Belfast City Council: One Final Lie about Lennox

Lennox has not “been humanely put to sleep”, as the Belfast City Council puts it, nor has he been “put down“, “euthanized” or any other euphemism.  Lennox was killed.

This is exactly why we call it the No Kill Movement and not the No Humane Putting to Sleep Movement.  No kill advocates are for true euthanasia to end the suffering of medically hopeless or behaviorally hopeless pets after all reasonable efforts to help have been exhausted.  We are against killing – which is ending the life of a pet for any other reason.

Lennox was neither medically nor behaviorally hopeless.  He was a little girl’s comfort dog and a friendly family pet.  He was deemed dangerous due to his body measurements under a stupid law in Northern Ireland.  There were offers to rehome Lennox in other locations which have no such laws and as such, he would not be considered dangerous.  But the Belfast City Council would accept no alternatives.  The BCC seemed to be afflicted with some sort of maniacal bloodlust over the dog.

When you talk about Lennox from now on, make sure you choose your words carefully.  He was killed.  Just like all the other dogs deemed dangerous due to body shape under breed specific legislation in Northern Ireland and elsewhere.  It’s killing under the guise of public safety.  But who keeps the public safe from those who kill a little girl’s friendly pet and call it humane?

97 thoughts on “Belfast City Council: One Final Lie about Lennox

  1. Until we start telling the truth about all the animals who are killed daily in “shelters” ~ facilities ~ the killing will continue. There has been nothing humane about this since the very beginning. Something about all of this does not ring true. Not allowing the family to see him, to be with him at his death, to have his body back smacks of deceit and dishonestly.

    May Lennox’s death be the beginning of new awareness for all those animals who die daily because of the way they look.


  2. The Belfast City Council members are truly Evil–and judging from the responses in some of the Belfast papers, they have a certain amount of support from the ‘good people’ of Belfast.

    I joined the Boycott Belfast campaign several months ago, and personally encourage everyone else to do the same. This is the only thing that will hurt them now–let them understand some of the consequences of their evil actions. I will never. ever. visit. Belfast–and will do everything in my power to make them pay for this. Forever.


    1. Unfortunately boycotting Belfast will only hurt the people who work and live there. The people who are getting screwed daily by their government. The people who work hard and get payed little. Boycotting Belfast will hurt those who work to feed their families. Jobs will be lost and incomes will diminish.
      It is a beautiful city full of beautiful people. Don’t let the choices made by a handful of assholes be held against the people who really care and fought for Lennox.

      1. They are the people who elected that council. They will be the ones to vote them out. I WILL boycott everything about Belfast; tourism, products, people or even their ‘taters.

    2. You are an idiot. It’s not the people of Belfast’s fault, but the government. The people of Belfast fought hard to stop the murder of Lennox but you are willing to punish them for this?! You can not judge a country’s population on a handful of mindless politicians/reporters. Wise up and be sensible

      1. the people of belfast voted for these losers. when’s the next election? will they be voted out? until they do, i will boycott belfast.

  3. There is a quote in Redemption which always struck a chord with me. “Ethics and honesty demand avoiding euphemisms. The challenge is not to do away with the troubling words ‘no kill,’ and to white wash killing; rather the challenge is to do away with killing, which requires ceasing to pretend – to oneself and to the public – that it amounts to anything else.”

  4. Well put…anger and frustration with BCC, and heartbreak for the family and Lennox. BSL needs to end NOW.

    1. Exactly. There certainly wasn’t any compassion locking him in a cage for two years, not allowing any family contact either.

      The council proved they were “dangerous”, not Lennox.

  5. This just dont make sense they murdered Lennox 4 no reason just cuz of his size he was a little girls pet how can u take him from her They need new council in there n laws i have never heard of someone killin a dog over size this has 2 stop .STOP THE KILLING OF DOGS.LENNOX THERE WILL B JUSTICE 4 U

  6. He was MURDERED. I NEVER use the ‘e’ word anyway because it’s a lie.

    They also told their same old original lie in their announcement, calling him a ‘pit bull type’ dog. They KNOW he isn’t!! They have the DNA to prove it, and simply labeling him that because they feel it justifies their vile, despicable action or might persuade the idiots out there that the BCC was right won’t change facts.

    They killed him over ILLEGALLY USED tape measure standards– standards they can be sued over for using because those same standards have been used by other, equally evil idiots to kill other innocent dogs who were also crossbreds.

    BSL laws are immoral, and one of the best pieces of evidence of that is how many INNOCENT dogs die as a result, not only because they die for their looks, like Lennox, but when they’re good and completely innocent, also like Lennox. Good dogs die because of these terrible laws, and those who write them will burn in Hell along with the members of the BCC, their dog wardens, and the judges who condemned Lennox

  7. Lennox represented so many dogs or any other animal “killed” just because “the shelter was full or we have no room”! This is so NOT acceptable! Wake up people see what is happening here with innocent animals—they don’t deserve this treatment! There are other alternatives as was for Lennox but because of the ignorance and stubborness of the human race they continue to hit the “easy” button and “Kill”! The “No Kill Revolution” has just begun! Stop the Killings!!! Lennox is our symbol of innocence “killed” by the human race! The BCC needs to be investigated to the full extent because they murdered an innocent dog and for what–to fulfill their “duty”! They are not the victim here as they want others to think—-Lennox and his family were the victims not you BCC!!!! Let’s join together in honour of Lennox to fight for innocent dogs/cats being “killed” every single morning!!!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!!! Donna Leonard (West Virginia, USA)

  8. He was murdered. There were so many fighting for his life. I did my share of emails, signed petitions, spread the word. And in the end he was murdered. Belfast will be remembered in my mind as the city who did this to an innocent victim.

  9. I am so devastated about this and just cry for a dog I have never touched but his story touched me and I loved him….cry, cry….I am so heartbroken that people are this inhumane

    1. I feel exactly as you do. I can’t seem to hold back the tears.
      I just rescued a small female Husky, and when I tracked down the owners, was told they couldn’t get her for a day or two. Ok. I’ll care for her. They NEVER came for her. When I did get a hold of the owners….I was told they didn’t want her. I was devastated. But, it turned out well…I found her a 1,000 acre farm in western Kansas. She’s very happy.
      I feel the need to do something in honor of Lennox. Like, stick my hand down the throats of the Belfast City Council!! How on earth do they sleep at night?
      Any radical ideas? ….. I’m all in.
      I’m mad as Hell and can’t take it anymore!!!!

  10. I am shocked about the follwing words of the BCC in their today’s statement: “The Council`s expert described the dog as one of the most unpredictable and dangerous dogs he had come across.” What a lie! Only ONE expert has seen Lennox. Was his life not worth to be seen by a second expert? What was their problem?

    1. And to assess a dog while incarcerated in a nasty, filthy, hell hole of a prison—oops, mean shelter – is so wrong… what about the pictures someone posted of the dog warden hugging and playing with Lennox?

    2. Victoria Stillwell & another dog behaviorist expert did see Lennox, but their testamony wasn’t allowed by the council’s judge. They both said Lennox wasn’t a threat to anyone. Belfast city council & the ex-cop dog “handler” who said he was “dangerous” were just determined to kill Lennox, be damn what the world thought.

      Is it any wonder why animals make better companions than “peopele”?

  11. As someone who has dogs in my family, I cannot bear to think what Lennox has been through… He must have been so confused and scared because for all he knows there is a family that loves him, then one minute he is taken away, abused and detained by some strangers who were bent on killing him.

    My heart goes out to him and those he left behind.

  12. someone needs to be accountable for making this foolish unacceptable decision
    it actually reeks of the dark ages and not a modern society decision…
    probably a MALE also made the fateful hard-handed order

  13. Belfast City Council, you are bunch of murderers. Yes you killed this little boy. Shame on you. I wish you the same faith, but not “humanely” as you said. You deserve to die in the most horrific way.

  14. I suggest no one visits Belfast Ireland. It’s time for a boycott.
    What a horrible, heartless group of inbreds.
    As a child I was bitten on the lip by a Cocker Spaniel.
    “It’s the deed………NOT the breed.”

  15. I’ve shared this before and am a bit off thread, but I’m angry. You can take my dog when you pry him from my cold, dead hands.

  16. MURDER!!!!!

    A very gentle person I know, a man, said: Wicked death to ALL who participated in this ugly murder.

    I agree.

  17. People continually make up idiotic reasons to slaughter animals. This same atrocity is going on across the US, including here in Houston at 3 of Houston’s kill shelters. The Houston SPCA, the Houston Humane Society and Harris County animal control kill all dogs that they claim are Pit Bulls. They do not temperament test them. They do not give them a chance for adoption. Like Lennox, they do not give them a chance at life. They just KILL them all.

    The killing of dogs simply because someone labels him/her a Pit Bull MUST end.

    In 2011, No Kill Houston worked to introduce the Companion Animal Protection Act at the state level (Texas CAPA). Texas CAPA would have made it illegal to kill animals based on arbitrary criteria such as breed, age or color.

    Unfortunately, the kill shelters and their defenders (including HSUS) fought Texas CAPA and it did not pass in 2011. See the list of opponents here:

    When Texas CAPA is filed again in 2013, I want want every single Texan to remember this story and to contact your state representative and demand that they support Texas CAPA.

    The discrimination and mass slaughter can be ended, but WE must all fight for laws that will end it. Texans can find their state representatives here:

  18. Actually, I consider it murder. You call it killing when it’s done to an abandoned dog. To rip a dog away from its family for no reason, incarcerate it for 2 years, and then execute it is murder.

  19. Yes, yes – it is murder – cold, calculated, contemptuous. It is hard for me not to wish the same upon them, but I trust the bad karma they created will find its way back to them. My heart is heavy.

    1. The reason they need the PR is because of cruel behavior such as this. If you did things the right way, you wouldn’t have to worry about looking good . . . are you listening Belfast and MAS and NC and FL pounds and all the others who worry more about appearances than actions?

    2. OMG!! I almost threw up when I read that! I’m surprised they didn’t include that in their little PR about Lennox’s “humane euthanasia”!

  20. Sad for the family, outraged and devastated. Lennox’s dna proved he was not a pitbull. We need to make Ireland pay, literally. Hopefully they will lose millions in tourism dollars worldwide as a result. Let us not have Lennox’s death be in vain but be a reminder that the mentality that killed him exists at kill shelters all across our countries. “Lennox’s” are being wrongfully judged, misidentified and killed every minute in our shelters. Like Lennox their death often has nothing to do with the fault of the owner, and often they are just lost and seeking their loving family. Let us take this opportunity to re- evaluate our shelters murderous poor performance and focus on electing politicians that will stop merely blaming the public and use our tax dollars to take killing healthy and adoptable pets off the table by implementing the no kill equation. We have the power.

    1. It doesn’t matter what Lennox was, genetically. Pitbull or no, he was not a danger to anyone. He was killed because of ignorance and ego.

      BSL must be stopped.

      1. Also, this didn’t happen in the Republic of Ireland – which does have BSL but places (absurd) restrictions on listed breeds rather than banning them – but in Northern Ireland, which is a separate region more-or-less part of the United Kingdom.

        According to the Wikipedia page on BSL, the law under which Lennox was condemned is not the UK’s Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991, but rather essentially the same law enacted locally as Dangerous Dogs (Northern Ireland) Order 1991.
        (you have to scroll down a long way to reach it).

  21. you ignorant jackasses!!!! that dog could have had a million homes wiht ppl around the world who would have taken him!!! what you did is unforgiveable and despicable.

  22. It is horrible to put any animal down, no words ~ BUT ACCOUNTABILITY FOR OWNERS~ HUMANS~ I question the owners of Lennox, no matter as Staff or pit bull owners have abused and made these breeds their toy & show with abuse~ responsibility and even more care has to be an example as my friend has a mix pit bull in London, all is well and shared as he walks anywhere…
    Officials just walking in and taking a dog, with no complaints and medically taken care of, sorry if i sound naive but it just not makes sense completely and if it does not make sense, its not true in its entirety.
    Sorry for the blessed soul that did not live his life to its fullest as deserved, but is gov’t Belfast just walking in by chance then participating in a 2 year painful death sentence just because? Belfast has the laws of the united kingdom, its not a 3rd world country…Every dog matters and no law suit is entertained.
    Euthanising is despicable but no one should get around the laws and care of a dog companion, more laws are coming into action here~ so there is a bigger picture.
    Having a pet is a privilege AND THAT MEANS RESPONSIBILITY.

    1. And really, Doglover? Have you never seen what really goes on with BSL? How someone just out walking their dog, minding their own business, doing no wrong can have police and animal control come screeching up in their cars, declare a friendly dog dangerous, take him and kill him? All because someone saw the owner walking past their house and called the authorities to report a “dangerous dog” out on the street.

      It happens. It happens all too often and in too many places. I know of one woman who had it happen to her and her bull terrier – she had a very hard time convincing animal control that the bull terrier was NOT a pit bull and was NOT a banned breed in that city. If the dog had not been registered with the CKC, she might not have been able to get him back.

      And what about Toledo, OH where the dog warden’s office got a “bounty” from the city of $100 for every “pit bull” citation issued? You don’t suppose that affected the way they went after “pit bulls”, do you? Of course it did. They actively sought them out (and anything that might kind of look like one, maybe). And then they killed them. Over 1000 in one year. Adults, puppies, and elderly dogs. Fortunately, things have changed in Toledo, but not before this horror show went on for *years*.

      I’m glad that your friend can safely walk around London today with his dog. I hope and pray that he can do it tomorrow, too. But until BSL is stopped completely, no dog is truly safe. Because yahoo ACOs are out there and dogs die at their whim.

      1. As I asked below that is my concern. I want to understand how this story makes sense as I live under those laws with my dog… not in any other country but under UK laws, so as i ask reasonably why was he was not signed over and my questions below are reasonable.
        Im not trolling the internet, not interested in campaigning for the suffering but am conscientious of it~ I try to help in my community local shelter,donate, understanding what i have to do and how i can help.
        If this story is true, boy oh boy~ I want to make sure and reach out, as I know i can, its my community
        I am a builder of solutions by profession and I create in my head daily~If i can do something for the future to help with these issues, I WANT TO because all i know is more laws are coming here and it will effect NOT ONLY MY DOG!

      2. “Doglover”, you came roaring in here with a vicious blame-the-victims attack, and are expressing your total and complete ignorance of the Lennox case which has been animating the animal welfare community online for well over a year. The owners of Lennox have been fighting for the life of their dog for the two years since, YES, THE DOG WARDENS WALKED IN, MEASURED HIS HEAD AND LEGS, AND DECLARED HIM A “DANGEROUS DOG.” There has been no complaints about Lennox, not a bit, not a claim of “aggressive behavior”, not even a claim that he had at any point got out of the yard and wandered loose.

        And yes, this happens everywhere that has breed-specific dog legislation, all the time. The Barnes family just happened to be a)unusually determined, and b)a Saturday Evening Post family and therefore a real challenge for the thugs of the Belfast City Council to demonize as a “criminal element.”

  23. No, nothing should be judged on “the short skirt” as I have said… As i pointed to ask about the Owners to be questioned as the story does not make sense in its entirety! I pay for my dog to be vaccinated and all the rules by law… as Lennox was… and just by chance officials came and took him?! You report no response whatsoever
    My dogs best friend is a part pit bull in London (central) Their are NO PROBLEMS!

    1. Are you positing that Lennox’s owners were in some way deficient in the care of Lennox but that the BCC was too kind and considerate to mention this publicly? No more casting aspersions on Lennox’s family please unless you can provide evidence to prove your claim.

      1. AS may I add, there are plenty of Pit mix puppies/dogs in shelters for adoption here..
        My dogs best friend is a pit mix, I live in London under the same rules in Belfast…
        The owners campaign, was it to save themselves in what was to come under their penalties/consequences and this dog used as a tool only to save themselves from the law?
        I appreciate your responses and patience with me as well, as I am a supporter and to see this dogs picture and hear of his fate is disgusting but as I donate to shelters and understand their battle I only ask questions as this story is not complete to me.
        Lennox to be a mix, be documented and chipped, up to date with vet and no less to be a childs companion who is disabled WHILST JUST TAKEN AWAY BY CHANCE… scares me to bits for all dogs but as I live here I think… wait

      2. Doglover, the Northern Ireland Dangerous Dogs Act is based on but even nuttier than the DDA that covers the entire UK. Under the NI law, the fact that his skull and legs had certain dimensions overrode factual proof via DNA testing that he is not a pit bull, and not of one of the four banned breeds.

        Had you been paying attention and not discovered this case on the day Lennox was murdered, you would have known this. If you had the brains God gave a gnat, you’d pause to check out the facts before hurling aspersions on the Barnes family based on the presumption that they must be scum or their dog wouldn’t have been seized.

        Ignorant twit.

    2. I think your mistake is assuming that the actions of government agencies must make sense. That simply isn’t so. Government agencies are run by people…and individual people OFTEN do things that are petty and cruel for no good reason whatsoever.

  24. If I have a possession that is very valuable, i will go out of my way to take care, If I own something that is to attract attention or scrutiny in anyway to my surrounding environment, I would participate and engage care….Has nothing to do with looks as that is your prejudice and already misconceptions

    1. And they fought for TWO YEARS, pouring time, money, and tears into the effort. These are not the actions of uncaring people or bad pet owners.

      I know it makes you feel better, safer to think that somehow they did something wrong to cause this tragedy to happen, but you need to come to terms with the fact that many, many owners of certain breeds do NOTHING wrong, are good people who love their animals and take good care of them and the authorities still take them away and kill them.

      This is the reality of BSL.

      1. Then there ARE, believe it or not, folks that just don’t like dogs. Put them on a “council” somewhere & you end up with trouble, just like Lennox’s story.

        There are Muslims who actually believe dogs are dirty, evil & have been known to poison dogs in their city. Amsterdam has had that problem as well as other European countries.

        In the US, we treasure our dogs as family members, yet there are those who don’t understand that & will go to any lengths to promote unjust regulations if they can, simply because they don’t like dogs. Me thinks that was the problem in Belfast.

  25. I ask only more information on their reasoning for taking this dog… I live under the same laws and scrutiny that governs Lennox and believe me, it is a hassle as a dog owner myself, but I appreciate the immediate response and accountability for dog owners. No matter what breed, no dog will just sit in a car garage, walk around as a tool with owners to show threat, sit in a backyard to guard with just food and water or breeding mills
    I love this in its intention for the rules, not the euthanasia of course, but taking away all rights of those owners with their consequences thereafter- which I may say is big time consequences
    Unfortunately taking away this animal, all the paperwork or loopholes~why was their no solution…that is my point. People own Pit mix in Belfast and the United Kingdom… That is my point
    I ask what are the officials saying and what is the complete story of the owners, does not make sense.

  26. Lennox was MURDERED!!!! Stop sugar coating it. Those bastards MURDERED Lennox. I will boycott anything Irish.

    1. Yes, but also signing away your rights and taking the penalties under law is necessary, otherwise, yes to end the loopholes the dog will be euthanised, but that will not let the owners walk away completely or let them get away with a statement of innocence..they will still have the penalties no matter …So they can fight and i ask was lennox just used a a legal pawn for them?
      so i ask just wanted to know the answer from the council entirely because it was incomplete.Some people fight till the end at what ever cost no matter what, to avoid responsibility..
      This dog could have been dealt with/ given over to someone else if all statements were true, so this is what my whole question was, thats all..

      1. Follow this Irish blog threat to get all the details. It was nothing the family did wrong. Execution is the penalty for breeds deemed as “dangerous dogs” and the judges apply it ( with wide latitude) every time. This is not the first heartbreak case .Get your hanky ready – they have a photo of Lennox as an adorable puppy.

      2. @pet advocates Network;
        That is a complete story and heartbreaking..I wish he had the warmth he deserved.
        If the officers statement was true, and someone in the house in the heat of the situation of removal did say that comment, yes that would seal the dogs fate.
        I wish i knew about his before deadline sooner to have helped…
        That breed does has “racial profiling”, Owners must be so diligent.
        So sad.

      3. The family were extremely diligent. And you keep demanding that the family be severely questioned as to their guilt in the matter after they fought for two years to save a dog against whom there had NEVER been a complaint of any kind, and yet are willing to accept at face value the statements of the dog wardens who determined Lennox to be a “dangerous dog” based on skull and leg measurements they had no difficulty making on the dog with a seamstress’s tape measure.

        Get a clue.

  27. I appreciate your patience to my questions..
    I am not sugar coating anything, I am only asking what is the reasoning.
    no dog is just taken by chance, was this dog used as a pawn to take away the consequences and penalties from the owners so there is its promotion, because there is no solution to a 2 year dog imprisonment..
    there are pit bull mix in shelters for adoption! My dogs best friend is a pit bull mix, walks free under the same laws..
    A dog just taken that is micro chipped, vet checked, no behavioural issues and none the less a companion to a disabled child just taken by chance!??? That is my question and the story just seems not to make sense, so i ask if its really true in its entirety… I look around and just say WAIT…
    there are pit bull mix here OF COURSE….otherwise I will be very scared, as a dog owner myself, under the same rules as Lennox

    1. “no dog is just taken by chance” I think you mean that no dog is taken without cause or reason, right? Well, that’s where you’re wrong.

      Dogs are taken without cause and reason every day because of BSL. The only “reason” is that someone thought the dog’s head was too blocky or his coat too short or he just “looked like one of *them*”. It’s not just and it’s not fair and it’s rational. But it happens every day just the same.

      1. Yes the profiling exists. Unfortunately.
        Calls are welcomed to be reported and will be checked.
        This is where you have to be diligent in your proof, unfortunately.
        But these dogs are in shelters for adoption and they do exist here. I still support BSL though and the laws here and remain more cautious about the intelligence of ownership.

      2. Why would you support BSL when it has proven time and again to NOT make people any safer? The only thing BSL results in is dead dogs….

      3. The only thing BSL results in is dead dogs….No, of course not.
        The intelligence of ownership is what i stand behind. They are behind a law and only following it, until WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ex. our laws that need to be brought up at council hearings and changed for the times, until then, everyone having a dog that is a mix or similar to a mix must supply information and paperwork on where this dog comes from, not from a friend of a friend who just breeds, as my friend with his mix must show his paperwork tirelessly.
        I must say I have reaped more help and benefits from shelters and societies helping me here with rescues and strays here and overall animal funding, treatment, as well as security for animal rights over human ownership, those missing the advantage of loopholes have been an asset on many issues here, regarding that law of “pit bulls” or dogs on watch list just needs advocates to volunteer their time to make it a more intelligent detailed law and its requirements.AND MORE INTELLIGENCE IN OWNERSHIP FOR HANDLERS WITH MORE REQUIREMENTS ON OWNING THESE ANIMALS, then giving the societies the right to to place and help these dogs be handed to the professionals freely to house or even send to sanctuary without euthanasia.
        A petition to rectify and “use lennox” as an example to detail and help towards the future is a great idea.
        BSL and its help is far more advanced than other countries who have too much BS, not enough funding to even exist properly.
        Its pretty aggressive yes, but black and white with boundaries that needs more tweaking.
        But if you call them, a response will be almost the same response as if you call an emergency number for humans~how great is that!
        As well as fines and punishment to humans are an example~ I like that too
        I’ve seen the fines and punishments in the states for ex. even though its different in each city, It does not hurt the human and or responsibility or barely cover the costs to fix the crime.
        I see more of the good and options to actually do something and i also see the money being spent, which i pay, allot.
        As its a privilege to own a pet, the safety, the rules works out for our community and our four legged lovers.
        In the end, lets take this further to just advance the intelligence of this law, BSL is an advocate, paid for with our tax dollars
        Lets ask BSL to respond, to work with us ~ it just makes things easier for their work in the long run.

      4. You might want to check the dog bite statistics in the UK since your effing wonderful Dangerous Dogs Act was passed. Lots of dogs killed for no reason, and the dog bite rate continues to rise.

        BSL results in nothing but dead dogs, and harmless family pets seized from their families to be killed, with no safety benefit to the general public. It takes resources and attention away from responding to actual dangerous dogs–and of course, it’s much safer for the dog wardens, isn’t it, to seize dogs from ordinary, law-abiding families than to go after the dog-fighters and drug dealers.

  28. Please tell “doglover” to stop their ludicrous posts. Is this person from planet Mars! Perhaps English is not their first language and they are having trouble articulating and understanding what happened with Lennox. If not, they should seek psychiatric help. Don’t even answer this idiot!

    1. Yes Susan, I am an idiot, a dreamer and i believe anything is possible. A big mouth that is not afraid to ask questions, make mistakes but believe me, I am a doer with intuition.
      I would love to go to the BSL council and actually fix or ammend this law, and I have no shame in asking all the questions here. Blacklist a community, no not interested and
      yes, I speak english.

    2. Though I may become narrowly focused upon my own specialized interests and may not have much to say or communicate outside that field, even finding myself unable to clearly articulate why I feel as I do, my feelings and perceptions go deeper than words and although I can be clumsy, I do first initially try to rationalise, I meant no disrespect in taking away the initial platform of this page which what happened was a crime of a defenceless animal who deserves to be here (caught in the middle of a law only made because of people exploiting this breed) and a family who loved him. That is why I am with this platform.
      My first instinctual approach was just how can we make that law work better, thats all.
      Sorry if I have offended, I will just go and hug my dog, happy that he is with me,not taken away, Im grateful everyday for my dog~ so I get it.

  29. As awful as it is to hear of anyone’s dog just being taken from them due to their breed or whatever the reasoning is, I can’t even imagine them doing it when it is a little girl’s dog who needs it (right? I don’t know the full story there). So if for some reason golden retrievers became outlawed, then people’s seeing eye dogs would be taken away too? Somehow I doubt that.

    Anyway, I still just feel awful for this family. I was devastated when my dog died but she actually was euthanized (medically hopeless), I knew it was coming ahead of time, and I got to say goodbye. I can’t imagine my dog just being taken from me, not knowing what’s going on with her for 2 years, and then not even getting to say goodbye. My deepest condolences. These city council people are too adamant in their quest for killing him; they definitely freak me out.

  30. Perhaps Lightfoot kept Lennox for herself, or was paid a lucrative amount under-the-table to give him to somebody who wanted him. I don’t believe at all that he’s dead, saying he’s dead doesn’t make him dead, and the fact that the BCC staff are making sheep noises at people calling to confirm that Lennox was killed suggests that they’re calling everybody sheep, and what does one consider you to be if you are a sheep?….stupid, a follower, unable to think for yourself, dóh. No body, no collar, no sight of Lennox, IMO, he became somebody else’s pet a long time ago; BCC never wanted to give him back because they either kept him for themselves, somebody who works in there, or they were paid nicely to give him to somebody who wanted him.

  31. I had a a trip planned this oct for not only my husband and i, but for my grandparents as well. After the Lennox outcome, regardless of how much we already paid to book & confirm our trip, was CANCELED! It really burns my ass that Alderman Jim Rodgers, of the Ulster Unionist Party, has condemned the alert by saying “I think it’s absolutely disgraceful that the people who were campaigning on behalf of the dog Lennox should act like this.”

    They have the nerve to flip this as if their the “VICTIM” and how Lennox’s supporters are in the wrong. How typical. Those Guilty are quick to blame everyone else! They may have won the battle, but we will win the war for lennox! Lennox will live on threw all of us, and i hope they all riot in hell!

  32. Doglover do your own online research about Lennox if you really want more info
    your banal uniformed rambling is, well, boring and tiresome
    Lennox was murdered – whether you understand that or not
    Belfast could have relinquished Lennox and instead chose to murder him
    The BCC could have been recalled before this ever happened but it was ignored
    Even inaction is action and now Belfast will live with the consequences of their inaction – a boycott of all things northern Ireland
    The BCC is whining that they are victims of taunting and threats
    That’s what happens to murderers
    Hope they burn in hellr

  33. The BCC threw a match on the fatwood and now this on fire
    Sorry for Belfast because it will be part of the boycott flames
    Stupid decisions often have devastating results

  34. “The animals possess a soul and men must love and feel solidarity with our smaller brethren.” “All animals are fruit of the creative action of the Holy Spirit and merit respect and they are as near to God as men are.”
    ~ Pope John Paul II~

  35. To all at BELFAST CITY COUNCIL, I wonder what you all will tell your own children tonight about your GREAT ACHIEVEMENTS of your day. As you tuck your little girls in to bed , I wonder will you tell them what you have done to another little girls dog. In such a CALLOUS, COWARDICE AND DOWNRIGHT WRONGFUL WAY. WILL THE PERSECUTION YOU HAVE SHOWED TO THIS DOG AND HIS FAMILY MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE DECENT HUMAN BEINGS. YOU HAVE BOUGHT DISGRACE ON YOUR COUNCIL, YOU HAVE MADE A MISTAKE A MISTAKE YOU ONLY HAD TO ADMIT TO .SHAME BELFAST CITY COUNCIL ” try and remember your own kids and also live with what you have done to a little girl,” I’m afraid you have made a big MISTAKE and the world I live in WE WONT FORGET WHAT YOU HAVE ALL DONE
    ‘ A POX ON BCC’

  36. “If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.” …Albert Einstein

    “The greatness of a nation and their moral progress can be judged by their treatment of animals.” …Mahatma Gandhi

    Boycott Belfast! In Lennox’s memory, honor your next kid with his name.

  37. This whole “body measurement” thing under the BSL really is disturbing, especially considering the dog’s calm demeanor. Is body building permitted in the UK? Or are they put down once they get so big? On a side note, I watched the video titled “slapping Lennox.” I thought Lennox showed exemplary control while he was being teased with a treat.

    1. I just watched that video for the first time.. humm.. so that ‘s how they temperament test a dog? Bet when he was a child.. he was the one who teased dogs for fun.. and most likely got his finger bit or even worst than that

  38. I and No Kill advocates everywhere are outraged at the senseless killing of Lennox. Hear us loud and clear Belfast City Council and other animal regressive politicians everywhere. Your days are numbered we will take you down through political advocacy and implementation of CAPA. You have been put on notice.

  39. My whole family is outraged, so very angry and sad. Who has created this stupid laws, they are an excuse for psychopaths to carry on murders on innocent animals. Are we going to declare dangerous maybe all the cats that scratch or the bees that sting and start eradicating them? The human stupidity apparently has no boundaries. The decision to murder based on shape ,size appearance,color, remains us of the practices of the fascists. Also the absolute sense of superiority! This people are terribly dangerous and should be taken to court immediately. They should be stripped of any powers and holding of public offices with immediate affect. They are the ones who are a grave danger to society. The lows should be amended. We do not need lows to protect us from animals. The animals need laws to protect them from the humans. Exactly such laws we desperately need. There is not more dangerous animal than the human. There is no animal that kills for pleasure but the human. It is about time that we come to our senses.

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