Dog Handling Skills on Display at Memphis Pound

April 10: A pair of Memphis ACOs place some dogs in kennels and then come back to get them a little while later. (Note: The clip begins with on ACO already inside a kennel with a dog she’s just brought in and a second ACO coming in with his dog.)

April 11:  This clip of a worker roughly putting dogs back in cages during cleaning was sent in by Casey.  She has a longer version here for anyone who wants to see more context.

19 thoughts on “Dog Handling Skills on Display at Memphis Pound

    1. To me, throwing a dog is unacceptable. As is using a steel door to place a dog in a chokehold. But more than this, I see a long term PATTERN of abusive behavior toward pets at MAS. It was evident on the webcams and it’s still evident even after they shut the webcams off and made us jump through all kinds of hoops and pay through the nose for video footage. It doesn’t seem to matter if they fire some of the worst offenders and replace them with new people. Everyone there is part of this culture of abuse.

      1. breaks my heart to see all those wonderfully friendly dogs being treated like crap…I look around in my house and I see happy dogs doing what dogs are supposed to do… “Be my companions”

  1. The woman in the first clip – clearly cannot read a dog. The dog is afraid to come out of the kennel, so what does she do? Gets down on the dog’s level and looks it right in the face. For a frightened dog among strangers, that’s a threat.

    Two things she could have done – either walk around to the outside of the kennel (dog probably would have followed out the open door) or crouched down with her SIDE to the dog and made little “good dog” sounds, not looking him right in the face.

    Good to see those handling classes are really paying off. I wonder if they teach Dog Throwing and Pinning with a Door 101?

    1. I hate to think too that she is learning from the male ACO. Like hey, what I did failed but this guy got the job done so I’m going to be more like him.

      1. Well, the woman in the bottom clip has no problem regularly lifting dogs by the neck, so maybe she took lessons from that ACO, too.

      2. And while Pitbull type dogs typically have thick neck muscles, that’s not true for all dogs. Anytime a dog is lifted by a noose around the neck it can potentially damage the trachea. Even a minor irritation can cause a dog to cough. And a dog who coughs at MAS doesn’t have many prospects.

      3. The new foster I have is a American Bull dog mix and when I pull on her leash even a tiny bit she will cough… I can’t imagine how those dogs feel.. shame on them

  2. Okay. I work in the boarding area at a vet clinic and I have to deal with dogs like this (ones who really want to get out of the kennels and ones who really don’t want to leave/enter them) all the time. It’s really not that hard to handle them. It certainly doesn’t involve throwing them. This is awful.

  3. I’m in total amazement that this is continuing to go on after all that has transpired. I’m angry and sad as everyone else is – to see this this unneeded treatment of the animals. This is directly why people feel that all Animal Control facilities are bad – and that all Animal Control employees are bad – which certainly is not true. May education, budgets, karma and the life continue to get better for the needed changes everywhere…but Tennessee being a bastian for this sort of issue with the Government and the Government run facilities.

  4. Just awful…I really want to scream about this. Im so glad to see all the “re-training classes” the workers took are really paying off.

  5. And now for some levity. Sort of. Look at what this person (probably sock puppet) wrote today on “Lilly Tangers” ( This was ALL in defense of the editorial Peta recently put out defending their stance against no kill).
    “You talk about the shelter director that was indicted for cruelty ? That would be Ernie. He was our only No Kill director, came from out west and brought No Kill to Memphis. Ernie had dogs stacked to the roof, it was as bad as the flyer said. Everything said about Ernie was absolutely true. It was filthy overcrowded, dogs died in pens from being stacked and fighting over food. Yes that happened. That’s what the face of No kIll looked like to Memphis. That’s why we fight so hard, we lived with it once, never again. Oh, the blog Cooper referred ya’ll to about the doc’s that a Winograd outlet, so the doc’s may be good but the motive is not, I think it’s telling that CCF leaked them to Mr. Winograds outlet.”
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    Please feel free to comment on that FB page!

    1. Oh dear. I am not going to leave comments there or even click the link for fear of catching the brain eating bacteria that is apparently thriving there.

      1. Brain eating bacteria. Finally the explanation as to why I continue to defend and promote no kill to those that claim to love pets but will move heaven and earth to keep the killing status quo.

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