SC Shelter Pet Photos

3 month old female puppy, ID #C2099, at Dillon Co Animal Shelter in SC, as posted on Facebook.
8 week old female puppy, ID #2336, at Dillon Co Animal Shelter in SC, as posted on Facebook.
9 month old female puppy, ID #1166, at Chesterfield Co pound in SC, as posted on Facebook.
Kitten at Chesterfield Co pound in SC, as posted on Facebook.
Kitten at Chesterfield Co pound in SC, as posted on Facebook.
Kitten at Chesterfield Co pound in SC, as posted on Facebook.
Kitten at Chesterfield Co pound in SC, as posted on Facebook.

20 thoughts on “SC Shelter Pet Photos

  1. Most…and I repeat, most of the people that work at these southern rural “shelters” are inmates. One can only guess why they are in jail in the first place.

  2. Don’t know about SC, but the morons who work here at the Memphis Animal Shelter? are serial animal killers and crackheads!! They have no compassion toward animals nor anything else! They all need to be canned as does the person responsible for hiring them!!

  3. Unbelievable! Those poor kittens and puppies must have been terrified to be held that way. Do they not know or do they not care? (Never mind, I think I know the answer . . . sad)

  4. Who is in charge of this shelter? Why is this mishandling permitted? The person in charge is responsible for whatever lack of training or awareness is happening there.

    There is no excuse for mishandling animals in your care.

    1. Just to clarify for everyone’s benefit, these photos are from 2 different SC shelters.

      To add to the concerns you expressed mikken, I have to wonder at the person snapping the photos and the person posting them on Facebook. Assuming they are 2 different people, did neither of them say anything about the mishandling? That first puppy is being choked!

      1. The fact that they saw nothing wrong with what they were doing indicates that these people lack even the basics of animal handling (and when I say “basics”, I mean what we all learned by the age of six about “being nice to animals”).

        But there’s also clearly no training in animal handling and no accountability at these shelters. Again, it’s a leadership issue. And the leadership is clearly not holding animal welfare as a priority…which is a terrifying thought for an animal shelter. It’s like running an old people’s home without really caring what happens to the old people because “they’re going to die soon anyway”. Inexcusable.

    1. Sadly, I don’t think all the training in the world would help here. A person has to actualy care to begin with. You can’t train that into people.

      1. Not to mention the fact that if they DID care, they wouldn’t have to be trained just to handle an animal in a kinder way than in the photos. Unless they were like, oh, maybe three years old.

  5. I personally think the director needs replacing at these shelters. A real director is supposed to have a heart and compassion – both of which are severely lacking in all these photos. I also think they need to stop wasting so much energy on the blame game of the animals that are surrendered and turn the situation around – start asking why, offer to help if they are able to, give other options!

  6. Wow..just wow. I dont handle animals every day and even I knew the second I saw the very first picture that was way too harsh to be holding an animal!

  7. These people obviously don’t care about the animals they are handling. Taxpayers and city residents need to know that a shelter and municipality have a responsibility to demonstrate HOW to care for animals if they want people in the community to do the same. There’s lots of excellent free info, examples and advice on how to accomplish this. There is NO EXCUSE for mishandling animals.

    These are a couple of resources:

    Marketing and Public Relations resources for shelters:

    Resource List:

    “Adopting Your Way Out of Killing”,

    1. The biggest hurdle to the proper care and treatment of shelter animals and adoptions of those animals is NOT CARING. Once there is some compassion and the desire to do better, there are a lot of good resources out there. But you have to care, first. Obviously, many of these photos and stories show that the animals are not important – heck, they’re going to kill a lot of them anyway, why bother? (Not my sentiments, but maybe theirs?)

  8. I know i’m gonna’ get some rebuttals but, here goes. It does appear the first pic shows an inmate( by the white stripe on his pants) with a much too tight grip. As well in the 3rd pic. The second pic , at least the person holding the pup appears to be supporting the pup’s bottom end.Kitten pics, appear , to me , to have been taken by the person holding the kittens.One even has someone that may be a volunteer holding a cat ,in the background. Optimally , one person takes pics, another holds kittens. Are these pics that show the animals in their best light? Nope. Could there be better pics taken? Absolutely. I know how tough it is to get good pics. Having several foster kitties at any given time, I take about a dozen pics to get one good one.If I’m lucky. Is having a bad picture posted better than having NO pictures posted ? But, isn’t that a start? And an opportunity to say, “hey, we could use some help getting good pics. You wanna ‘ help us?”
    OK- I’m ready. Fire away.

    1. Sometimes it is hard to get a good photo, but kitten pictures aren’t that difficult. Play with them with a toy and you would have a lot of good ones to choose from, in my opinion.
      I do wonder if they would be open to help getting good photos. Sometimes, I don’t think they realize the importance of a good photo – makes the difference between noticing an animal (for the right reasons) and overlooking that same animal.

  9. Pets in shelters are not the easiest animals to try to take photos of. Looks like the ones with the dogs that they were trying to a least get the dog’s face facing the camera. The kitten photos looks like the one taking the photos was the same person holding the kittens. It really helps to have a good helper when taking photos. Glad they are taking photos and posting them, but do hope they ask and get some help so they can take better photos.

  10. That first picture of the 3 month old female pup being held by the balck attendent definitely demotes someone who does not need to be around animals… this person is crude and crude and has ill intent and does not know how to handle animals. It looks more like the stupid jerk is trying to strngle the dog, this is uncalled for…

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