in the KILL room….This poor
    looking 2 yr old looks as if he is 20 ….

    1. Any way Meows and Bow Wows can help this guy? I thought for sure he was a really old dog. Bless his heart, he needs to catch a break . . . and being at MAS ain’t it!
      Can send money if someone will pull him . . .

      1. This guy looks to be a bit too big for Villy to thrust down a stranger’s pants. (I think that’s how they do it.) But I know if there is any possible way they can help, they will.

  4. that is soooo sad….i will NEVER NEVER NEVER understand people….how they can treat an animal like this…wonder how they treat people???

  5. This is the type of dog I have always loved best. They are always the most loyal & grateful when they are rescued, and they will forever show it.

    If I wasn’t so full now, I would surely take him. I will also pitch in a little for anyone to rescue him.

  6. My gosh. Between the skin issues and looking so despondent, I’m at a loss. This is why I have a physical reaction when I get near any shelter. I’m up to donate a small amount for his vetting if someone local can spare him and get him the heck outa Dodge.

  7. He looks like he has cataracts…any chance they’ve miscalculated his age? He deserves so much more than to be sitting at MAS! But it isn’t a place for any living, breathing, loving creature…and they all are!

  8. We are begging for fosters in the Memphis Area. Individuals as well as rescues. We have them being boarded, in garages, etc. As a rescuer without a facility we are helpless without foster homes. This is horrible, we just cant take care of what we have right now the way we want or need while boarded. Kittens, puppies, sr’s, we need more people to open not only their hearts but their homes :*(

  9. I too will pitch in! I agree bamabrie “this is why I have a physical reaction when I get near any shelter.”

    When anyone even mentions the local animal control/kill…my stomach tumbles. I want this to end everywhere.

  10. This Dog? jeezzz louise. they may has well just called him “die”. SICK. they were to busy dressing up lap dogs I suppose. yes i love lap dogs tooo but there fate is not as doomed as we have here.

  11. I have put a “hold” on him as of 6:30 p.m. today. I just pray they will hold him until I can get him out tomorrow. How do I get in touch with whoever has the fund set up for his vetting?? I am an individual but am trying to get the rescuer where I volunteer at to get him for me. They cannot take him in & care for him but I was told because of his condition, they would only release him to a rescue. I & a friend will be responsible for his care but I don’t have the $$ so the fund would be so appreciated & welcome. I think with my heart first instead of my head but I just have to get him OUT and will. I already want to call him “Jake”. Does that sound good?? Whoever I need to “talk” with about the funds, please email me – and I will get you the vet information when I have it & him. THANKS!!! Patricia

      1. Please update me on the status of “Jake”. Is he safe? Several of us have been networking for him & the email address for Patricia is bouncing back emails! I just don’t want him to fall through the cracks & i didnt know who else to ask. Thank you so much!

      2. I haven’t heard back from Patricia. Jody contacted the pound to verify that a hold had been placed on him and was told yes. I will post as soon as I know anything more.

      3. Hi Everyone. I don’t know why the emails are bouncing back. It’s I have received a few emails from last night & early this morning. I just got off the phone with Tracy from the shelter and he is still there. I didn’t sleep much at all last night because I was SO scared they would kill him early this morning. I will be going this afternoon to get him. My friend Mike will go with me to pay the fee (I have NO money) and we will get him to the vet. His vet will just bill him since he has an account – so to speak – so he asked me to just let people donate to my PayPal account and I will give him the donations to put towards the vet bill & the pull fee. I’m sure he will have to be neutered on top of whatever else he needs. We have done this before with other rescues. He trusts me and I trust him! :) He’s my “moneybags”! :) I can’t wait to meet “Jake”. I’m at work and just counting the minutes. My PayPal account is connected to my email address – so those that emailed me about donating, please feel free and know that Mike & I appreciate all of you SO much. If there is any excess funds after all is said & done, I will be glad to give that to Shirley or however all of you see fit. THANK YOU ALL – will update later today after we get him situated!! My cell phone is 901 438 6187 so any of you that want to call instead of email, PLEASE feel free to! I can tell you right now, he’s probably going to be sick of me before he even gets in my car because I have a whole lotta kisses & hugs saved up!

      4. Thank you for the update Patricia. People usually prefer to donate directly to the vet’s office, if possible. Can you find out if the vet’s office is willing to accept donations for Jake’s care and if yes, post their info here?

  12. Patricia Hurdle, I will pray for you to save Jake and these idiots realize they cannot go over your hold; been known to happen in kill shelters… Don’t think that thinking with your heart first is wrong for such folks as you will be instrumental in stopping euthanasia forever of healthy needing a 2nd chance world. A very defective world who considers everything disposable, but Jake is not disposable but will have the care & love he needs from wonderful you…

  13. Since I live in another state and can’t have a dog, I did offer to help with the financial end of Jake’s care. Once you have him out and to the vet and have some idea of what you will need, if you give the vet’s name and address to Shirley (or post it on here if it’s okay with her) I will send a check to your vet to help.
    Bless your heart. Keeping you both in my prayers that everything works out for you and Jake. (Love that name – it suits him)

  14. I want to help so much! This is heart wrenching. I am in Pa…..does anyone know if there is poissible transport.i have 4 dogs but want to help !

  15. Patricia: I will PayPal you some help with Jake. Thank you SO much for being his savior. Anyone can tell he surely needed one.

    Ok folks, PayPal is easy enough. Give Jake what he needs.

    1. Hi Everyone,
      I just got home from taking Jake to the vet. WHAT A SWEET, SWEET CHILD!!! Covered in demodex mange – some places were bleeding from his scratching. Very skinny – I could see his ribs, spine & pelvis bones. Weighed in at 53 pounds. Memphis Police got him off of Stage Road and that’s how he ended up at the HELLter. They gave him his round of shots – including rabies and they said he was neutered. He’s not. I think he knew he wasn’t going back to the HELLter. He almost pulled my arm out of its socket trying to get to the door! Once outside, he peepeed and I opened the car door and he got right in the back seat like he’d been doing it all his life. LOVES biscuits!!! Towards the end of our car ride, he was in the front seat by me! :) He is already responding to “Jake” and he will sit for a treat. We need a foster home for him at least for the beginning. He needs to be isolated at first and I have 3 dogs plus my house is tiny and I really have no where to isolate. I do NOT put dogs outside so I really can’t right now. Once he doesn’t have to be isolated, I will be more than happy to foster – making sure my boys accept him and there are no fights, etc. Those of you wanting to donate, it is very appreciated. We will now have boarding fees until we can get him out and we are trying our best to get him out in the next couple days. Dr. Ellis prefers the bill to be paid in one lump sum but some of you indicated you would rather pay the vet direct. If you don’t want to donate to my PayPal, you can make the check payable to them but mail it to me and when Mike & I go to get him and he settles the bill, we will give them everything at that time. The PayPal would be easier so I would have one check/amount to hand them but I completely understand if you don’t want to do it that way. If sending a check, make it payable to Elmore Road Animal Hospital and indicate it is to go towards the care of JAKE. Mail it to me: Patricia Hurdle, 3143 Christine Road, Memphis, TN 38118. My cell again is 901 438 6187 if you have any questions. If any of you could help network that we need a Memphis foster for the beginning of his care, please do. Feel free to give them my cell phone and I will arrange to pick him up & deliver him – whatever is needed. THANKS to all of you again for the efforts in saving this boys life. We did good!!!! :) My heart is smiling SO BIG right now!

      1. Thank you for this update Patricia. So glad to hear he is OUT. Jake is not the first MAS survivor to have the wrong reproductive status listed. At least they got the gender right. Thank you again for helping him. If you are able to get a photo of him, I would love to post and update and include a photo of the freed Jake.

  16. Hi everyone, I just want to update all of you on Jake ! First of all I’m Kim ,myself & angels of fur helped arrange Jake’s rescue with good dog rescue lastnite! I’ve spoken with patricia twice today & jakes out of hell shelter, he is safe ! We now need a foster, please contact Patricia at 901-438-6187 ! U can also contact me 714-523-4839 @saviour316 on Twitter ! I will relay all messages from u all directly to Patricia ! Thanx everyone

      1. Thank you for sharing the video !!! I’m networking Jake on Twitter & trending him on my twylah website , I’m hoping we will have someone step up as a temporary foster ! Everyone can help by networking Jake ! It worked lastnite , Jake’s been rescued from hell itself !

  17. Hi everyone, I’m Kim ! Myself & angels of fur helped arrange Jake’s rescue lastnite! I’m happy to update you all on Jake, I’ve spoken with patricia twice today , I’m happy to report Jake is out of hell shelter , he us safe with patricia! We now need a foster for Jake , please network Jake on fb & Twitter to help us find a good foster for Jake! Also you may reach patricia 901-438-6187 and you may reach me at 714-523-4839 an @saviour316 on Twitter! I will relay all messages to Patricia!


  19. So glad that Jake is safe and on his way to his new life.
    Do you have any details yet about his condition or treatment he will need?
    I will have a check in the mail as soon as possible.
    Again, thank you for pulling this beautiful soul out of MAS.

  20. He will be treated for demodex mange & heartworms , the boarding fee & whatever medicine he needs. The HELLter told me he was neutered but he’s not but it’s supposed to be their responsibilty to do that so I will call them & have that set up once he is well. It should be at no cost since they are supposed to do that. They will also microchip him which they didn’t do because they were going to kill him yesterday. I just told them I would bring him back for that – I didn’t want to be in there any longer than I had to. It took A LOT for me to walk through those doors but knowing what the outcome was going to be helped me do it :)

  21. Dear Dear Patricia Hurdle – You write it took A LOT for you to walk through those doors..our local HELLter (appropriate name by the way) has that effect on me too. With all that I thank you for saving Jake (that’s the name of my dearly departed black lab).

    I will mail to: Patricia Hurdle
    3143 Christine Road
    Memphis, TN 38118

    I will write payable to Elmore Road Animal Hospital. (only $50. but should help some)

    You write Jake loves biscuits…me too (one in particular named Shirley) along with you, the ones that help you and all the Jakes in the world.

    Thank you with all my heart.

  22. Thank you Mary Francis! And don’t say “only” $50. That is wonderful. Heck, even $1.00 helps!! People posting on here have offered financial help but so far, nothing is in PayPal. Hopefully checks will be coming and/or some will be donated to PayPal. I talked to Mike this morning when he went to check on Jake at the vet and I told him we should be getting some donations. He was relieved because he really can’t afford the whole thing on his own. We’re also still looking for a foster home for him – he will need to be out by Tuesday.
    Shirley – you had stated early on that people had donated to a fund for Jake. Will that be available to Mike for the vet bill?? If so, I posted the vet information earlier but if you need it, please let me know. ANYTHING will certainly help. If there is any excess from your donations & hopefully any that I might receive, maybe it could be used towards his fostering so whoever takes him can buy his food and anything else he might need while healing, etc. Just please advise me on how that will work, etc.
    THANKS SO MUCH to everyone again – and especially Shirley :)

    1. I have asked Meows and BowWows to use the fund readers have donated to – not specifically for Jake, but for any MAS animal with his type of need – to help with his vetting. The do adoption events on Saturdays but I will send them a second note containing the vet’s information so they can see it when they get back. If you can get an estimate from the vet on the total cost of what Jake needs to get to foster, that would be great. Thank you.

    2. My boy, Jakob the Giant Schnauzer, insisted on contributing to Jake’s recovery, so he sent $50! He said “big dogs have to stick together”.

  23. I checked my PayPal & THANK YOU to Jakob the Giant Schnauzer for his $50.00 donation! Jake says “Pawsome”!!! Hopefully there will be more. Certainly needed and appreciated!
    Shirley – I’ve asked Mike to get the total cost or at least a close estimate of what the vet bill will be. Whatever donations I get through PayPal & then those sending checks to me for the Elmore Road Animal Clinic – I will deduct that from the total bill and if there is a balance, hopefully your fund could make up the difference. That way you wouldn’t be footing the “total” bill & could use the rest of the funds for other 4-legged angels that will hopefully be rescued. I will let you know as soon as Mike gives me an amount. I still can’t thank ALL of you enough. Such a sweet angel that we rescued. He just laid on his back on that nice, cold floor at the vet and wanted that skinny ‘ole tummy rubbed. Of course, I melted……:)

  24. Thanks to Patricia and everyone else who got this poor baby out! He looks so lost and forlorn! Its so great that he got a second chance. So glad to hear that its going well!

  25. URGENT: We STILL need a temporary foster for Jake. Mike needs to get him out of the vet tomorrow and we have no where to take him. I can’t take him since he has to be isolated. PLEASE put the word out again that a SHORT-TERM TEMPORARY foster is desperately needed in Memphis (or surrounding area). Even if you have other pets, he is not contagious – just needs to be isolated while undergoing treatment. I have no where to isolate him from my 3 dogs. I will take over fostering once that part is done until he hopefully gets adopted. PLEASE contact me on my cell 901 438 6187 or my email if you or anyone you know can PLEASE help.

    1. I am tweeting for him several times a day as is Kimberlee. I do hope you leave this page up until everything is resolved for our boy Jake! The foster is very pressing I know, but I’d like to see pledges promised in this page fulfilled too! If this page is to be taken down, please let us know where to get updated info on Jake & his progress. I for one am invested in his welfare!

      1. I don’t take down posts ever.

        I don’t care for your insinuation that pledges made here will not be fulfilled. You have no basis for implying that. No one here knows you or anyone involved with rescuing Jake. You can not expect people to send money directly to people they don’t know. It is customary to pay the vet directly which is what I am planning to do once an estimate is received.

        No one has provided an “after” photo of Jake. This is also customary and helps reassure donors the dog has actually been rescued.

        I dislike some of the tweets I’ve seen about Jake that reference this page saying that Jake was being abused at MAS. This post does not say that. If he was abused, you are welcome to submit evidence of same.

  26. I mailed in my contribution for Jake. I’m out-of-state so can’t help with the fostering, either. Sorry.

  27. I PayPaled to the wrong email address. I’ll get it back & resend it.

    I’ve been to numerous vets with 3 different dogs with mange. Only one vet knew the proper treatment with a daily oral dose of a concoction with ivermetcin in it. It worked wonders when all the other vet’s attemts failed. I’ve paid through the nose with lousy treatments of no more than a topical flea treatment. Only a daily oral dose of ivermetcin will be effective. Check with Elmore Rd. Animal Hospital for the proper mange treatment on Jake or you’ll be wasting your money & years of return visits as I once have.

  28. Thanks db for mailing a contribution. Hopefully more will be coming. So far, I’ve only gotten the $50.00 from Jakob the Giant Schnauzer :) via PayPal and have given that to Mike to put towards the vet bill. And to “funisbest”, Dr. Ellis did mention treating by Ivermectin when I took him Friday so I believe that is the course of treatment.
    I have to apologize about the updated pictures, etc. I still have the flip cell phone that does not have internet or any way to download pictures. I have to physically go to my computer to check & send emails. I will get Mike to take a picture of him if someone will tell me what he needs to do to get it on this page. I’m a few years behind the times with all this. I still have a landline!! He did take a picture of him when he visited him Saturday morning at the vet and posted it on his facebook page. If any of you want to “friend” me, that would be a way to see updates on him, etc. because when Mike posts about him, I share that information on my page. Patricia McCarty Hurdle is how I am listed on Facebook if you are interested.

  29. THANK YOU to Casey Post & Charles Penick for the PayPal donations!!! I know when I tell Jake he will say “Pawsome”! :) I will get this to Mike in the morning to add to the $50 I received yesterday. :)

    1. Please, don’t call me Charles. It’s only used when I’m in trouble, like, “Charles, do you know how fast you were going?”

  30. Ok, so I was off grid all weekend and see now that Jake is safe. Thank you to all who helped. Donation made just now. I’ll catch up on the thread in a bit but am just thankful this boy was spared.

    1. Hi All – like bambrie I was off the grid too (no vacation is better than one where your phone doesn’t work and there’s no internet!). I promised a $100 donation and I will send a check to the vet today. Unfortunately my PayPal account was hacked recently and I am in the middle of clearing all that up (they managed to clean out my checking account!), so it will have to be a check. THANK YOU to all who participated in rescuing this sweet boy!

  31. Correction – Patricia, I have sent a check payable to Elmore Rd Animal Hospital to your address.

  32. THANK YOU & a “Pawsome” from Jake to Aubrie Kavanaugh for the donation. What a difference a few days makes. Jake is already feeling better and is just a happy, sweet boy. He’s not too thrilled about the kennel he has to stay in right now but Mike & I told him it’s just for the beginning because what is ahead for him is SO MUCH BETTER! Dr. Ellis verified that he is around 2 years old, NOT neutered like the MAS vet said, has heartworms and BOTH manges – that is why he has to be isolated because he also has sarcoptic on top of demodex. She said he needs to be isolated for the next 10 days. Since we didn’t find a foster that could isolate him he will be boarded at the vet. His bill so far is almost $200.00. The boarding fee will be $15.00 per day plus whatever treatment he gets and the heartworm treatment will be around $500.00. I know neuturing was part of the fee from MAS but I’m sorry, if the vet didn’t know he wasn’t neutered, I don’t want to take him back there for ANYTHING. Dr. Ellis would charge $110.00 but I am going to call Mid South Spay & Neuter to see how much they would charge. If MIke & I have to pay for the neuturing on our own, we will find a way to do it. So, with all that said, donations, donations, donations will hopefully continue! PLEASE network to your contacts and ask them to do the same. My PayPal account can still be used or checks made payable to Elmore Road Animal Hospital and mailed to me: Patricia Hurdle, 3143 Christine Road, Memphis, TN 38118. Mike is going to post a picture of Jake from today on Facebook and I will share it on my page so if any of you want to “friend” me – search Patricia McCarty Hurdle. I don’t have a way to post a picture on here. Mike could probably do it from his phone if someone let’s me know the procedure. Thanks again to everyone involved – we truely saved an ANGEL. And this world can use all the 4-legged angels it can get!!!

  33. I sent $50.00 on Saturday via snail mail to Patricia Hurdle payable to Elmore Rd Animal Hospital. Hope Jake is better soon. thank you again –

  34. Thanks Mary Francis. Everytime I receive a donation – whether by PayPal or a check mailed to me – I will post on here so everyone will know the donation made it to me. When I get your check, I will let you know. :) Shirley – I will give Mike Rucker your email address so he can include you on updated pictures!

    1. I can’t wait to see the pictures..I’m not sure I’ll be able to donate this month as I’m trying to get transport worked out for a little Pittie Girl in Georgia..

      1. Everyone who has donated to the MAS fund on this blog has donated to Jake as we will be making a donation from that fund to help with vetting.

  35. Jake wanted to thank Mary Mahoney for the check he received today! We have received some PayPals but you are the first check so we are going to use your envelope to keep up with any others we might get and then take them to Dr. Ellis!!!! We all LOVED the card as much as we love kisses from our babies!!!! :)

  36. Mike & I went to see Jake this morning. He was SO happy to see us and get outside. He is feeling a lot better and his coat is starting to fill in – slowly but surely – it’s even starting to look shiny! He has 8 more days of isloation and we are working very hard to find a foster for him. Shirley – I gave Mike your email address & asked him to send pictures to you that way. I will remind him again. He posted one from today on his facebook but I’ll get him to email to you.

  37. Jake wants to thank Dorothy Berzins for the check she sent! That’s 2 checks we’ve gotten! :) The PayPal donations helped pay for the first bill (Friday when he arrived through this past Tuesday) – $167.00. THANK YOU again to the PayPal donors. He has 7 more days of isolation. I plan on going back Sunday to see him and will update all of you again.

  38. Hello again from Jake. Today he would like to thank Rita Grijalva & Jill Steeley for the checks he received towards his healing to begin a new, better life! Mike went today to see him and the Dr. told him he could go Monday (instead of next Thursday/Friday) as first thought. She said he is starting to go stir crazy in the kennel since he is in isolation so he needs to get out. FOSTER STILL needed so please spread the word once again. Next step is starting heartworm treatment so any future donations will be VERY appreciated as usual – whether it is my PayPal, a check mailed to me for the vet or a donation to Shirley for the MAS fund. THANKS & have a good weekend.

  39. Jake is typing this (Yes, that is how SMART he is!) so he could tell you hisself.
    Hi Everyone – I am going HOME today at 6:00 p.m.!!!! I want to send slobbery kisses to ALL of you that helped me. Mama Patricia told me it is a “foster” home but we all know once they get me there, they just CAN’T let me go, right???!!!! I will have 3 kids & 1 canine sister to play with all day long. I have been told I would be an inside dog – just like part of the family (Mama Patricia made sure of that because she has already refused 2 other people that were going to foster me). Of course, I will go outside to play & run because the yard is fenced but I will eat & sleep inside! Mama Patricia was crying like a big ‘ole baby this morning at the vet – she said she was happy but that she is very attached to me already. Good news for her though – I will only be about 10/15 minutes away from where she lives so she can see me anytime! I’ve been told I am SO sweet & good. I can already sit, shake & sometime lay down on command – I’m usually too excited to lay completely down – at least right now! I’ve been breaking out of my kennel at the vet because I’ve had enough isolation – that’s no fun since I feel better & I’m around people who are actually nice to me & love me. That’s a GREAT feeling. I still have healing to do but I’m well on the way. I have heartworm treatment next & overheard Mama Patricia talking about it this morning. I think I heard that I will have to take it easy when it starts & that I can’t run or get excited. That’s not gonna be fun at all but I know it is for my own good and I will be rid of those awful heartworms. Please keep the donations coming if you can. Mama Patricia will be contacting Miss Shirley about the fund all the generous people contribute to for angels like me. Please keep me in your thoughts & prayers as I go on to this new chapter in my life and leave the awful, awful life I’ve had behind me. PAWSOME!!!! :)

    1. Thank you for the update Patricia. A check for $300 was mailed directly to the vet clinic from the fund readers have donated to for MAS pets. Please double check that the clinic has received the check.

  40. Great! THANK YOU Shirley! Do you know when it was mailed? Just making sure it has had enough time to get there. They didn’t mention anything this morning when we paid for the 2nd part of his bill. Just let me know please and I will have Mike check with them.
    I’ve set up a ChipIn fund hoping that might help raise so more money but so far, nothing.
    If anyone else wants to contributed, they can do my PayPal or a check in the vet’s name and mailed to me. THANKS SO MUCH!

  41. Isn’t anyone taking Jake for walks while he’s in confinement at the vet? Just getting outside will be good for him. Just don’t kiss on the mangey spots. It doesn’t spread easily.

  42. funisbest: The vet techs take him out a couple times a day but he is just feeling so much better & craves attention so he is just over being in the isolation room! They had to for the sarcoptic mange. But that all ends today at 6:00 p.m.!!!!!

    mikken: The link to the chip in is
    PayPay is
    Checks written to Elmore Road Animal Hospital for JAKE mailed to me: Patricia Hurdle, 3143 Christine Road, Memphis, TN 38118

    Thank you again everyone.

  43. Jake had a great first night in a home! John said it’s like he’s been there his whole life. He had the kids laying & crawling all over him and didn’t mind a bit. They have a female Weimeraner (I don’t know if I spelled that right) and Jake didn’t really pay much attention to her. At first he was “bugging” her a little bit and she barked at him and he just acted like “oh well” and went on to something else! Guess we know who’s boss in that house. :) He is just SUCH a sweet, sweet, good boy and my heart is just smiling SO big. Mike & I are going to give the family a few more days then we will invade their space and go visit Jake!!! He will be getting neutered soon & starting his heartworm treatment so keep that angel-boy in your thoughts & prayers. I just can’t thank ALL of you enough for helping save this 4-legged ANGEL.

  44. I knew he was a great dog when I first saw his photo. Mixed or simi-mixed dogs are always the best & one from an abusive background are always full of gratitude.

    Small, young children are more succeptible to Sarcoptic Mange because of their soft dainty skin if they have direct contact to infected skin on dogs. But with Jake’s treatment, the microscoptic bugs should be dead and there shouldn’t be any problem.

    As long as Jake lives with responsible caretakers, the neutering isn’t so important as females. Females can be got to. Males are easy to keep controlled. Personally, I wouldn’t worry about it, but then I’m responsible with my doggies, even though mine are all “fixed”.

  45. Hey Everyone,
    Just wanted to give an update on JAKE! Both manges are gone – his coat is filling in nicely & he is “shiny”! He has been neutered and he started heartworm treatment this past Tuesday. I went to see him Wednesday & he was just so happy. He had to stay at the vet 3 days so they could monitor him & keep him calm, etc. He went home last night and the family has strict instructions to keep him as calm as possible. Dr. Ellis also sent a few mild sedatives to help just in case. They gave him one about an hour before I went to see him Wednesday because they (and I) knew he would be SO happy & would want to run, jump & play. I just laid on the floor with him, hugged & kissed him a million times, rubbed that tummy & gave him 2 big biscuits. The family he lives with is now his official family. Those kids absolutely love him & Alisha (the mom) told me they just cried & cried when they dropped Jake off at the vet Tuesday morning. They didn’t want to leave him. He and their female doggie get along great & love to run & play together. They have a lake behind their house and Jake has found out about it and has been in it a few times! WIth the HOT weather we are having here, I don’t blame him!
    I just want to THANK ALL OF YOU that had a hand in saving this angel boys life – from posting his pictures, sharing with your contacts, donations, thoughts & prayers. This child was meant to live and is SO grateful with every breath he takes.

    1. Thank you for the update and for getting him out Patricia. Can you post a link to a photo of him (I think you said he had some on FB)?

      1. I have some on my Facebook page. I have to plead ignorance – how do I get it from my Facebook page to here?? Sorry – never done it and I am a little bit “technology challenged” sometimes!

      2. When you have a FB photo of him open on your computer, copy the address in your browser (begins with http://) and then paste that link in a comment here.

      3. You did it right but it looks like you have your privacy settings on FB marked to allow only friends to see your photos so I couldn’t see anything.

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