Mental Health Break: Photos

Peter from the Allegany Co Animal Shelter in MD reports that former Shelter Pets of the Day Georgie and Milkshake have left the building – together!  I am so happy for them.

Adopted! Georgie and Milkshake with their new family. (Photo submitted by Peter Masloch.)
Having a heavenly time in their new home. (Photo submitted by Peter Masloch.)
How sweet it is. (Photo submitted by Peter Masloch.)

12 thoughts on “Mental Health Break: Photos

  1. Thanks Peter for sending these pictures. After the bucket load of sorrow today I really needed to see something heartwarming instead of heart wrenching. I’m sure that little cowgirl will be a great friend to those two beautiful dogs.

  2. We love you, Peter Masloch. You are a true animal hero and many, literally, owe you their lives.

  3. Thank you, Peter! I don’t know who’s cuter, the dogs or the little girl. They belong together.

  4. Now this is the way EVERY “SHELTER” Story should end, Happily Everafter…

    Their new family looks happy to have them & Georgie & Milkshake look at peace. Amen to that!

  5. Please thank the wonderful family who took BOTH dogs in to love them. It takes a special and compassionate person to do that

  6. Awww! So sweet! Im so glad they got their forever home, they look so happy and content in it!
    It’s so good to hear news like this every once in a while to break up all the bad.

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