Feeding at Memphis Pound

April 10, 2012: This room at MAS is off limits to the public. It was full of dogs in the morning but about half were taken away (probably to play in a meadow of daisies). Their empty cages were cleaned in the afternoon and the remaining dogs were moved into those wet cages. Then the rest of the cages were cleaned. Bowls were left in the empty cages during cleaning. Then the worker picks up an empty wet bowl, walks out to the food bin (presumably – it’s not visible on this camera) and returns with kibble. Repeat for each dog. One of the cleaned cages had 2 bowls in it and one still had kibble so the worker gives that kibble, which must be wet with disinfectant and water, to one of the dogs. But hey, at least they got fed.

April 11, 2012: No dogs here were fed from 7am to 7pm, save for the pieces of biscuits handed out in this clip (sent in by Casey).

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  1. video one… so is this how they were taught to clean and disinfect the food bowls.. just use the pressure hose in the kennel.. spraying urine and feces all over everything? And the dog in the kennel top right get two bowls of food?

  2. So do these dogs get feed twice a day or only once a day. Is the biscuit considered their second meal?

    1. The dogs in this room on April 10 got fed once – albeit wet kibble from other dogs’ bowls. The dogs in this room on April 11 got no food.

  3. What you’re seeing in the bottom clip is the only food those dogs got that day.

    I will also point out that three of the cages in that room were never opened, never cleaned. Those three dogs sat in dirty cages with no food all night, all day, and then all night again. One of the three repeatedly banged his food bowl over the course of the day, hoping someone would put food in it for him. No one did.

      1. The Mayor would have to give a rat’s ass, first. And since he does not, well…

  4. Mayor will not do one thing as he gave that responsibility to those two females. The citizens of Memphis should band together and picket with huge signs of the abuse that goes on at MAS….right in front of Hooks and Halls offices. They should do that until they are heard and something is done.

  5. we could have a little memphis film festival with hooks, rogers, wharton, et al watching these videos with us . . . i’ll spring for the popcorn

    the fact that this continues to go on, even after they took down the ‘public’ cameras, but they know we can see this stuff is the most discouraging to me

    what a pathetic bunch of ‘human’ beings

    God help those poor animals

  6. Oh my God this makes me sick….

    “One of the three repeatedly banged his food bowl over the course of the day, hoping someone would put food in it for him. No one did.”

    And this breaks my heart.

    These poor souls.

  7. While the biscuit giver lady probably did not realize that these dogs hadn’t been fed at all, the person cleaning the cages should have realized it – only a few of the cages (of the ones that got cleaned) even had (empty) food bowls in them – the others had no bowls. Which makes me wonder just how haphazard feeding is in this room to begin with?

    Is this room a “pre-kill holding” area and we don’t want to “waste” food on soon-to-be-dead dogs or are they just so disorganized (and they are – half the day seems to be spent there by people wandering around looking for things, dogs, each other, etc.) that no one realizes that cages are going uncleaned and dogs are going hungry?

  8. pardon my french, but WTF?! I am at a loss – and I am beginning to lose hope…..why doesn’t the media want to share these videos with the public – how doe we get someone/anyone to listen?!

  9. Does the health department not oversee shelters? In NJ, we have laws detailing how animals are kept in shelters and the exact cleaning procedure. I’m an ACO and I worked at a shelter. Putting dogs back in a wet run and re-using dirty bowl (with food in it!) is illegal and disgusting. When I would complain of my fellow workers, my manager always said, “That’s what you get for minimum wage”. Simply crazy.

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