Take a little trip, Take a little trip

Screen capture from PetHarbor.com. (Click to enlarge.)

I love this dog and I am ordering you to enlarge her photo to see her smiling face and waggy tail embiggened.

No one can adopt this dog from MAS unless they meet special requirements because the pound has mislabeled her a “Pitbull”. Let me be clear, I think it’s ridiculous for shelters to have added requirements for adopters based on breed, particularly when the alternative is the dumpster. But specifically for this dog, it’s mind-blowing idiocy.

If you want to adopt this girl, you have to have a secure 6 foot fence which must pass inspection by a Memphis ACO. I guess you need the 6 foot fence so that other dogs passing by your yard can mock this dog as she waddles along the lower third of the fence line. You also need to undergo a criminal background check. Because you might secretly be a dogfighter wanting to toss this dog into a pit. Do they have a canine version of “midget wrestling”?

Come on MAS, give this dog the chance she deserves and remove the special adoption requirements for her.   And while you’re at it, stop discriminating based on breed – which you get wrong more often than not anyway.  Every dog deserves a chance to live.

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  1. LOL, I follow you on twitter and once I saw the headline I knew it would be an MAS story. What a pretty girl! Hope she makes it out. I am sure if you offer enough money you can get her out the back door.

  2. Arbitrary rules and regulations simply do nothing – except keep excellent adopters from giving homeless pets a second chance! Disgusting. Some rules and regulations should be used perhaps as topics of conversation when talking to a prospective adopter – but not written in stone. For example, the fence rule – what about someone who keeps the pet inside, who walks them regularly and who does not allow running at large??? Why should they be penalized? I get so sick of the rules that are used to screen away good people….so sad for the animals. Wait, isn’t this the place where they suspect that animals are sold for fighting – by employees? So, don’t they screen their employees as tough as they do adopters????

  3. This is a beautiful little dog. No doubt about that. She is not a pit bull and there is no doubt about that either.

    MAS needs to get rid of people who can’t read and can’t see either. One look at the breed poster and they would see that there is no such dog, mixed or not. They could use common sense and just look at the poster. Seeing as how ACO’s are the ones listing the breeds they can disregard the breed designation altogether.

    As for the fence requirement, their own regulations state that a fence must be 2 1/2 times the height of the dog standing on all four feet. Don’t know where they got 6 ft fence from. Anyone with a dog can tell you that dogs jump 6 ft fences all the time with no problem. Therefore they may just as well get rid of that requirement!

  4. Ok, not a pitbull, first off. Coegi mix? If those legs are as short as they look?

    And seriously? 6ft fence?? BOTH my dogs are from breeds known to go over 6ft fence. A6ft fence isn’t going to keep in a determined dog, and a 4ft fence will keep in a lazy dog no problem. Idiots….there are so many other things that matter…..

    1. I know what you mean on fence height and I have a hound dog who thinks 6 foot fencing is a bar to pole vault over. However, not to escape the yard, just because he is a hound dog and hounds are notorious jumpers…

      If any dog wants out they find a way, period. No killer shelter should dictate anything, just adopt out the dogs and not kill, period…

      I live where there is a sandy type soil so digging would be the problem. All dogs love to dig, too, especially when they are after some underground critter… The trick is to dig a trench, get higher than 6 foot fencing, sink the fencing about a foot deep in the trench with posts attaching the fencing, pour in concrete in the foot deep trench, let harden, and it is probable no dog will try to get under that. As for 6 foot above the ground fencing, sometimes, like with my hound, I added to my chainlink, field fencing at another 3 feet and no problems since and that was 7 years ago for this 9 year old hound. Nor should there be problems with zoning regulations on fence heights if you do this behind existing perimeter fencing, like a huge kennel & the feild fencing does not interfere with views across your neighbors yards…

      1. Pretty much. So far neither dog has actually gone over the fence, but one of our jobs this summer is to put homemade coyote rollers around the top, just in case. And since both have also proved to be diggers, add a concrete footer around the outside base….

  5. I agree that by mislabeling this dog, they are dooming her, BUT… I like the background check. There is a serious epidemic of pit bull fighting in this region and while their efforts may be not be the best (6′ fence???), at least there IS an effort to stop it from happening. I can’t believe I sort of just defended MAS, but seriously, I wish the RC in Jackson would do that instead of putting pitties out for $38 to the first person to show up with cash… :(

    Of course, this wouldn’t be an issue if it were a no-kill shelter.

    1. I agree with this.

      What a cutie though! I also wondered about her being a ‘corgi’ as well.

    2. My opinion is that ALL adopters, not just adopters of a certain breed, should be checked for animal cruelty convictions in the animal cruelty database. Targeting Pitbull adopters is discriminatory and is going to drive away good people who are embarrassed about an old bad check charge or marijuana charge on their record. And again, I must reiterate, THEY ARE OTHERWISE THROWING THESE DOGS INTO THE DUMPSTER.

      1. You mention discrimination, hey it is all over, but MAS is a criminal facility that needs to be shut down forever and the animals all sent to no-kill shelters since they were put through enough trauma.

        But getting back to dicrimination, there are some killing shelters that discriminate against seniors from adopting dogs cause they want to know what happens to the adopted animal if something happens to the senior owner. In a way I see some point in this, but seniors are not imbecciles & make arrangements. And, furthermore, it is none of any animal control’s beewax to know what they are… Like one senior couple wanted to adopt a dog and told couldn’t as their arrangements for the other married partner to care for the dog after the demise of other partner was not good enough for the animal control… This is none of any animal control’s GD business. Most times a family member or friend will step up to the plate to take on the dog or a plan to be taken by a sanctuary for the remainder of the dog’s days it another… Probably animal controls get better cash from vet colleges for teaching & labs to experiment on than to allow the dog a comfortable full life instead of being killed; and it is murder, plain and simple…

    1. Ah, you got it!!! Read my comments and find not all dogs after killing go to a dumpster. Some are not killed but sold to labs for experiments. This is the truth and all animal controls should be shut down, be forbidden for any employee to ever work around animals again…

      1. I hate the hoops they make people jump through to find answers about the dog and adopt the dog. Oh right it is the public ‘s fault it is this way. Not! Reform is needed!

    1. Reform is a long way in the coming and much red tape. Find yourself a politician who has favors owned to him, and there are plenty cause, in my opinion, favors get favors. In other words, crooked… Have this found politician work for reform without the red tape, sure that that politician knows the who & has favors ownedd. The what means nothing, it is the who who gets it done quicker…

      Wading through years of red tape for reform will be too late for the dogs now in such evil prisons… Go nationwide as this is an epidemic of cruelty and discrimination, so start somewhere and it will spread like wildfire to MAS, Austin and all the underhanded evil places that kill dogs and cats…

      As my late politician father-in-law would tell me, “It is not what you know but who you know”… And he knew plenty and helped me get a politically connected school principal, with an alcoholic problem even during school hours, ousted from his tenure and out of the school system…

  6. I’m sure they woudn’t care, but maybe they should read some statistics:


    And the story from yesterday about the kitten stuck in the pipe just clarifies the city’s view on animals. City workers were there helping in the rescue. But once the day was over and the workers were off the clock, they went home, leaving private citizens to ultimately rescue “Pipe Kitty”. Seems like at least one of those workers would’ve cared about animals enough that they might have stayed there and helped on their own time. Typical.

  7. If someone really wants this little girl with good intention, then, by all means fight these idiots at MAS. If this is a “pibull” I will eat dog kibble for a month & I do not cherish that idea heartily.

    No way is this a “pitbull”,< MAS as well as other uninformed Pound idiots all too often mislable dogs because of coloring or pattern as they are doing to this little gal because of her brindle stripes… If MAS, which seem to be a backward ill run killing group to me, thinks that brindle shading means pitbull than no killer shelter knows a damn thing about breeds of dogs. I have seen it here as well… Brindle is just a shading that is first associated in its origin with Boxer Dogs, not pitbulls…

    MAS needs to be shut down, fire everyone associated with the farce of a dog pound and save all of these dogs from Euthanasia, including this little mix of breeds which I see to be heridity of boxer (way long back), Dashund, possibly beagle by the face, no pit whatsoever… It is too bad I live in another state with the stupidity of MAS not allowing adoptions by out of state folks. Well such is uneducated mentality, evil controling, and eveil killers who get money, not from dumpster tossing, but selling to vet colleges & labs…

  8. I saw her today- she is an owner surrender and she is not short- it is a terrible picture. She was in the “owner surrender” room…. I couldn’t get an answer when she will leave that room and go into adoptions. She was VERY sweet!!!! In a very small kennel – that is all that is in the tiny room.

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