GA Pound to Close for Pest Control Treatment, Animals May Be Killed

All the dogs and cats at Macon Animal Control in GA must be out of the facility before June 7 as it will close for treatment with pesticides for 3 to 5 days.  Local rescuers are working hard to network animals:

Paws for Hope and Faith President, Shane Smith, slipped through the gates to snap pictures of the animals for his website where people from all over the country and Canada can see them.

“The in-state people can go to the shelter and adopt from the shelter. The out-of-state can go through a rescue. The rescue will come and pull the animal, set up transport, get it vetted, and get it delivered,” says Smith.

It’s a fight against time to save the animals and it’s all hands on deck. Anne Brennaman from Macon Purrs ‘n Paws encourages people to foster the animals. “A cat is a cat. It doesn’t matter if it’s the ugliest cat or the most beautiful. It’s worth saving,” she says.

The pound’s page on PetFinder (which has 25 animals listed as adoptable) states:

The city of Macon Animal Control Shelter is open Monday through Friday from 9:30am until 4:30pm. Our adoptions are based on a first come first serve basis and we are not allowed to place holds on any dogs or cats. We accept cash only and a photo ID is required.

Macon AC has 7 cats and 63 dogs listed on PetHarbor.  Here are a few:

I just don't know.
Cat #A245232 at Macon AC, as pictured on The description indicates this cat is a male, orange and white DSH, age unknown.

See the above listing on PetHarbor. I just don’t know.

Dog #A245343 at Macon AC, as pictured on This dog is pictured on a chokepole and described as a “male, white Labrador Retriever mix” whose age is unknown.

See the above listing on PetHarbor.

Dog #A245375 at Macon AC, as pictured on This tiny dog is pictured on a chokepole next to a carrier with the top open. I wonder how the dog got out of the carrier and on to the floor.

See the above listing on PetHarbor.

These animals seem to need all the help they can get.  If you would like to adopt, foster or rescue:

City of Macon Animal Control Department
1010 Eleventh Street
Macon, GA 31201
Phone: 478-751-9200

(Thank you Clarice for alerting me to this story.)

40 thoughts on “GA Pound to Close for Pest Control Treatment, Animals May Be Killed

  1. I am going to adopt the shih tzu mix, if they will let me. My husband will pick him up on Saturday. I live in Memphis, but we will come and get him. If I have any problems with adopting him out of state, I would appreciate any help.

    1. Thank you for offering to adopt Haley. It seems like the place is closed on weekends. I would suggest giving them a call tomorrow (although they may be closed due to the holiday) or Tuesday.

    1. I searched for Macon AC as well as the 2 rescue groups named in the article on FB but came up with nothing. If anyone knows of any FB links, please share in the comments.

      1. I can post a few from PetHarbor on my FB page. That will allow you to get started sharing on FB, which is what I think you are wanting.

  2. The first picture has a caption describing a cat. What cat? I don’t see one in the photo. As a matter of fact, I don’t know WHAT I’m looking at in that photo.

    A shelter closed on weekends? And nobody there seems to see anything wrong with that?

    1. I went with “I just don’t know” for my comment on the photo because I thought it might seem ridiculous to put “a partial mannequin dressed in a uniform rests on a desk while a windbreaker covers something in the background” for a cat photo.

  3. The photos tell the story…here is a place that is a hellhole for animals. It is staffed by hard-handed, cruel, and apathetic people.

    This is a bad place, with bad people. I really hope that they all get out.

      1. If I was the new owner-to-be (Bibb Co), I would step up and tell the current owners not to threaten to kill all the pets on their way out.

  4. Not familiar with this shelter but noticed a plea for temp fosters in our local paper (or maybe the Atlanta paper) last week. I can’t find the article now. But did find this one–
    It’s very unusual for a county shelter in GA to ask for fosters or release pets to temp fosters. The usual procedure is move the animals to another building if you can or just kill them all, perhaps after a plea for more adoptions.
    Sounds like the Macon shelter has serious problems but cares enough to try to put the pets into homes by any means possible.
    Sounds like a new building is in the works. And sounds like this place may be open to real improvement and change. No-kill, anyone?

  5. No-Kill Communities wrote several times about Macon in late 2011 and early 2012. It was a very dramatic story and another example of how much leadership counts at an animal shelter.

    One of the most recent posts, which recaps the story up to February, was titled “Hostages to Fortune”:

    It’s a bit confusing who is currently in charge. The previous director, Jim Johnson, was removed and temporarily replaced by ACO Van VanDeWalker in late 2011. Several No Kill weeks ensued, drawing the attention of No-Kill Communities. Then Johnson was reinstated and immediately started killing animals again.

    Now, in news stories, there is no mention of Johnson, and VanDeWalker is quoted and photographed. So maybe Johnson was moved to a different position and VanDeWalker returned to the interim directorship?

    1. Sounds like that might be a good thing. I’m going to read the article you mentioned. Thanks.

  6. A245343…He looks so sad. If he likes other dogs I am interested in adoption, However I live in Athens!How can I get info about adopting A245343? Can’t find it online!

  7. Yuck! What a filthy place.

    Please pray for all of the animals, that they get out of there with their lives.

  8. Lots of blessings and much thanks to those who are trying to get these babies out of there as well as those who are willing to foster/adopt/etc!

  9. I pray many see this and think of adopting so none have to return to that horrible place; it looks filthy. And I abhore them using the loop pole on these dogs, this is not tending to the dogs like they should be but show me the attendents should not be working in such an environment if they have so much “fear” of these dogs… the poor dogs look scared to death but so would any animal be with a noose around its neck & probably dragged around byt the pole like a mop, too…

    Shame on such a facility; more diligence needs to be administered to higher ups to make killer facilites pay dearly & be a thing of the past sooner than later…

    1. Thanks for keeping these pups out there in the public’s eye. Surely there are 20 families/individuals who can foster/adopt these dogs . . .

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