After 2 Years of Wrongful Imprisonment, Belfast Pet to Die Alone

Image of Belfast protest in support of Lennox, via Facebook.

Official Statement From Lennox’s Family:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all again for your messages of support. We are sorry to say at the present time Belfast city council seem to be intent on killing our boy. Despite previous assurances otherwise, we have been denied the opportunity to say goodbye. We have also been told that we cannot collect his body and bring Len home. We have been informed however that we will receive “some” ashes in the mail.

Shame on you, Belfast City Council.


86 thoughts on “After 2 Years of Wrongful Imprisonment, Belfast Pet to Die Alone

  1. No surprise that they won’t get his body back. Can you imagine if pictures of the body were to hit the internet?

    I’ve been hopeful that this would turn out better…but after two years of doing the wrong thing, I was not optimistic that things would change now.

    This is as shameful as it gets.

    Obviously there will be a lot of justified outrage, but how it can be used to promote change is an open question. Firebombing the city council building? Probably not what we need. Pushing the current city council out. Using this as the flashpoint to overwrite Northern Ireland’s approach to labeling dangerous dogs. Boycotting Northern Ireland until this is done. Etc. etc. All would be justified, but it will take organization and ongoing commitment from a lot of people to keep this from being just the cause-of-the-day.

  2. Belfast City Council should be ashamed. The intent they have on killing Lennox is disgusting, they ignore the opportunities that have been offered and they ignore the plea of hundreds of thousands of people. I cant explain the anger and disgust I feel today.

  3. This is so sad….but I still believe he was already PTS at an earlier time and they are going to continue to cover their sorry asses for as long as they can.I do hope some day the whole truth comes out and the BCC pays dearly for what they have done.

    1. Ya know — I hadn’t really thought about that. But could definitely be true. It is just so sad and so cruel. He’s been in isolation for two years now (allegedly) — it “almost” doesn’t get any worse than that. I’m so broken hearted for his family.

    2. Exactly what i thought…any many others. Lennox was dead long ago. Rest in Peace Sweet Boy.

    3. I think you are absolutely correct in that they don’t want the truth to come out. They were not taking care of him. There were leaked pictures of Lennox with sores all over his body. They were neglecting him and don’t want it to come out. What pathetic scum. The truth will come out because the world is watching…and we are nowhere near as ignorant as the “officials” at the BCC. I can only hope they pay gravely for their crimes. My heart is with Lennox…..he has been an innocent victim and still maintained a friendly demeanor.

  4. The worst is that Lennox would not have treated them as badly as they are treating him. I will never visit Ireland, had planned a trip but not now. I am beyond disgusted.

    1. It’s the UK the ones responsible for that, not the Republic of Ireland. If you plan on going to Dublin, Cork, Galway, Kerry and many other places, do so.
      Get your facts and blame the right country.

      1. The BCC in NORTHERN IRELAND is to blame here. Michele has the right country and she knows who to blame and has her facts very accurate! So cork it Mr. A. Naiz!

  5. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I am going to have a moment of silence for Lennox and think about the happiest dog things I can manage. I’m going to think of him as a puppy, and him playing in the snow. I’m going to think about getting food off the human dinner plate and taking a long walk on a breezy day. Every happy dog image I can muster, in honor of Lennox. It can’t hurt and it doesn’t cost anything so what the heck.

    1. I thought this was a good idea, so I took the dogs for a walk and pictured Lennox under a blue sky, in the green, green grass, happy and romping.

  6. I can almost guarantee you that Lennox was killed long ago and Belfast City Council is covering their asses. Liars and murderers. They will all burn in hell and hopefully die slow and painful deaths.

  7. Never, never EVER(!!!) will my body grace that sorry, sick land, and my $$$$$ WILL, indeed, NEVER stray there for ANY purpose whatsoever. Subhumans!!!!! Sadistic subhumans!!!!!

    “Sorry asses” fur sure.

  8. to all readers of this blog who live in Belfast…..WAKE UP!!!! at some point the city council will be up for re-election. MAKE THIS AN ISSUE!!!!! to Lennox’s family I can not express the outrage and sorrow I feel reading your story. I know it has been a nightmare.

    1. For anyone who doesn’t know, Jane is an adamant PETA supporter and, while I’m glad she is bringing additional exposure to Lennox’s story, she is likely to say at least one stupid thing while doing it.

    2. After fifteen minutes of examining Justin Bieber’s paparazzi problem, they had Victoria Stilwell on for less than five minutes, and cut her off in mid-sentence to go to an ad and then an exercise segment. VS did her best, but it almost wasn’t worth the effort.

  9. I cannot believe the insanity of this – Belfast I hope you are ashamed of killing an innocent dog. Poor baby he did nothing wrong. As Gandhi said ‘the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated’. Shame on you Belfast City Council.

    1. Belfast’s decision proves the lack of greatness of their nation and they’ve had NO moral progress if they can kill innocent animals.

  10. The Belfast council are all a bunch of dose……..they should get the PTS…….hope they all rot….

  11. My sympathy to Lennox and his family and friends. He deserved so much better than he’s gotten from the government. I don’t know the truth (whether he was killed earlier) but I will join Shirley in thinking happy puppy thoughts for Lennox, for he will once again be that happy puppy at the Rainbow Bridge, waiting for his people to join him. I have to believe that.
    Shame on all of those who have caused this to happen, or who stood by and let it happen. You should hang your heads in disgrace.

    1. The politicians on the Belfast City Council had so many opportunities to be heroes and turn this thing around to work in their favor. It’s rare to come across a politician who won’t do something easy to be popular with voters. Their determination to kill this dog goes beyond your run of the mill dirty politics.

  12. It not being a “surprise” to some that they won’t get the body back still doesn’t make it right. It’s wrong on every single level. And for the rest of their days I hope these Belfast City Council members are forced to live through hell. After all, that’s what they’ve done to the innocent dog and his family. Lennox was never the monster. It’s always been the BCC from the very beginning.

  13. They should be ashamed of themselves! You will never have my business ever!How do u sleep at night with the weight of the world on you?U are a HORRIBLE country!

  14. they are MONSTERS! And I agree that they already killed him, and that this is a cover up—that doesn’t stop me from continuing to email and plead for his return in a clear, adult manner.

    Also, please remember that Northern Ireland is NOT THE SAME as Ireland! They are two different, distinct countries! Ireland does NOT have this law!

    It’s the UK that has this law, and Northern Ireland is a part of the UK and so I’ll not be going to Belfast ever. Ireland is where my family comes from, and thankfully they all come from the south‚ which is the Republic of Ireland.

    1. I take it that MOST people there see the cruelty and absurdity in killing a friendly dog based on appearance when there are offers to rehome him in locations which do not discriminate against dogs based on appearance. It seems to be mainly the Belfast City Council that refuses to see this, not the Irish people.

  15. What an absolute tragedy for Lennox and his family. I am an American living in Ireland (the Republic of) and have been here for 10 years, it’s a lovely place. Please don’t say you’re never visiting Ireland just because of this… it’s Belfast, the City Council in particular that should be blamed, not an entire country which is already struggling financially as it is. God Bless sweet Lennox!!

    1. If the people of Northern Ireland care about this issue, they need to demand more out of their politicians or replace them.

      If they feel the same way about this that the Belfast City Council does, then any boycott or protest of Northern Ireland is warranted. Who elected these people, and who has the power to elect someone else?

  16. Each and every member of the Belfast City Council has been cursed by a million people. Every bump in the night will strike fear in them all. Karma will get their asses and they know it. Sleep well members of the BCC!!

  17. I already think that they killed Lennox and are covering it up- the fact that the family is refused visits and cant get his body should be the clue! I think they abused him so he would get aggressive and that would have helped with this death sentence. i really hope its not true- but then again his suffering would be done! Lennox if you have already passed im so sorry for the treatment you had and go to the rainbow bridge for peace! God rest the people who did this terrible thing to you. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.
    if i lived there, they would probably have my dog as well cuz hes a bull terrier mix, but rest assured hes the most loving dog in my world!! the world is watching <3 you Lennox!!!!

  18. I hate conspiracy theories but it seems they killed him long ago and are covering it up. They cannot take it back now. That’s why no farewell, no viewing, no nothing. To me this stinks of a killing long ago they are covering. Now they cannot go back. I for one renounce my Irish heritage and wish to spit on a leprechaun today. So sad.

  19. They have killed this baby long ago. There is NO other reason for their actions.

  20. St. Patricks day is dead to me and anything else Irish for that matter. I agree with you Shirley. The council could have come out smelling like roses over this but instead they chose to make a political stand not only against the dogs and their countrymen but now the entire world. I cry for Lennox’ family, cannot imagine their grief. I hope they are able to sue the whole english island into oblivion. They will be getting an envelope of ashes in the mail? How cold.

    1. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, as in the Republic of Ireland. Belfast is in Northern Ireland, and is part of the United Kingdom, not the Republic of Ireland. And Northern Ireland has a separate, provincial government, like the state governments in the US, that has a more extreme version of the Dangerous Dogs Act than the UK as a whole does.

      And even then, THIS is an action of the Belfast City Council, not the Northern Ireland provincial government, or the UK government. And if the Republic of Ireland tried to interfere, they’d be interfering in the internal affairs of a foreign country.

      Can we please blame the right people, and not random bystanders?

      1. It may be an action by the Belfast City Council but BSL is very much the law of the land throughout all of Great Britain.

  21. Was it ever going to be any different? bcc were never going to release Lennox and now to say they will post some ashes to the family is the final disgusting ending to this sorry mess. I am ashamed to live in a country that kills innocent animals, I just hope there are enough people in this sorry land that will keep Lennox’s memory alive and fight to change the horrible unfair BSL. Over 200,000 people worldwide campaigned for his release, world renown dog behavourists offered to take him, officials from around the world pleaded for mercy, all requests fell on deaf ears. I never thought I would write, R.I.P. dear Lennox, you were loved and cherished by your family and my heart is heavy and sad tonight.

  22. My heart is breaking for Lennox and his family! Seems to me a city council that could MURDER an innocent animal because of what he looks like is far more dangerous than one family dog could ever be! I am praying with all my heart for a last minute miracle!

  23. I will light a candle to honor his soul, knowing he deserved better and regardless of when he actually left this earth. Humans failed him.

  24. What is wrong with this council?? Why wont you even give this family a chance to say goodbye… so many ppl offered to take this beloved FAMILY PET OUT OF YOUR COUNTRY AND YOU WONT EVEN ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN.. GIVE LENNOX A CHANCE. I am really starting to believe they have already MURDERED LENNOX… why else will they NOT let lennox’s family see him???…shame on this council get your heads outta ur areses for god’s sake….

  25. I am 99% positive that this poor dog, taken for no reason other than he was in the wrong place and looked like a Pit Bull, was later put down. A ruling had been made and these heartless people never dreamed people who care would fight so hard and get so many others involved in order to save their pet, so they killed the dog and expected the issue was closed. Maybe in the long run, that was better for Lennox, he could run free and didn’t spend 2 years alone under the care of heartless caregivers.
    Pat Black
    Alberta, Canada

  26. What are they hiding that warrants them not releasing Lennox body to his family? I think it is disgraceful last act of Belfast City Council, not only have they disregarded Lennox innocence they are now disposing of him like a piece of rubbish. Show some compassion now and let his family say their last goodbyes and deal with him in their own dignified way. It is so very very wrong of you to deprive them further, you have nothing left to prove by witholding his little body.

  27. I might be the only one to vote that Lennox has not yet been put down. If any judge throughout this process had reversed the findings and ruled that Lennox needed to be released, there would have been hell to pay. It’s possible that the courts are in the pocket of BCC and BCC knew that wouldn’t happen, but it would have been a big risk.

    1. I would agree, except that they are refusing even to return the body. That argues that either they no longer have a body to return, or that he was so abused that they don’t dare let the body be seen.

      1. They’re not going to return the body because the last thing they need is pictures of the body being circulated on the internet.

  28. If this travesty of justice occurs then hit Belfast where it really hurts. Boycott Ireland and all its products. It is unfortunate that this would effect many people not involved in this matter, but let these foolish politicians think long nad hard for what they have done.

  29. Me too I think they killed him a long time ago – …cruel heartless bullies are everywhere…Ireland is no exception….my thoughts and prayers are with Lennox and his family.

  30. Our third trip to Ireland is now canceled. I could never again visit this country. What they have done to Lennox and his family is truely unfair. I can only pray that these fools who decided to kill Lennox never have peace in their lives. Also they need to look into animal abuse by the council. I saw a few scars on Lennoxs in his photos. Hopefully others will cancel their trip to Ireland so we can hit them where it hurts them most…their wallets. We Love You Lennox…

  31. It may be that Lennox is still alive. Apparently the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, has just thrown in her support to save Lennox. I am hoping that this means that he is still alive and that it’s not too little, too late.

  32. Belfast city council members be aware….
    Your souls WILL rot in HELL for this atrocity.

    Wouldn’t make sense, like many o u folks r sayin, to refuse visitation and return of his body unless he had been mistreated and possibly already been MURDERED.

    Those responsible…the politicians should know well enough by now what everyone else knows all too well…
    Which is ALL that goes around, COMES around.

  33. Hate to put this into words, butIt is my feeling that the reason they won’t allow the family a visit is because he is already dead and from the pictures that “leaked” he was in such bad shape BCC cannot afford for any one to view the body. However, they are mistaken if hey think the Lennox Army is going away.

  34. So sad. I tried to be optimistic, hoping for his release, but should’ve known better really. My heart breaks for Lennox and his family. But at least he is at peace now.

  35. Victoria Stillwell has posted that she will be on Jane Velez-Mitchell’s show on HLN at 7:30 p.m. ET tonight. She says Caroline Barnes, Lennox’s owner, will call in to the show. So there may be some news . . . and hopefully Jane will not voice any PETA positions.

      1. No Caroline Barnes. All too brief. And, of course, Jane Velez-Mitchell took time to pontificate about how people don’t spay and neuter, as if somehow that’s the reason this happened. How utterly pointless and stupid.

      2. Actually, I think Velez-Mitchell’s rant was damaging, as it gave credence to the notion that the root problem is with irresponsible people who breed vicious pitbull type dogs rather than with the irresponsible, by-the-numbers enforcement of a bad law.

      3. I agree that it really missed the point – and I was very disappointed in the brief segment. It almost sounded like she put it on because of all the emails and facebook requests she got.

      4. You’re right, Eucritta. Viewers who didn’t know anything about this would come away thinking that somebody other than the BCC was at fault. Unbelievable.

  36. Attention Belfast City Council douchebags: Expect my phone call. You won’t like it. Really.
    – An extremely pissed off and disgusted Canadian

  37. Who are they kidding? They have already killed the poor dog? They have committed so many atrocities that even they cannot untangle their web of lies and deceit. Shame on each of you at BCC! I am heartbroken as are thousands of other people. You will return “some ashes”? Of what? Your fireplace? Your trash barrel? Shame, Shame Shame on you! God is watching and if Lennox is dead be assured he sits now at the feet of God, a position he has richly earned after the debacle you created.

  38. It would be important to go and investigate that Belfast City Shelter, even with hidden cameras as Peta does frequently, and show to the world what is going on there.Those photos and videos are powerful tools to awake authorities to make important changes, to kick out those people, who never ever would chance to work there and making egoist decisions, destroying animals as they wish Let suffer, starve,injure them daily, just for “fun”.Who is controlling those people? Nobody.Time for change.Hope soon can be seen many photos and videos on the internet about those horrific shelters in Belfast. Hope also some personal changes in Belfast City Council.

  39. I feel the same frustration as a child when my dad refused to allow my dog in the house when the snow was 2′ deep, without any valid reason other than “he said so.” I feel the same hurt from a heartless decision.

    I’m thinking the dog had nothing to do with it, but it’s the people they are trying to hurt.

  40. Our expectations were too high. After all, it’s “humans”(?) making the decision and humans are the most ignorant of all species. Because they choose to be. For humans,(?), intelligence obviously breeds ignorance. 12/21/12 can’t get here fast enough.

  41. Poor Lennox- there were so many other options. We live in a cruel world. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  42. Why are you blaming a whole country for some idiots on the council? My husband is from Northern Ireland and we have adopted 3 abused Great Pyrenees and fostered 9 others. Generalizations and blanket stereotyping solves nothing.

    1. K Penney, who has elected the idiots on the council to represent them? The mayor of the city where I live is a complete buffoon, and all of the citizen bear a portion of the responsibility for her being in office.

      If the people of Northern Ireland, and Belfast in particular, are as outraged about this as they should be, then they can be agents of change. They can vote the council out and they can push to have the Dangerous Dogs Act repealed.

      This story can still end well if Lennox’s story can help the thousands of dogs who are going to be seized in the future.

  43. May I suggest everyone name their next new pet/child after a brave doggie who suffered 2 years locked away for the poor decisions from a small group of people? LENNOX

    Lennox brought together many people around the world to stop breed specific injustice & to save his deserving life. My next kid (dog/cat) will be honored with the name LENNOX! Will yours?


  44. Belfast council are damn assholes i would never visit that place ever hope everyone else boycotts them also

  45. Its awfully sad when people’s prejudices spill over to the animal world!! Fear is a terrible motivator! Fear creates prejudices is all races, human or animal. I would like to extend a gift to Lennox’s family and offer a free animal communication session. Someone get my information to them please. Contact me at TLKOR@AOL.COM. maybe I can help offer a little piece of mind. God bless you in your struggle

  46. That is BULL-$h1T! Someone should imprison those ASS-CLOWNS in the Isolation section of Prison for Two years.
    I hate people and I hate ignorant people even more. I hope to GOD they burn in hell!

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