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  1. Heads up to everyone that on June 11, I will be asking you to report on your local shelter’s participation in the Just One Day campaign. If they are participating, what events (if any) do they have planned, what are you doing to help, etc. If they are not participating, did you ask at least once? What did they say? If you haven’t yet asked your local pound to take the pledge, see http://yesbiscuit.wordpress.com/2012/01/08/action-alert-no-kill-day/ for a suggested letter to send. If you’ve already asked and been ignored (like me), please ask again today!

  2. Just thought I’d share my experience volunteering at my city shelter last week:
    My new favorite cat is an all-black named Jethro. He has vampire teeth that stick down. It’s adorable! Last week, after I picked him up in my arms, he turned himself over so he was belly-up like a baby and stayed like that, purring for a while.
    I love my “job”!

    1. That is good to hear. Now maybe they will learn something from this – like how to reach out to the community and “marketing” the animals.

      1. Well thats good! Thanks Clarice! I just got the email with the petition today so I didnt know much about it until now.

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