40 thoughts on “Looks like you’re going to need another logo contest MAS

    1. EXACTLY! How can there be so much STUPID in one place?
      Never mind, it doesn’t matter how . . . Someone adopt this pup and get that damn thing off of her.

  1. A padlock? Seriously? I feel a ‘key missing’ episode coming here! You really should sell the idea of a sitcom on these people

  2. I’m willing to believe this adorable dog came in as a stray, with the padlock as seen.

    However, the matter of the turd left on his chipped and rusting “bed” is another question.

  3. That collar should have been removed immediately. Holy shit.

    It has to weigh a pound and a half, for heaven’s sake. If a dog came in wearing barbed wire, would they leave it? Wait, don’t answer that….

  4. And when that padlock gets caught on something in the cage and the dog strangles to death, do we just mark him up as “found dead in cage”?

      1. Not even the pile sitting next to him, well at least it appears healthy. Idiots!!!!

  5. OMG! That is awful!! It makes me wonder if they were training this dog to be a fighting dog, because the idea is that the weight is supposed to help strengthen kneck muscles or something like that, but the dog doesnt appear to be a “pit” in any way, so IDK. Either way, its ridiculous!

    1. Completely unacceptable. Why do the staffers at MAS have to be TOLD that this is not right? Maybe after “compassion classes” we can get some “common sense classes”.

      1. Sorry – I lived in the South for 10 years. You really CAN’T fix stupid!!! And so many really are…..

  6. I am getting sick of MAS & feel bloging is not going to eradicate this diseased facility. Why is no one demanding that the Animal Welfare League or the Animal Defense League work swiftly to have MAS Doors closed permanently and the animals sent elsewhere, like a No-Kill Center?

    Imbecciles, one an all at MAS, especially Mr. Rogers. He needs a padded cell for sure!

  7. So, if the Pet Harbor photo is her intake photo, she has been wearing the heavy padlock throughout her stay at MAS.

    She looks like a happy dog, despite being incarcerated by the wrong-headed morons at MAS.

      1. Kate H… LAM is correct- this pup was trembling and wouldn’t come to the front of his kennel- too afraid.. I met him and I think we all need to try to find him a home. He can’t leave there before July 5th…..I was in the stray area looking for a yellow lab I had seen on PH…. 99% of the kennels , each, had at least 3 separate piles of poop in them…. I am sure they had not been cleaned in over a day (but i think at least a few days) .There was feces in one of the dog’s water dish- and it had been there a while…. I would have to say that just about every dog in the stray area would make a great pet…. But they prob will be killed and never get the chance……ask me how many dogs I saw getting fresh air…. Yup- you know the answer. Ask me about the pet of the day- in a really nice kennel in the lobby…. Psych! Not really the pet of the day- he was a cute shih tzu that was already adopted…. Not even a sign saying he was adopted…..ask me about the dog that got adopted but couldn’t be micro chipped because there wasn’t a vet available yesterday!!!! Ask me about the pet adoption event held at another location…. Nah, dont ask- wasn’t one! Oh and ask me how many volunteers were there…. How many fingers on a hand? That was about it….

  8. Also, MAS, If you are trying to make over your image, I’d say step number 1 toward looking like a non-hellhole is to PICK UP THE DOG S**T BEFORE YOU TAKE A PICTURE!

    1. This photo wasn’t taken by MAS. It was taken by a visitor who added that the dogs in the stray area (where the public is not allowed unless they are willing to wait for an escort to become available) were in filthy kennels.

  9. Anyone interested in adopting this dog must have a 6 foot fence which will be inspected by a Memphis ACO (if they can manage to send anyone over there) and submit to a background check. If they can’t manage to get the ACO to your house, the dog will end up in the dumpster. If you don’t pass the background check, the dog will end up in the dumpster.

    Defenders say these are positive steps taken for the protection of the dog and that this dog is better off dead than with some asshat who would leave her in a dirty cage wearing a padlock. Er –

    1. Do you know if there’s a fence inspection/background check if the dog is being reclaimed by the owner?

      1. wow.. that’s a good question. And I bet there’s a hefty fine to go along with that inspection.. wonder how long it takes them to get to the home and bet they charge a boarding fee…

      2. AFAIK an owner reclaiming a Pitbull does not have to go through the fence inspection or background check but does have to pay fines which are beyond many people’s means.

      3. Interesting. I wonder how many people “reclaim” their lost dog that really wasn’t their lost dog?

      4. I would assume, although I have no information on this one way or the other, that MAS does what other shelters do – that is, asks for photos, vet records or some reasonable proof of ownership. As far as someone being willing to pay the exorbitant fines to get a dog dishonestly, I would imagine they would opt for a cheaper alternative, which seem to be plentiful.

  10. Her turd has worms on it! Can anyone else see that??? I don’t think my eyes are playing tricks. Shirley, can you see the white worms????

    1. yes, it does look like that to me too. It could be undigested rice from a home prepared diet but somehow I doubt she’s being fed any homecooked meals. I’m sure the MAS vet is totally on the case. Of course, if she has seen this dog and failed to remove the effing padlock, well DOT DOT DOT

  11. I didn’t think a ”shelter” could get any worse than MAS, then I saw read this post from Eagles Den Rescue in NC. —

    ”Harnett County kills all available animals every week. They die Tuesdays at 7:30 pm. ALL OF THEM-EVERY WEEK. Please share. Please rescues, if you have room. Please fosters. If you know a rescue, contact them. Pledges from folks to rescues who may not have the funds to take on another one really help! This is just awful. 110 McKay Place, Lillington, NC 27456 Pull/adoption fee is $25.00”

    Here’s their website, look at all these precious puppies!


    1. I cannot believe all the pups and young dogs at this shelter! It is not like this shelter is extremely rural either-approximately 30 miles from both Raleigh and Fayetteville.

    2. I really love this from their website:

      “Unlike some counties, Harnett County does not require that our adoptable animals be spayed or neutered. However, we strongly urge that the new owner consider the surgery.”

    1. There have been petitions and billboards and emails and letters galore – they choose to ignore anyone who questions what they do. Those kinds of things are pretty easy to “delete” – what has to happen is ACTION and TRANSPARENCY.

      1. Don’t judge others until you have walked in their shoes, been to the facility, or visited the town/county/state. Stop believing every photo, article, or blog until you have researched it. Completely. The internet is full of cut and pasted, out of context and sensationalized stories. Change does not happen overnight. Mindsets of communities are not the same everywhere. Education and working together does move mountains. If you really want to help, then donate to a shelter. They need all the help they can get. I agree that S/N should be required be shelters, but government stands in the way of progress like always. Harnett County is heading in the right direction with citizens stepping forward their time and money to support change. Their support will move the government forward. I suggest you find government data about the amount of animals brought into shelters each year and their adoption and euthanization rates. See what they are really up against. Educating the public and long term goals are the key to success.

      2. Right. Let’s talk about facts. Fact is that between January and October 2012 MAS has taken in 11176 animals and killed 7884 of them. That is a kill rate of 70.5%. Fact is that healthy animals are being killed at MAS while many cages stay empty. Fact is that MAS is making it as difficult as possible to adopt a pet. Fact is that MAS has no remote adoption events. Fact is that animals have been neglected and abused inside of MAS. Fact is that the Director of MAS is as compassionate as a anvil.

      3. Sounds like Lady Jane is a “friend” of MAS (not of the animals) perhaps. Sorry, but I go with the facts and the facts prove time and time again that MAS as an animal SHELTER is a big fail! And the beat goes on . . .

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