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I wanted to share a couple of links I posted on Facebook this morning that tie in with dog bite prevention week:

This one is from doggonesafe and although it is aimed at kids, I think it’s useful for adults too.

This post dissects a photo on the cover of a catalog of a kid kissing a dog’s face.

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  1. I would so appreciate it if readers who are on Facebook could share The Cat of the Day for Carroll Co., MD. He and the other kitties who came in at the same time only have another day or so to be adopted. Some of them are already neutered, and the shelter has an adoption special going now, so it would only be $30 to adopt a neutered kitty, and it’s FREE for veterans, and active military personnel. Here he is, there is a link to the others in the posting-

    1. Shared. I also emailed the listing to family members in MD and asked them to share w/ others in the area, since the shelter only works with local adopters. Your explanation of the shelter’s workings was really well done.

  2. I saw that Orvis cover and pointed it out to anyone around who would listen that it was REALLY STUPID to put what is clearly a dangerous situation right on the cover of a catalog as if it were “cute”. I couldn’t believe that a supposedly dog-savvy company made such a blunder in this day and age.

  3. I have wondered for quite awhile what percentage of an open-admission shelter’s intake the local rescue community can be expected to handle, once a shelter does begin working with rescue groups. It seems clear that every shelter must do its own marketing and its own direct adoptions — it cannot rely on the rescue community alone to get the pets into new homes. But the rescue community can pull, and adopt out, a significant portion. From my reading, that portion or percentage seems to vary (and I assume there are lots of factors at work). Is there a rule of thumb? Half of the total intake?

    1. I asked Nathan Winograd and he said back when there were only about 6 no kill communities, he did an unofficial survey and came up with 17% transferred out to rescues. It would be interesting to do a survey now that there are so many more no kill open admission shelters. I would guess that it does vary from place to place, depending on circumstances.

  4. I was reading the Huffington Post and saw a piece about the new DOG TV channel. The station has offered some of it’s relaxation videos to shelters to test the effects on stressed, large dogs. I saw a photo of Escondido Humane Society canines watching on a large screen. The shelter said that it got good results almost immediately. Any thoughts?

    1. If it works, great! I’ve never been convinced that any of our dogs actually watch TV (although they clearly hear it). Billy OTOH is absolutely convinced that some of them do.

  5. Update on the skinny cat at the campsite in Nashville…

    Through an amazing networking effort among feral cat people in TN, the cat was successfully trapped and picked up today!! She’s on her way to a vet for an exam and will then be staying with a person who manages a feral colony. She has a place where she can keep her separated so she can regain her health and put on some much needed weight.

    However, with more interaction over the week this cat does not seem to be a ‘true’ feral. She is very likely a former pet who was dumped at the campsite. She’s already allowing some petting, though she panics if picked up. She doesn’t seem to have any hunting skills and she’s been hissing at the camper’s other cats. She’s not a good candidate for release into a feral colony.

    This cat needs a forever home with an experienced pet owner. She may need to be an only cat, or she may just need time and someone who can work on a slow introduction to other cats.

    The cat is currently located near Nashville, TN. When she’s stronger a home in another state isn’t out of the question and I can help with transport costs. I will also front a small donation to help cover her future vet and feeding costs to her new forever home. She appears to be only a year or so old.

    If you can offer a home or any suggestions, please email me at And please help spread the word! I will hopefully have some pictures soon.

  6. That woman in the dobies youtube really would have deserved her hand being bitten off. How STUPID! And ORVIS, get your game on, huh? Before that handsome little boy winds up without a face.

  7. What does the term “long-term foster” mean to a rescue group? I’m sure the qualifiers differentiate between groups, but when does a foster become long-term. Further, is the effort to find a permanent home for the long-term foster ever diminish?

    1. To me, long-term foster means keeping an animal that is not ready to be listed as available, until it is! Although I have several *long-term foster dogs* that have been listed for YEARS, and still have not been adopted. Several of them I consider to be in hospice or sanctuary here, as they are either really old, or somewhat unadoptable. For me, at some point I consult with the foster person (myself!?) and, with permission, declare the animal either adopted by the foster person, or in hospice or sanctuary care. Although I have had to delete a few listings because foster dogs died of old age in foster care. But hey, they died happy!

    2. I have to laugh… My foster Julie is a short term foster. She has been with me a year this month. You keep them until they get adopted

  8. Thats interesting about the dog bites. My dog exemplified the last one, but never bit anyone. If she felt threatened, shed just squeal, like if you were to pick her up and she wasnt expecting it. She would growl and get a bit possessive of her toys/food though sometimes.

    1. That is ridiculous if this pound will only release Pitbulls to out of state rescues. There is no basis for this. NC doesn’t have a statewide ban on Pitbulls. The dog in this photo has ears that stand straight up!

      1. Exactly this isn’t a pitt..they also had a black lab and labeled it pitt.. and it’s the Animal Control Officer that’s making the call.

    1. I am so sick of this! And to add to really bad stories.. On the news last night another small child was killed to two Lab/Shepard mix dogs.

  9. (link goes to video)

    An attempt to find a replacement for dog fighting, I have my doubts about how well it’ll work, but I like the idea. I did have to laugh at the amazement at dogs pulling 1000lbs though….we did some IWPA with our larger dog, and dogs quite a bit smaller than the one shown in the video pull over 1k in competition!

  10. I need volunteer transport, 2legs of the trip remaining in getting my next foster to me.
    Volunteer transport from Knoxville, TN to Asheville, NC
    We are trying for Friday June 8. If you can help with any legs, Please click on the link at the bottom.
    1 female 20 lbs+/-

    Leg 2: Knoxville, TN to Newport, TN (timeframe: 12:10am- 1:05pm)
    49 Miles / 55 mins (+15)
    NEEDED-Driver- cell #
    ● Vehicle description:
    MEET AT:

    Leg 3: Newport, TN to Asheville, NC (timeframe: 1:20pm- 2:35pm)
    60 Miles / 1 hour 15 mins (+15)
    NEEDED-Driver- cell #
    ● Vehicle description:
    MEET AT:

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