Just One Day

Today is a no kill day for animals in open admission shelters and rescue organizations all over the United States. Roughly 700 groups have taken the pledge on the Just One Day site to kill no healthy/treatable animals for at least today. Here in South Carolina, more than a dozen groups took the pledge, including my own county facility – the Walter Crowe Animal Shelter. I am featuring some of their animals, found on Petango, below. The shelter is closed to the public today but will be open tomorrow at 10am.

The Just One Day Facebook page will be open for posting the success stories as they happen at your local shelter all day.  Animal Wise Radio will be broadcasting live from 12 noon to 6pm Eastern time, highlighting the work being done by participating organizations.

This thread will be open all day for sharing anything related to the Just One Day event.  I would especially like as many people as possible to post about their local shelter.

  • Is your local shelter participating?
  • Are they offering adoption fee discounts or running other promotions today?
  • If your shelter is not participating, did you ask?  What was the response?
  • Regardless of whether your shelter is going no kill for the day, please feel welcome to share pets at the facility by posting links to the animals’ online listings.

Animals available for adoption in Kershaw Co, SC:

Bizzy, ID #14232350, a 3 year old female Beagle available for adoption at the Walter Crowe Animal Shelter in SC.
Dog #16230237, a female mixed breed dog (no age listed) available for adoption at the Walter Crowe Animal Shelter in SC.
Stubs, ID #16342359, a male mixed breed dog (no age listed) available for adoption at the Walter Crowe Animal Shelter in SC.
Willow, ID #15662795, a female cat (no age listed) available for adoption at the Walter Crowe Animal Shelter in SC.
Cat #16323852, a 1 month old female, available for adoption at the Walter Crowe Animal Shelter in SC.
Cat #16315081, a 1 month old female, available for adoption at the Walter Crowe Animal Shelter in SC.

For more information about the no kill movement, including the programs proven to permanently end the killing of healthy/treatable pets in shelters, please visit the No Kill Advocacy Center.

24 thoughts on “Just One Day

      1. You silly people – it’s not about saving animals there anyway, it’s about PR!!!

      2. If they were sincere, a photo of an adoptable animal would accompany this article. This is just another photo op for Mr. Rogers.

    1. Not fair if MAS is closed on Mondays anyway so no kill techs available… Now there is the loophole, in my opinion, cause only licensed qualified state veterinarians can administer lethal injections… Why is MAS having it performed by techs… If done incorrectly, even though I abhore killing animals, the animal suffers greatly…

      Ah, Mr Rogers, certainly not the sweater clad friendly sort we grew up watching on TV… Yes, let’s chip in to adopt him & perhaps we can put him in a friendly Tiger cage in a zoo… All’s fair in love and war, hurt or kill an animal needlessly, no holds barred, it’s war…

  1. this is great but don’t you think the shelters should be open on such a day! ALL OF THEM.. to advertise what they are doing.. seems a natural

  2. Everyone: Please share info about your local shelter’s participation (or lack thereof) in Just One Day. Don’t make me chase you people down with chokepoles!

    1. To be honest, we already had the Fathers Day special going and it is going until Saturday. Means adoption fees are waived for all male animals and last week I had a “personal” challenge with the Shelter going which was pretty good too….

  3. Okay – my local humane society was going to check into it, but there’s nothing on the website. Animal Control was also going to participate, but I don’t see anything special going on there, either. The humane society is running a “special” adoption fee of $10 for cats in honor of Adopt-a-Cat month.

    We’ve got a lot of work to do in animal welfare . . .

    1. ps – get those babies outta there, please
      IF they are only a month old, they should be with their mamas (although they look a bit older, but still too young to be on their own)

  4. Our county “humane” society and animal control are both closed today. No adoption specials at either facility, Both are high kill.

    1. Clarice,

      I am so sorry that the local shelter where you are is so bullheaded… But only you, starting somwhere like petition to City Counsels and such, allong with others can put a stop to this with sit-ins/lobbying and petitions… It’s be slow and tough going, but every politician wants to avoid bad publicity so it may work to “peck” until you irritate a politician to action to do what is correct, A No-Kill State… At least it would be a beginning…

      Are you the same lady who was denied adopting a dog in another state? Did you ever find out anything further about that dog?

  5. My local shelter is not participating but they are also (secretly) no kill. For next year I will definitely bug them about getting involved. They are open today.

  6. I read this post from Nathan on Facebook and it gave me hope (in a city with a high kill facility – for now at least….):

    “Some shelters are reporting they’ve run out of animals for adoption, others have lots of empty cages because they’d done more adoptions today than they normally do in a week, one animal control shelter reported mass crying by their staff as the animals went out the front door in the loving arms of new families in droves.

    In just one community, 88 out of 100 dogs and 28 out of 30 cats were adopted by 11 am. In another, they stopped at 186 adoptions because they ran out.”

    The public is the key. Engage them. Give them a call to action. Help them do something selfless. They can and will rise to the challenge but they must be invited to the life saving party in the first place. We are capable of much good as a society so I say stop blaming the irresponsible public and give them a chance to show what’s important to them through their actions.

    1. I haven’t been over to his page lately, but this is fabulous news… And I am so happy for thos lucky, lucky dogs and cats. And would like to praise the kill shelters who joined the effort to not kill Just for One Day…

    2. That is SO SO great to hear!! It really shows the shelters/AC facilities that they CAN do it if they really try. If they arent doing it because they desire to keep saving animals’ lives, then at the VERY least, you’d think they would think twice about killing the animals because of the adoption fee money that is coming in. Thanks for sharing that with us!!

  7. My county shelter took the pledge. No mention of Just One Day on the website, but they happened to have gotten their new director a week ago and wow, the website is suddenly showing actual adoptable animals. Much more customer-friendly. The barn cats program is front and center. They’ve got a dog named Oz and a cat named Lunch. Nice!

    Ditto our local humane society, which is limited-admission but large. They took the pledge and, while there’s no mention of Just One Day on their site, there’s a Father’s Day adoption special through this Sunday (as well as free adult cats for the month) and the whole page is very welcoming.

    Crickets from the city shelter. No response, no pledge. But at least they have a cat/kitten special for June.

  8. I have seen nothing to indicate that the Pima Animal Control Center in Tucson, AZ. took the pledge and this is pitiful. They kill needlessly thousands of animals… I am so sorry… I thought they woulld take the hint…

    Oh, Biscuit, what beautiful sweeties you took photos of at the Walter Crowe…

    Little Stubs looks like he is not shy around humans or a camera… What a mug! I see that Stubs has some spotting in his fur, so he is mixed with Queensland, which are highly intelligent kids… Oh my, I love that face, I cannot see him facing death but facing a bright future with someone who he can be a cuddly companion to…

    That little month old female white kitten, very inquisitive and will learn quickly I can see right off…

    That female mixed breed furry reddish brown dog appears to me to be a bit Shepherd, perhaps some collie (the smaller variety like a Sheltie)… She was very attentive to the camera, or maybe it was the human (probably you) behind the camera… Would she not enjoy the company of your other furry kids. I took a look at the photography you did of your furry kids on Flicker and I enjoyed it immensely… You have a wonderful happy furry family, even the poodle trying to show alpha… And I can tell you love them all equally and are a good pet parent…

    Ah, the little 13 inch Beagle, Bizzy, I only wished I lived closer cause I have this love of hounds… I know if my father was still alive he’d adopt Bizzy in a heartbeat… I hope someone does that treats her like family & she lives a life of being loved… She deserves that, not dead…

    I briefly read someone’s comment about a Father’s Day promotion, what a great, great idea. Every man deserves his onw favorite dog, I believe this with all my heart. My mom had her poodles, my father had his beagles & English Setters, but he always had one or two favs that went everywhere with him… AH, Bizzy, the Beagle Gal could be that Special Pooch to some sporting man who has retired from hunting, but still likes to have a sporting dog for a companion (& they do make good companions; if my dad was still alive he would probably tell you that his dogs like Lady & Teddy- who was a female was his prize-winning field trial winner over and over again- would listen to him talk to them for hours and would really listen more than my mother!)…

    OR, Biscuit, how about making Bizzy a comapnion to your Graham?

    I so hope the No-Kill Day, in the participating shelters was a huge success in adoption rates… All furry kids deserve to live, not die! Wouldn’t it be great to issue a No-Kill Day bi-monthly in all shelters until No-Kill is the law of the country????

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