I just snorted milk out my nose.

Set your anaLIEzers to stun and see if you can count how many nose lengthening statements there are in this quote from MAS interim director James Rogers, regarding a puppy who was saved from a storm drain by a police officer and turned over to the pound:

“A puppy like this, we pick it up, we care for it. We vet it, we make sure it’s cared for and then make available for adoption,” Rodgers [sic] said.


26 thoughts on “I just snorted milk out my nose.

  1. He should have just stopped after, “we pick it up.” That would have been more accurate.

  2. My RogersSpeak Decoder Ring translated that sentence into truth: ‘A puppy like this, we pick it up, drag it around by a chokepole, don’t bother to scan for a microchip, enter its data incorrectly, take a blurry photo of its ass for PetHarbor, let it languish in a poo-filled kennel for however long and then we kill it.”

    1. Oh no, Pinocchio Rogers isn’t a nice police officer. He’s the shelter director, lawl. Last to know what actually goes on at MAS, I guess.

  3. If you replace “puppy” with “media opportunity” it is an accurate statement. They did not stipulate how much/what kind of “care for/cared for” (yep, they said it twice!), or how long “available for adoption” is, nor did they make any claim that they would “work to find [it] a home.”

  4. I saw that interview and nearly fell out of my chair when I heard Roger’s comments. What a loser/liar!!!!

    1. p.s. Has anyone checked today to see if the pup is still alive? Never know — pup may have already been lost in the paperwork and been killed at the Helter.

  5. Hmmm didn’t the last dog Rogers used for his media blitz end up on the kill list??

    I hope this pup gets adopted fast. From one hell to another, he needs to get out of there asap.

  6. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Rogers is either a bold faced liar (my vote) or living in a parallel universe. Hoping this one makes it out alive.

  7. It might be interesting if someone could go to MAS and follow-up on this pup, and provide the info to the local media… actions speak much louder than LIE, er, I mean Words!

  8. Great comments – I am in total agreement with all of you. Did any of you notice the video of this pup laying on a blanket in her kennel at MAS? A BLANKET!!!! When is the last time any dog had a blanket, at MAS, to lay on? I sent him an e-mail asking if we could host a “blanket drive” – collect blankets and give them to the dogs to snuggle with…..hey, it was worth a try!

    1. Sadly, I don’t think that blanket shot is at MAS. In the linked article there is a picture of the worried-looking little tyke, obviously now at MAS, crouching on one of those blue, paint-peeling, metal platforms.

      There was another knee-slapper of a quote in the article:

      “The puppy was taken to an animal emergency clinic. After that, Animal Shelter workers picked the puppy up and have been taking care of it ever since.”

      “Taking care of it”??? Hahahahaha

      1. Why would you need blankets when you have those wonderful metal platforms with the new, improved “shelter”? I guess it was kind of silly of us to actually think they were using blankets for any of the animals, unless Rogers is trying to do some CYA PR after “losing” Nola.

  9. Here’s another nose snorter from James Rogers about missing Nola: “Keeping track of the animals “is not rocket science,” he said.” (From Commercial Appeal article)

  10. Only if the story was in the media and then they could follow up to see if the puppy was actually adopted from MAS. Good thing it was taken to an outside vet and not the MAS vet.

  11. If MAS spent even a 1/4 of the effort marketing the animals in there care ahhh snap I mean Control than they do on marketing themselves then there wouldn’t be so many dead carcasses being thrown out the back door. They would also seem more like they are actual Human beings with some inkling of emotion and wouldn’t have to work so hard on marketing themselves because saving as many animals as possible would bring great marketing on it’s own merit.

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