Shelter Pet of the Day

Jersey is a female Labrador Retriever available for adoption in Senatobia, MS.

Submitted by Jamie, a vol at the shelter, who writes:

Jersey’s a young adult – possibly 3 or 4 – and is the most calm lab I’ve ever seen. She doesn’t jump or get overly excited and will not leave your side, even without a leash (which is why I had trouble getting a full-body pic). She’s at least crate-trained, if not completely housebroken, listens exceptionally well and even knows how to sit. HW+ but asymptomatic.  I may have a foster for her if a rescue can pull her and vet her.

Senatobia-Tate Co. Animal Shelter
909 E.F. Hale Dr.
Senatobia, MS 38668
Phone: 662-562-0070


This shelter’s kill rate is unknown.

10 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. Jersey has been at the shelter for a while and because she’s HW+, her chances of being adopted are slim. We all know what that means . . . Please help me network her!

      1. I believe so but I have not personally talked to the Vet. I’ll try to confirm today. The shelter has at least started her on Heartguard.

  2. UPDATE: I was just informed that Jersey is pregnant. Again. (Her milk had only recently dried up when she was brought into the shelter about 30 days ago.) This means that she is officially URGENT and has less than two weeks. Unfortunately, her babies will not make it, regardless of whether she’s adopted or not. She’s also showing some signs of hip dysplasia so her chances of being adopted have dramatically decreased. Please share or pledge to donate for her care to the potential adopter. Thanks.

  3. Unfortunately, they will not let her carry the pups to term there or let her leave carrying them.

    1. They are committed to killing the puppies but they may allow the mother to live if someone else is willing to take care of her? My god! The brutality is staggering.

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