Foster Pet of the Day

Yes Weego, you may have a biscuit. (Photo submitted by Ona Cooper.)

Ona from Meows and BowWows in Memphis writes:

Weego needs a foster.  We have him in a home nobody lives in and several of us are alternating going over there 3 – 4 times a day.  There is a feral cat colony that lives there and one of the cat ladies is helping with Weego too.  We use this house (with permission each time) for isolation purposes when we first pull a sick dog.  Sounds like we have him in a dump doesn’t it…hahaha.  In fact it is a large home in a wealthy neighborhood.  The owner came out and turned on the A/C just for Weego.

After Weego’s initial isolation period he was in foster care a few weeks but marked his territory everywhere.   When he pees – it goes on forever and ever and ever, like Austin Powers when they were thawing him out.  Weego was then going to be fostered by Holly but her dog Leo and Weego got into a fight and Leo ended up at the vets office for a puncture wound very close to his eye.   Sooooo…. we are looking for a home without other animals and that is why Weego is doing an extended stay at the house. 

I went ahead and had him neutered so as to help with the marking and not getting along with other dogs.  He doesn’t seem to have the need to mark anymore but we are a little paranoid about putting him with other dogs.

Weego had his first injection for heartworms yesterday, so treatment has begun.

Weego is laid back and likes being where ever you are.  He is a super cool dog and loves any attention you give him.  He plays with toys and is always agreeable to what you want to do.  He doesn’t even mind being kenneled.  He gives sweet kisses too.

Weego decided he wanted to have brown eyes, mostly. Check out the dash of blue in the one eye (click to enlarge). (Photo submitted by Ona Cooper.)

Weego was saved from MAS.  If you are in the Memphis area and interested in providing a foster home for Weego during his heartworm treatment, please e-mail Meows and BowWows at or leave a comment here.

10 thoughts on “Foster Pet of the Day

  1. What a beauty. He looks like he’s wearing a painted on clown smile. Who could turn away a face so deserving?

    My problem is I want them all, but I am so glad MAS didn’t get the chance to kill him. Thank you for getting him out alive & for all you are doing for him.

  2. Aww! Look at that face. I hope he gets a home soon, he deserves it. Thanks to all helping him!

    1. I think he should fetch milk to go with the cookies! Pitts make better family pets than JRT’s you know. And these photos are FABULOUS! Weego would not fare well in my neck of the woods (too cold) besides, there are plenty of short haired dogs already looking for homes around here. But I sure hope whoever gets him appreciates him!

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