Shelter Pets of the Day

The Petfinder page for the Estill Co pound in KY says it is “very rescue friendly” and begins its rescue guidelines as follows:

you can rescue a animal when it is due to be euthanized, or adopt that pet if you really wish it.

The pound has zero pets listed on its Petfinder site and the same number posted on its FB page.  These are some of the animals posted by a rescue group on FB.  (Thank you Dot for sending me these links.)

Cat at Estill Co pound, as posted on Facebook.

The rescue group which posted this cat on Facebook describes her as being “unsure of people”. I would guess that she might be more accurately described as “sure of these people”.

Litter of kittens at Estill Co pound, as posted on Facebook.

Estill Co Animal Shelter
50 Ginter Rd
Ravenna, Kentucky 40336

(606) 723-3587

This shelter’s kill rate is unknown.

14 thoughts on “Shelter Pets of the Day

    1. Oh let’s see:

      We all want the same thing…

      Don’t be negative…

      They’re doing the best they can…

      It’s a hard job and if you don’t volunteer you can’t criticize…


  1. the first picture makes me so mad.. that cage is soo filthy.. with poop laying on the cage floor.. there is filth all over the entire cage. OMG.. the water.. or is that food soaked in urine? What is wrong with this place. and you should see the two day old kittens! No picture of the mother.. the baby’s are laying on a filthy rag.. where’s the inspector?

  2. It’s awful to see this. Unbelievable how the big organizations keep saying rescuers are hoarders . . . this shelter has hoarder/warehousing conditions, and so many do — they warehouse and mistreat the animals BECAUSE they plan to kill them. No normal person would treat animals this way.

    But HSUS, the ASPCA, and PETA think it’s perfectly okay. So, so shameful. Those poor cats.

  3. Looks as bad as it is here. There is NO excuse for NO food and NO water and dirty dishes-
    That is not doing the best we can- that is pure filth.
    But you can bet if this was found at a sanctuary be PeTA HSUS or ASPCA the people running this house of horrors would be sued for everything they own and them some. Undercover video would be posted on every 6 o’clock news show and people would scream cruelty and hoarders.
    The little babies have a bad URI and I will bet you they are not receiving antibiotics- but I have to have vet checks and if I had this with no medical records I would be shut down and fined-cruelty and hoarding.
    I asked this before of the Nationals why are taxpayer funded AC not held to the same stAndard as rescues and I was met with a stone face.
    Hey Ky- where is your outrage!!! Lazy and ignorant..

  4. Those poor kittens. The litter of 3 look sick to me.
    What the hell is wrong with people?
    May need to take a mental health break from this awfulness.

  5. Disguising and shameful. And they call themselves a shelter? What exactly are they sheltering these animals from? They’d do better on their own outside.

    Here, if a person was found to be keeping animals in this condition, they’d be cited/arrested, animals seized, taken to a vet, etc.

    Shelters are suppose to be a safe, good place. Is there no one that could save animals in this facility?

    signed –

    Embarrassed to be part of the same race as the people “caring” for these animals.

  6. I get e-mails every day that are forwarded from rescues/shelters in KY listing their URGENT pets. These rural shelters are pitiful!

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