ACO Accused of Shooting Dogs to Death in LA

On May 12, someone left a pregnant dog and 2 puppies at the Humane Society Adoption Center in Monroe, LA.  The facility appears to be a limited admission shelter.  Since the center was full at the time, an ACO was called to pick up the 3 dogs.

When the ACO arrived, he allegedly slammed a chokepole against the kennel containing the dogs.  The pregnant dog growled at him and the puppies tried to hide.

The ACO allegedly told a staffer that the dogs would be killed at the pound so he was going to go ahead and kill them on the spot.  He then allegedly shot all 3 animals to death with a rifle.  The unborn puppies would have suffered until their deaths inside the pregnant dog.

The shelter president filed a complaint and the Monroe police are conducting an internal investigation.  I hope that if the facts are determined to be as represented here, the ACO is fired, charged with animal cruelty, and legally prevented from owning any animals in future.

Concerned citizens can e-mail police chief Quentin Holmes at and ask that his department conduct a thorough investigation followed by prompt, appropriate action.  Keep your letters respectful.

(Thanks Clarice for alerting me to this story.)

7 thoughts on “ACO Accused of Shooting Dogs to Death in LA

  1. Bet you money this guy has a history of abusing animals (and possibly women/children/elderly). I hope they throw the book at him and keep him away from the vulnerable…

  2. I am completely sickened by this. If I had been standing there, he would have been kicked in the crotch before he even got a shot out. I hope this ACO is punished to the fullest extent of the law and is never, ever allowed to have a job with animals.

  3. Why in the hell are people who HATE animals / dogs even IN this field as an Animal Control Officer?? To rid the planet of all stray / surrendered dogs? To shoot his big gun? To get rid of faster and more efficiently dogs/puppies that wouldn’t get adopted? Pea brain !!!
    The mind-set is obviously “dumped dogs” are ‘damaged dogs’ ! :/
    I’d growl at that asshat, too!!!

  4. Good Lord! What a whack-job! I’m def. sending an email! I hope SO MUCH that he will get fired and will have to pay to the fullest extent of the law.

  5. When I adopted my Matilda, I was told it was very common to just shoot dogs to ‘control’ them. All the more reason I’m glad she’s out of that state! Not that everyone in the state thinks so little of dogs, of course.

  6. Here is a case of animal abuse by one who is supposed to take care of our animals but instead of going by the book he chooses to be a coward and kill 3 innocent dogs and the unborn pups with a gun. Now the questions are asked and still no one has an answer?? There should be a full independent investigation by someone not affiliated with state or local government to no only determine why he did it but to prevent this from happening again.

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