Theft, Fraud, Violence, Murder – The Crimes of MAS

Correction:  I mistakenly referred to May 4, the day Nola was killed by MAS, as the date of impound in the original version of this post.  Her date of impound was May 3.  I have corrected the post.

Now we know why MAS refused to provide Nola’s records to owner Victoria Henry weeks ago when she first asked, requiring her to file a FOIA request in order to force the city to share Nola’s information.  MAS records reveal that Nola was killed the day after impound by MAS on May 4.  Ms. Henry received a phone call from MAS interim director James Rogers and went to the pound to view the records herself.

James Rogers says the pound “would love to be a no kill facility” but there are too many animals coming through the doors to stop killing.  Let’s be clear:  Nola had an owner who dressed her up in girly outfits for pictures, an owner who was trying to find her and wanted her back home but was denied the opportunity because MAS killed the dog as soon as they got her into the pet killing facility.  Then they attempted to cover up the crime and deny the owner access to Nola’s records, all the while claiming they were investigating this huge mystery.

MAS has no desire to be a no kill facility.  If they did, the very least they could do is not kill owned pets within 1 day after intake and then lie about it later.  Those are the actions of cowards – too afraid to make a change and stop killing animals, too irresponsible to own up to their actions and tell the truth.

Goodbye Nola.  I’m sorry the people who were supposed to protect you when you got lost killed you instead.  You are loved.  You are not forgotten.

Nola (photo provided by Victoria Henry)

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  1. I want to know who knew what and when they knew it. Did they allow that woman hope when hope was already gone? Did Rogers offer her another dog at the shelter (as reported in one of the articles) because he already knew that her dog was dead?

    Does she get anything more than a shrug and “sorry, shit happens”?

    1. I would like to know these answers too. I got this news earlier today and have been thinking about it all day. The only reasonable conclusion IMO is that this was an orchestrated coverup. I see no feasible explanation for how it could have taken a month and a half to discover this information within the MAS records.

      1. If this was a coverup and they knew that she was dead all along, you can add sadism to their list of crimes. Of course, sadism is not a new thing at MAS…

  2. Damn them all! Nola did not deserve to die – and those who have covered up her killing are as bad as those who killed her. STOP THE KILLING!!!!!

  3. Convenient that this comes out just before the public meeting tonight. The evil that pervades MAS and this city government is mind-numbing. Sweet Nola.

    1. I am ready for a silent Vigil at MAS, how they are not being picketed every weekend is beyond me.

      Sincere sympathy to Nola’s family. Run free little Nola, forget the horrors of MAS, those murdering humans will never have the peace you have when they move on after death.

      1. Sue, please do go and stand silently or picket loudly or whatever you want. It matters not if you are the only person there. What matters is that SOMEONE stands up for what is right in a peaceful way in accordance with the laws of the land, unlike what MAS does. Call the local media and tell them you are protesting. Get someone to take your photo. I will put it on the blog.

      2. @ Sue and Tanya – there will most likely be a public assembly, but it might not be so silent.

      3. We should call for the resignation of Rogers and make sure that someone, somewhere, without all the pompous attitude and business background is put in charge. This is not working.

      1. I think if people could come in numbers, huge numbers, with their dogs on leash in tow, or even without a pet and be a huge silent crowd outside… it would make an impression that no one could equal. Alert the media… the crowd could be silent as those who are no longer with us, thanks to MAS, are silent. Some signs would be good… like ‘we want all murderers to be brought to justice’ ‘we want compassion to exist at MAS’ ‘we demand transparency at MAS’ ‘give the new shelter to homeless people, at least they might have a chance’… oh, I think you could think of hundreds of thoughts for signs… they don’t have to be nice either.
        Keep the faith… remember we do more harm just watching horrors happen, or ignoring what we see. Just do it and be a voice for the voiceless… you will have throngs following you.


      2. Don’t you know by now that they only do things at their convenience. Rogers never even addressed the Nola issue, even though he knew she was dead. He put on his fancy powerpoint presentation which was nothing but rhetoric. The meeting was very heated, and the vet on the Board, whoever he is, is the most rude person…..he interrupted Victoria’s fiance’s speech about Nola and after protest from us all, he was allowed to finish his sentence. He hit the nail on the head so to speak. What a bunch of morons.

  4. They are immoral jackasses, just stupid, lazy, good-for-nothing, impotent low-lifes.

    To kill a dog that they JUST FOUND is actually worse than killing a dog that has been there a while. On top of that, didn’t you report that they actually were NOT keeping the new, larger facility ‘full’, but had empty cages????

    There day will come….sooner than they think after getting away with this much this long. They deserve contempt for their actions and inactions.

    1. Oops – type in haste – last paragraph I of course meant ‘Their’ day will come…

  5. I am screaming inside my head right now “WHY? WHY? WHY?” And why the trail of lies? Why lie to the owner for this long of time? I hate these houses of death…how sad that we must protect our pets from so called “shelters” – places who are supposedly set up to protect animals…RIP sweet Nola, you were loved by many. I hope the family does not back away from this…Nola should not have died…it boggles my mind – are there not laws in Memphis that strays have to be held for a certain number of days? Does no one have oversight over these hell holes? God be with the family today who were victims of this evil “shelter” system…

  6. There must be an animal loving politician in the state that will step up to stop what’s going on there.

  7. March 6, 2012
    “We need to work on processes. We need to work on accountability. We need to work on management. We need to hold everyone accountable,” Rogers said.

    Shame on everyone that was involved in this coverup and especially Mr. Rogers. Where is the accountability? Who did what and who will be reprimanded, suspended, fired?

  8. killed upon impound?? really they have no holding laws there.. not even ONE f’ing day…fire all of these jerks.

    1. They have laws. But everyone at MAS knows there is no one in the city who is going to hold them accountable. Hell, the mayor thinks they’re doing a great job. No doubt at the meeting tonight we’ll hear high praise for how they are killing less animals than last year. As if that is some sort of comfort. Maybe they should throw a party for Jerry Sandusky since he is probably raping less boys now that he’s become the focus of media scrutiny.

      1. You’re exactly right – Rogers did gloat that the shelter had a 56% euthanasia rate as opposed to last year’s 83% at the same time. He might need to work on his math skills – the euthanasia rate was actually around 80% at the end of May.

      2. Actually, Rogers gloated with a smirk on his face that the kill rate at the end of May was 41%. Well, we knew that was in error, and after doing the math during the meeting, it was more realistic at 71% at the end of May. Boy, wiped that smirk right off his face. Wharton is so beyond MAS, he is too busy with his other pet projects, just as long as someone is at MAS to be his patsy and scapegoat, he’s a happy camper. Sad, sad, ,sad.

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    who will investigate this? it is a crime! Another animal suffers because of the negligence, indifference and ignorance of humans. Thank you Yes Biscuit for sharing and continuing to bring attention to these injustices.

  10. Makes me sick. I just knew they had already killed that poor baby. What kind of place is this????u

  11. What amazes me more than anything is that it seems that the people of Memphis do not get livid about this and confront the mayor, city council, the director of MAS, etc. RIP Nola. To Nola’s family, my most sincere sympathies. I was really hoping for a much better outcome.

  12. What I don’t understand is why the citizens of Memphis aren’t rising up in anger at the cruel, abusive and willfully incompetent management of the pound. Every single person who lives in Memphis and has a pet runs the risk of having the same terrible loss that Nola’s owner experienced. So what’s with the deafening silence from the locals?

    1. Not all of us are silent, but you’re right – too many local people were sitting on their butts at home tonight watching TV instead of giving a rat’s ass about the outright murder of a family’s dog by people whose salaries they pay with tax dollars. I was once proud of Memphis, but no more.

      1. You are right. Too many people just don’t care or are to busy with their lives. I am fortunate enough to have been able to go to the meeting, only because I am one of the thousands of unemployed people in this God-forsaken city. I am hoping that Ms. Henry will still pursue her lawsuit against the city. She was offered a refund of her money she paid to pick up Una, but still no apology from the city or any explanation. I understand the employee who allowed this to happen has either been fired or suspended. Rogers needs to be fired and someone else put in charge. He’s had his chance, and all he does is make pie charts and powerpoint presentations with inaccurate information. Oh, they did get the employees nice new crisp uniforms. sheesh

  13. I guess no one in Memphis cares as long as it’s not there baby…Maybe a hosp. will make a mistake and take the life of one of those morons that did this, or maybe one of there family members, then see how hey feel……

    1. Beamon is not the only one who should be fired! Far as I’m concerned, with the history at MAS, Beamon was fired for PR – more CYA from MAS.

      1. I agree db. Rogers needs to be fired also. He knew weeks ago Nola had been killed. I want to vomit! There just doesn’t seem to be any decency in the entire government in Memphis. That city is a cesspool of corruption and greed. What is wrong with the people living there that they don’t expect and demand better than what they are getting? What is wrong with them? Why do they just keep on living like they do taking what is given and done to them? Aren’t they better than that?

        Hooks and Hall are involved in this since they turn their heads and ignore the cruelty and abuse that goes on at MAS. They should be fired also.

    1. Dot, Victoria Henry just found out yesterday afternoon about Nola. Rogers asked her to come to the shelter at which time he told her that Nola had been euthanized the day after she escaped with Uno. Victoria reached out only to a couple of advocates who kept silent only to see what reaction the City / Board would have tonight. Some of the media had already picked up on it before the meeting and it was posted to Facebook this afternoon (Where’s Nola?). Hooks and Hall were absent and apparently Rogers, nor anyone on the board, planned to mention Nola at tonight’s Advisory Board meeting. Victoria’s fiancee, Greg Knight, stood and gave them an earful. Thank goodness all the local news stations and the Commercial Appeal were on hand to hear what he and Victoria had to say! This was the top story on every local news station tonight.

  14. Unbelievable … then again, this is MAS. My thoughts pretty much echo all the other comments posted here. Additional question, which I’m sure someone here knows, isn’t there a mandatory stray hold? I know many shelters can, and do, kill owner surrenders upon intake, but not strays.

    Rest in Peace Nola. You should not have been killed.

    1. angelpaw – the clerk at intake put the wrong date on Nola’s card. It stated May 3rd, rather than June 3rd. Another employee caught the mistake and pointed it out to the clerk; however, she never changed it. Nola was also listed upon intake as a “Pit Bull Terrier”. Unfortunately, at MAS Pit Bull + 30 days equals KILL.The clerk needs to be FIRED!

      1. I’m sorry, I meant that the card read April 3rd, rather than May 3rd (they day the dogs were picked up by Shelby County Rabies Control and taken to MAS).

      2. Unfortunately, as of today’s news at noon, the clerk who put in the wrong date is STILL employed. That’s SOP for MAS. She’ll probably get a raise….since now the manager has been fired, as a scapegoat no less, instead of Rogers

  15. Nola’s Facebook page is still up & will continue to stay up, the name has been changed to Justice For Nola (Where’s Nola) because now we are going to use the page to hopefully get some changes made at MAS to end all this. There were SO MANY “MISTAKES” in Nola’s case and it needs to be fixed!! There will be protest planned in the future (near) that will take place so please join Nola’s page to keep up to date so that if you live in Memphis or to close you can join us. This has to stop!!!

  16. I am very sorry for the loss of Nola. But what proof has MAS offered that she was killed the day after entering the shelter? They have falsified records before. The timing of the announcement that she was killed is strange–right before the meeting. I don’t mean to imply that Nola can ever come back, but why should I (or anyone) believe anything that MAS says? As far as I’m concerned, she could just as easily have gone out the door like Kapone. Theft, fraud, violence, murder indeed–take your pick.

  17. I haven’t spoken in a long time….but here I go again…There are a lot of good, dog loving people in the city of Memphis. We are so out numbered by the political machine that our hands are tied. If everyone with a concience in Memphis voted against the current political machine we would lose…there simply are not enough of us. Having said this, I am outraged by another dog dying….on the day the little girl entered the dungeon…Everyone out there should be fired. I mean CLEAN HOUSE…and start over! Privatize the damned thing or close it! I wish the owners of Nola would sue the city for every thing they can! I thought that Kapone my be the impetus for change but not so. I have a knot in my stomach for this innocent animal. I am so sorry that she died. If screaming, crying, threatening would help..I would do all of the above. There does not seem to be away to get rid of the dungeon of horrors. I cannot believe that this place has been allowed to function and handle trusting innocents, all to the innocents detrement!

  18. So sad. I just keep thinking how I would deal with this situation and it just makes me sick & speechless. My thoughts go out to this family.

    1. Sick and speechless, exactly. Victoria Henry’s poise and dignity put the city to shame.

      I hope nobody will think of using the word “tragedy.” This is a crime.

      1. I hope nobody uses the phrase “isolated incident.” Really tired of that one. Crime is the appropriate word.

  19. I was surprised that Beamon got fired. I mean, it’s fantastic that he was fired (hopefully they’ll change the locks so he can’t go dog shopping at midnight any more), but it surprised me. At least *something* good came out of this.

    Pitiful compensation to be sure, but…

  20. Nola does not favor any type of pitbull or pitbull mix. It is the RULE of MAS to kill immediately ANY dog even remotely resembling a pit bull. Rogers did a lot of posturing tonight, and a lot of rhetoric. It was not until the owner of Nola spoke up that things got heated. Rogers was cornered. He lied. He cheated, he skirted the issue with pie charts and a powerpoint presentation, where we caught him trying to fudge on the euthanasia numbers. Caught him cold handed. He can’t add. I’ll update more tomorrow when I go over my notes. Poor Nola, may she rest in peace.

  21. I believe I read that Nola was microchipped but they did not scan for one. The state of GA has a law that any animal about to be killed must be scanned for a chip even if it has been scanned upon intake. I am sure there are “shelters ” here that have ignored this rule but it is a good one and is easy enough for all shelters to do. Just keep a scanner in the kill room.
    The employee who put in the wrong date and then was too lazy to correct it when it was pointed out to her should never have another easy night’s rest. The face of Nola should haunt her for the rest of her life! I can’t wait to hear about the meeting tonight.
    My heart hurts for Victoria Henry, it is so obvious that she is a responsible pet owner who dearly loved Nola. Rest in Peace Nola.

      1. Thanks Clarice, I just learned that on tonight’s news report. Although a rule like the GA law would not have saved Nola, it is still a good practice that every shelter can and should follow.
        Between this story and the bad outcome on the Lennox issue the past two days have been real heartbreakers.

    1. Joyce, the “suggestion” was made tonight by an advocate that a scanner be put in the kill room and that every animal be scanned prior to euthanasia. Even though Uno was the only dog microchipped, Victoria Henry had called Home Again and reported both dogs missing, Had the shelter scanned Uno and contacted Victoria immediately, there’s a good chance that Nola would still be alive today.

  22. OMG, I am so sorry, Ms. Henry. Please tell her not to allow MAS to get away with this; sue them to the hilt. Get an Animal Defense League Lawyer, perhaps there may be one affiliated with the No-Kill Advocacy that would defend Pro Bono to defend the rights of Ms. Henry, and, though it cannot bring Nola back, it can begin the downhill demise of MAS (which is desperately needed) and making that Nola did not Cross the Rainbow Bridge in vain… Ms. Henry was wronged, and so was that poor baby Nola.

    MAS definitely is giving poor excuses for killing, it is their mentality to kill is apparent. It is no longer trying to mate a lost dog with an owner, or adopt out healthy animals, it is just a killing frenzy, nothing more… And this James Rogers should be held accountable for this murder of an owned pet and all the animals he allows killed each day. I would even ask a Court to order him dismissed as MAS Head as well as put his buns in prison, and maybe, if Ms. Henry’s luck improves, Rogers may “accidently” wind up on Death Row and not saved in time…

    No Excuse for this travesty, none whatsoever… SOBs…

  23. One other note for the night. In Monday’s edition of the Commercial Appeal, Mr. Rogers proudly announces that Memphis Animal Services is participating in “Just One Day”. The shelter is and was closed on Monday. One of our favorite recurer / advocates asked Rogers tonight why he didn’t honor the actual meaning of “Just One Day” and open the shelter so that the lives of more animals could have been permanently saved through adoption (instead of a 24-hour repreve). At first he was dumbfounded by the question – later he conceded that it was a “missed opportunity”.

  24. Clearly an older dog that is well socialized could not have been living onthe streets its whole life. I myself in the past called and spoke to a former director and the veterinarian then employed to explain that older animals that were not severely injured or were socialized are the last ones that should be euthanized because clearly they got to that age because of an owner that cared for them and was probably searching for them desperately. This also happened to my sisters cat. It was euthanized the moment it arrived and by the time my family got down to the shelter that very day he was gone. One thing we all immediately did was to microchip every animal in our extensive family-even the indoor cats. The records of MAS intakes should be monitored every day to make sure all intakes are scanned for chips and if even one is not checked the responsible employees should be terminated immediately. Responsible owners are NOT the reason for our over population of unsocialized and uncared for pets and it seems that these employees are jaded by the faults of the average memphian “pet” owner. They need to realize that they are a “shelter ” for every animal, the true family pet is just a minority of what goes through there doors. But every living thing deserves to be treated with compassion and respect no matter what the outcome is.

    1. These are very valid points. But the bottom line is that the people working with the animals (and supposed to follow the procedures) need to do what they are supposed to do. And there needs to be transparency and accountability – neither of which occur at MAS. Not to mention that many of them don’t give a plugged nickel for the animals in their “care”. It’s about the people and that’s where MAS fails, fails, fails!

  25. I am so very sorry for Nola’s mom. I would be absolutely beside myself with grief and fury if this happened to my dog.

    Nola, you will never be forgotten, sweet girl.

  26. I just want to say to Victoria Henry that I am so sorry for your loss. I would be in such agony if this happened to me. When are we going to recognize that pets are not just “things”, and cannot be treated like a lost vase or an inanimate object? This is so wrong. And so very, very wrong that they killed poor Nola the day after she was taken into the “shelter”. I propose we stop calling “kill” facilities shelters, and instead start calling them what they really are — death camps.

  27. This is so awful, all the way around, from Ms. Henry’s loss to the irresponsible person who put down the wrong intake date to the person who killed her in the back. I’m very sorry for Ms. Henry’s loss. I def. think she should sue!!

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