Big Disgrace

Dog #A241641 at the Memphis pound, as posted on the PetHarbor website.

Someone at MAS photographed a dog with a bloody mouth and posted her online but you know, we shouldn’t criticize because they’re hurting and killing less animals lately.  There’s no I in team, people!  Although there are some I’s in This dog is bleeding from the mouth, why are you stopping to take her picture instead of getting her to the vet for treatment?

41 thoughts on “Big Disgrace

  1. Makes me sick to my stomache. Makes me want to put my head down and cry. I just don’t understand why this is allowed to happen.

  2. I can’t help but notice that the slip lead seems to be snugged up tight on this one (and there are two leads, again – what kind of techniques are they using that they need two leads?) as well.

    If the dog panicked and bit through her own tongue, that could be a serious medical issue that warrants emergency attention.

  3. Or maybe this baby bit the crap out of someone trying to use a pole on them and it’s not their blood… one can hope.

    (Although on second thought.. if that is someone else’s blood they’ll probably put this one down..)

    It makes me sick.

  4. Dogs being dragged on chokepoles sometimes bite at the pole out of desperation and bloody their mouths. No idea what happened with this dog but that is something I’ve seen at MAS before.

  5. And again, MAS doesn’t need anyone else but themselves to look bad to the public. Wonder how Rogers will spin this one to blame the irresponsible public.

  6. She looks like a proud, strong dog, even in the middle of the hell she’s found herself in. Any rescues? I so hope she gets outta there . . .

    Is Rogers giving any kind of response to these “incidents”?

  7. Red is supposed to stay on the inside!

    The obvious mouth wound could of been self-inflicted from the choke-pole, but regardless, MAS is responsible for the SAFE transfer & care of every dog/cat in their posession. It shouldn’t of happened.

    The bloody photo is testament to the lack of care, improper handling & their incompetance.

    1. If used properly, there is no way for a dog to bite a control pole. For that to happen, the handler must be abusing the dog. Again, not saying I have any info on what happened to this dog, just wanted to clarify.

  8. I wonder how long it will take MAS to find a way to abuse dogs using Dr. Mark’s y pole? They’ll find a way I have no doubt.

  9. I saw the picture and had to call MAS’s phone # listed on the PetHarbour page. After listening and losing track of their confusing Greeting, I finally heard they are CLOSED and to report Animal Abuse, call the Cops’ non-emergency line. If this dog is BLEEDING and nobody cares and leaves the poor dog there to suffer – – than THAT’S ABUSE AND NEGLECT!
    Am I missing something?

      1. Maybe… I only called the main number just to see what they had to say about the blood, as a potential “adopter” it would concern me or anyone else. I was annoyed to have to hear their whole voicemail greeting just to find out they were closed :/

  10. I have sent Rogers an e-mail – copying in Tracy Dunlap (come to think of it, I will resend and copy in Coleman….) asking about this dog, I asked him if this dog has been treated by a vet and exactly what were her injuries. I also asked her heart worm status so we can have all of her information as we try to get her the hell out of there!!! I will let you know what he says, IF I hear from him…..

      1. Sorry — had to giggle at the Wharton comment. He cares less than any of his many “stooges.”

  11. Just sent the photo to Rogers, Hooks and Wharton – asking for them to help me understand why the pup was being photographed rather than be checked by a vet. We’ll see . . .

  12. db – I have NEVER received any sort of acknowledgement from Whoreton, so I did not – glad you did, though …..I did send Dr Coleman (the MAS “vet”) an e-mail, too…..

  13. And why isn’t the photographer ascertaining who brought her in or whose care she had been in at MAS prior to this picture. Then take her to the vet. Then give the person who made her mouth bleed a taste of a knuckle sandwich and bring that person before charges of animal cruelty. This is fresh blood still dripping so it did not happen earlier on the streets before picked up by MAS… No, MAS needs further looking into, less killings or not, no reason for this or killings, period…

  14. Good one ‘Whoreton’ and so fitting. He cares about his reputation and money, and he will lie to his constituents…as we’ve all seen repeatedly…to protect both. I am astounded that an animal-loving lawyer in Memphis has not stepped up to do something about this ongoing tragedy called MAS.

    1. I would dare to say, these type of photos & YesBiscuit! are kept a secret among the city & MAS, unknown by lawyer folk.

  15. Received a reply from Rogers – ” I contacted Dr Coleman and the dog has a small oral laceration that has been treated. Nothing serious. It looks worse than it is. A heartworm test can be administered if you are going to adopt this animal. Please advise.”
    I could feel his compassion oozing out into the e-mail – NOT!!!

    1. “small oral laceration” – – wouldn’t you think they’d wipe it up with a paper towel (if soooo minor) THEN take the boy’s picture?

      1. I am in agreement. I guess they will need more lessons and re-training on picture taking….we all know how well the re-training works, right?! Most of the times, these pictures are the only hopes of getting these pets adopted – why not take pictures that help?!…to me, it’s a no-brainer…..yes, there is a punchline here! :)

    2. And how, might I ask, did this small oral laceration happen?
      Agree that they could have easily cleaned him up before taking his photo.
      Stupid must be a dominant gene in some folks . . .

      1. Yes, how did this happen?

        And that’s a fair amount of blood considering that a dog will lick/swallow blood from a mouth wound. It’s more than a “small” laceration would generate.

        So, what is the protocol for when a dog is injured in capture/transport? Because it looks to me like they did not deviate from normal procedures one little bit to accommodate this dog’s injury.

  16. Am I the only one just shocked that someone at MAS took a picture of an animal where you can, you know, tell that it was an animal in the picture? LOL But yes, this poor baby shouldve got medical attention and what not ASAP.

  17. Ok, so I’m a big fan of Gordon Ramsey “Kitchen Nightmares” where he goes into a failing restaurant, wrecks house and has them turned around by the end of the show.

    I want a show like that for animal shelters. I want Caeser Milan or whoever busting up in there swearing, firing people, and whipping it into shape. I’d definitely pay to see that.

      1. Me too! I agree this needs to be stopped and as a tax run shelter the people should have a right to make the needed changes.

      2. Not only would I watch that faithfully, but Id pay to see it! Some tv network needs to get on that, stat!

    1. If anyone can get any information, let us know, please. It would be just like them to kill her because we have questioned their handling – you’d think that they would go the extra mile to get this one adopted just to show us she’s okay. But I forgot for a second that this is MAS!


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