Shelter Pet of the Day

Dog #581 at Rabies Control in Jackson, TN, as pictured on Facebook.

Submitted by reader Nicci who writes:

This boy came in as a “stray” with an akita mix looking dog.  Apparently a note was left on the owner’s door, but no one has come for them.  His stray hold is up on Tuesday 5/29.  If he is still there when the place opens up on Tuesday, my husband and I will get him out of there, get him tested for HW, have him altered if needed, etc.  but I would much rather have someone who has more room for him step up and adopt him first!  I will pay his pull fee ($38) for anyone who wants him and is willing to give him a good home.

Very little information is available on this dog.  Vaccination/heartworm/reproductive/overall health status is unknown.  Temperament and age are unknown.  If anyone has any additional info on this dog or is interested in talking with Nicci about him, please leave a comment here.

Rabies Control

146 Miller Ave.

Jackson, TN  38305

(731) 668-4211

This shelter’s kill rate is unknown.

13 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. Do you know anything more about this dog? I have a friend that works for TN Drug Task Force and they are looking for 2 dogs to help them….wonder if this dog could fit the bill….

    1. Jody, have you talked to your friend about going to meet the dog? I don’t think we’ll be able to get there first thing in the morning, but like I said, we will know before they euthanize and if he’s still there, we won’t let him get put down.

  2. Nicci, go get the Shepherd in Jackson, TN, don’t trust they will wait to kill him, too often shelters do not wait the legal time. Save this rather young looking boy who possibly got causght up in his 1st scent of “armour” following females not spayed.

    Folks, that’s how dogs wind up in pounds, because irresponsibles do not spay/neuter their dogs as should be demanded. And often the type of person who doesn’t do right about their dogs are ignorant, low educated individuals, especially men who have this mating fixation or women who fear going against such men.

    1. They won’t release or kill him until Tuesday. Strange, isn’t it? I’m not allowed to save him until then and they’re not allowed to kill him until then. Sigh. My husband will be waiting there when they open Tuesday morning. He will be safe and alive. I want to find a home for him, husband wants to keep him. Please help me find him a home! ;)

      1. I believe the employees get there at 8 and the shelter opens at 9. They schedule euthanasia once or twice a week and generally give the rescue groups around 24 hours notice, so we have time to get him out.

  3. ******Do not allow kill shelters the rights they have become overpowered with including reclaiming rescued animals rescued by rescue groups if the rescue group has not found a forever home for a animal in alloted time dedictated by the kill shelters like animal controls in all states!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. GREAT NEWS! I just called about him and was told his owner called over the weekend and is coming to get him (and the female dog he came in with) on Thursday! Prayers answered!

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